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Hello, we're currently investigating the report here. Can you share when you recorded this video?

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Originally posted by hagennn

Video was recorded on 3-12.

I posted it then but wasn’t easy to see so it got no attention, and it took me some time to get around to making this little edit.

I guess you guys have been working on it so it may not be up to date, but some are reporting it off and on I believe. Thanks for looking into it tho! <3

Thanks for this context. We completed an investigation, and issued refunds for tokens, at an earlier date. You can find additional context here and below.

Need to know: Are you encountering the same issues at present?

In the future: Please make sure you note when you recorded the footage.

--- Begin Copy/Paste ----

Fix Released: We have issued a fix that should return Double Weapon XP tokens to their normal functionality. Some players did not receive the appropriate XP amounts in certain game modes during the below-mentioned window.

Completed: Players who used Double Weapon XP tokens during the issue window will have their tokens refunded. Standby for updates to this card.

  • Update: Players who redeemed Double Weapon XP and Double XP tokens from 12:00 am/PT on March 11th, 2021 to 6:00 pm/PT on March 18th, 2021 will have those tokens refunded. This process will be automatic and will not require outreach to Activision Player Support. Standby for updates to this card.
  • Update: The refund process began on March 24th, 2021, and was completed, and verified, by 12:00 pm/PT on March 25th, 2021. Thank you for your patience!
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Originally posted by hagennn

Oh cool, I do not keep track of my tokens very well so I didn’t notice if I got a refund but if I did that’s awesome!

Checking back in after ~24H: Have you used any tokens? If so, have you noticed any issues?

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Originally posted by hagennn

In grad school take home exam, and tbh I don’t play much multiplayer. I’ll test it tomorrow night after I finish my test and reply here though

Good luck on the exam!

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Originally posted by hagennn

Just used a token, seems to be working now!

Good to know!

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