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You lose the titles when your noto goes back down? What the hell

15 Apr

14 Apr

13 Apr

12 Apr


Thanks for putting in the extra effort to support finding real balance. Have a good few days


Originally posted by StudMuffinNick

Iirc, and I'm pretty sure I do, the patch notes said the drop was only temporary

Patch notes tend to lose things in translation, and it's been over half a year since Xbox lost its channels. I felt it was time to say goodbye properly XD

11 Apr


Originally posted by StudMuffinNick

PS4 is 3 channels, though, right?

Yes. They went from 5 to 3

10 Apr


Omg this made my day!!!! XD XD XD

09 Apr

08 Apr


Originally posted by SparklyLips

Yeah. So you never feel powerful. Additionally- mages have crappy range so mage participation in Warlords is an excercise in constant running in terror right now.

I feel myself pulling away each day a little more.

I feel like proper balance is getting lost in the shuffle with all the other stuff they're doing atm. I'd love to see them designate maybe 1-2 coders to just do balancing and nothing else until its finished

06 Apr


As long as the game power syncs to your level and not your gear score, the high level you are, the weaker you become comparitively

When do they post?

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