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Thanks for tagging us. Shared this with the team yesterday and was notified today that a fix for this is slated for a future update. Check out our Trello card for it here.

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New players join Call of Duty pretty often and I would consider us a good place to start an online MP journey! We have a VS Bots lobby that you can ramp the difficulty up and down on to help get acclimated to our controls if you aren't already.

Our Game Modes also explain how the match is played while loading into the map via tooltips and also while navigating the menus.

You're going to have to create an Activision account (More accounts, I know) which will let you play online and also cross-play with other players. Once you have an online service account (Xbox Live / PlayStation Plus / ID), make an Activision account and link them together. Make sure you two-factor authenticate everything to stay safe!

You can create an Activision Accou...

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