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First of all for my first question.

I have noticed in recent call of duty titles that the methods of accessing the beta tests have changed over time.

And that in the past I have entered or attempted to enter beta tests but ended up missing out on it because of stuff like babysitting and other important activities, as that's the reason I missed out on cod ww2's beta back then but at the time I remembered having to enter a code on the official cod website and not knowing what to do with the code was the other reason why I missed it lol, i literally missed the beta by 1 hour. The only cod I ever officially beta tested so far was cold war.

Anyway that wasn't the point of my first question but is it reasons like this, that most future beta tests don't require codes to enter for events when players ether couldn't enter the code or just didn't know how to?.

Seeing as most newer cod games you can play the beta without a code if you have the digital version of the game?.

As for my second question/Concern,

A while ago in a game on Nuketown 84 I suspected a couple of players on the other team of cheating or at least reverse boosting as I and most of the players in the lobby were roughly 1.0 KD or lower and these guys it seemed like they were a 4 KD at least because 2 of their top players had almost 100 kills each and less then 10 deaths and the whole game I was fairly sure I couldn't access the killcam even though I was on core, also I tried to report them after the match but for some reason the report button wasn't there for both of them.

I also wanted to see if I could spectate them in theatre mode but for some odd reason theatre mode would not let me access their screens for that match it didn't even say they were in that match out of all the players that game that were available for spectating almost like they didn't exist in the match to begin with but it still showed them on the scoreboard.

Also what made that even more suspicious about then was that like I said before it was impossible to spectate them to see weather or not they had aimbot or wallhacks/X-Ray but their teammates that were the other players that were not in their party I could spectate but it wouldn't let me do that to them though.

Unfortunately that was over a week or two ago so I can't find the video for that match in theatre but I do believe I recorded some of the match on my Xbox captures.

I am sorry for the long post but I hope that second part might help look into them. If I find their Activision gamertags I will make sure to let you know.

Thanks for reading this and have a great day.

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  1. Beta Concerns: Studio doesn't have control over how they are rolled out but our Support pages normally have details on how to access/use beta codes. Yes, most, if not all, of our titles now give you access to the early portion of the beta for your platform if you have a digital pre-order. The last few days of the beta are also almost always open now.
  2. Reporting: I understand that you're sharing that you couldn't report, and I'll forward that portion along to our team at a minimum, but we can't operate on hearsay when it comes to enforcement. I understand you have your suspicions, which is where in-game reporting would come, but we have to err on the side of caution when enforcing.