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This happened way back when.

I had just moved out of my parents house, and gotten my own little place right above a chinese restaurant. The area was the kind where everything had a battered or gritty look. Even the people living there. It was like the sun couldn't break through the smog and dirt.

I didn't care. I had my own place now. A place with an Xbox 360, a TV, a completely torn up sofa, and a new copy of Black Ops.

With the money left after the move I could pick between some household items and filling my fridge, or getting Black Ops. I chose the latter of course.

It was a chill evening as it usually is with a new COD game.

Snipers were getting to grips with the quickscope mechanics, n00bs were getting destroyed, and I was just chilling, racking up kills as best I could ... Until this annoying little wannabe started ruining my streaks.

Every corner I turned he was there with his SMG. Every time I was about to go big he popped up and ruined my streak.

Eventually it got to me, and I did something I normally never ever do. I sent a hate message. I called him a [slang for female dog] and challenged him to a 1v1.

It took less than 2 minutes to get a reply. He was on for a 1v1 on Nuketown.
I set up the game, loaded in, and prepared to sh*t talk him into oblivion. You know to get the psychic upper hand.

"I'm coming over to defecate in your cereal ..."
The response was a shocker. A girls voice retorted "Joke's on you. I only drink beer for breakfast"

And from there we just hit it off. We spent the next 5-6 hours just jumping around Nuketown, doing trickshots, talking, having fun, enjoying each others company.

As it turned out she lived less than 30 minutes away from me, so we decided to meet the next day for lunch. Nevermind I had no money to pay for lunch, I was going to meet this girl no matter what. Even if it cost me a kidney.

Needless to say I didn't get any sleep that night, and no breakfast the next day. Butterflies were turning my stomach inside out.
The hours passed slower than molasses running down a tree in -10 degress, but finally it was time for the meet.

I arrived at the diner way too early, but found she was already waiting for me. Standing with a pink scarf and a little flag so I would recognize her.

My knees trembled as I walked over to her. What should I say? What should I do?

All that didn't matter. Just like in game she took charge, threw herself around my neck and whispered in my ear ... "Foxhoundfps turn on the servers already. People want to play Black Ops Cold War now" ... True story

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Me when I see the title: https://i.imgur.com/wBG9kUd.jpeg

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(If I could turn on the servers I would.)