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Commenting here since you DM'd me about it.

  • Nothing to share specifically about the feedback other than thank you for sharing.
  • The form now works. I reached out to our Player Support team and they fixed the issue regarding the help article page being down.
  • People downvote for all the wrong reasons on Reddit. One could hope for Reddiquette to be followed, but we also hope that our randos help us capture B... some things just don't work out. :P

26 Sep


A quick reminder that we had this to share re: rewarding PTFO:

This is something we are actively working on. We’ve built an extremely in depth economy model for this system, and we’re ready to pipe in and review analytics data from when everyone starts playing so we can dial it in.


25 Sep


If you're like how I was, wondering whether or not the codes were actually legitimate or were just duds being used to build up hype for the game, now you know!

LOL WHAT? We would never do this.


Originally posted by Tenagaaaa

Damn that’s a lotta storage, is that your dev rig as well? 3080s are almost impossible to get rn, hope you get yours soon man!

That's my personal rig, so lots of projects and recordings. My buddy got a 3090 today. He's gonna flip it for 2500.


Originally posted by Tenagaaaa

I see you are a man of taste.

I've been sweating a 3080 for the last week. Here's my current rig.

24 Sep


Originally posted by ElectricBullet

Would it help if the beta testers submitted our PC specs and average framerate to you guys?

I don't have a specific request for this, but the community does a great job of sharing this kind of information on its own.


Originally posted by aotd123

Ay, thanks for the response, so the beta and launch will be different?

This has historically been the case. You can expect information and details closer to the respective dates.


A: I'm a PC enthusiast so I'm always pulling for you guys.

B: We'll have min/req spec for beta and the final min/req spec will be released at a later date.

23 Sep

When do they post?

(GMT +0)
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