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01 Mar

28 Feb


Originally posted by BMSAwesomeness

u/FoxhoundFPS I’m not sure if you like people tagging you, so I apologise for the annoyance, but could you pass this along if it’s not already known? Thank you :)

No problems with tagging me. I'm unable to respond to everything, but tagging is okay. We're aware of this one and currently in the testing stages of releasing the fix.

27 Feb


Originally posted by yapple-dapple

  1. I did not launch from Warzone, I downloaded the free week trial from the Playstation Store and launched it directly from that app.

  2. My operator was not invisible when I first loaded up in the menu screen, he had Beck's Blacktop skin equipped. However, after the match, he was invisible for a short while, then reappeared, as seen here, at the end of the video:

  3. I have not switched my operators at all, I stuck with Beck throughout the 4 matches I played and it seemed like a 50/50 shot whether I would be invisible or not.

  4. My current operator in Cold War is Beck for Warsaw and Hunter for NATO.

Thank you for the answers! We were able to investigate and have released a fix. If you haven't already, please restart your console and play a few matches. Let us know how your matches go when you're playing as a NATO member.

26 Feb


We're investigating this issue currently and I have some questions.

  • When you launched Black Ops Cold War did you launch via Warzone?
  • Was your operator invisible when you first loaded up in Black Ops Cold War too?
  • How many operators have you switched to since choosing Beck? Is this persisting through Warsaw and Nato characters?
  • In addition to the above, what are your currently selected operators?

Thank you for taking the time to share any answers and keeping the playing field fair by backing out when encountering the issue.


Originally posted by Agile_Champion7491

Yup can confirm after this small patch of whatever it is, it started to crash for me as well.


Was this after our most recent update today?


Originally posted by wubwubcat2

u/FoxhoundFPS this could be a massive issue, thought I should bring it to your attention.

Thank you for tagging and tweeting this to me. This is a bug/issue, not a hack, and we are tracking this on our side.

25 Feb

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