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Originally posted by omarxz11

you mean PC founders ? where ? i check website only saw xbox and PS4

I heard they were selling some sort of early access but now that you mention it I can't find anything to confirm it either.


Since they are selling founders packs now I think we can assume you get to keep your progress


Originally posted by Stars_of_Sirius

Consign of darkness is the way to go for most bosses. Sacred ground doesn't stack with certain buffs first of all. Second it won't benefit the whole team (trust me the whole team won't be in the circle lol) whereas consign of darkness does.

Speaking as a melee class player, trying to stay in that circle is a pain in the ass lol


Originally posted by frugalwater

Well, typically in MMO’s the guy with the shield holds the agro and the dps does their thing while the healer heals.

I guess I could have worded it differently, though. What I want to know is what role does the sader play in higher dungeons. I think it’s misleading when you start the game and see a guy with a shield and think it’s like every other MMO and that he is the tank. This game doesn’t spell things out very well and there is very little community info compared to other games. Glad to find a place to ask a question and get crap from people like you though. It helps.

I agree. Making a game with no class roles and then giving one class a shield so it looks like a tank feels like a big design flaw


Crusaders do consistent damage, while berserkers do burst damage. It balances out. Crusader isn't a tank class, so not holding aggro isn't a handicap. There is no aggro management in this game. Role-less classes was kind of one of its big selling points.

I prefer the crusader because they are more agile than berserker. Playing a sader for a while and then changing to zerker feels like trading your remote control car in for a brick. Slower attack animations means less dodge, means getting hit more.

Saders are also part support. Warcry can make a real difference to a party


Hi and welcome. I see that you are new here so I wanted to let you know that we require content creators to be active members before sharing content. Please let me know if you feel this was done in error. We welcome your future posts


Originally posted by DiggingBless

I just X through the story stuff. Just here for the loot and the PVP. But some folks love story so go go go.

I dig that you dig it you know what I mean...

Haha that's cool too. Love that the game caters to both styles of play



Originally posted by Grouchy_Tangelo8894

Yea, we log in yesterday happy to check all the new things and... We notice that for example Whirlwind or Fier from above in pvp do 0 dmg.

Probably a side effect of the elemental damage fix they'll have to work out next


Originally posted by Grouchy_Tangelo8894

But as I knew it was broken in this maintenance. After it some of rangers and zerkers skill do 0 dmg on pvp

Really? Lol thats messed up. I sometimes go into red basin wearing all grey E-gear but that is a whole other level of handicap


Originally posted by burger-eater

Shame still no improvements to ps5 stability, still blue screening :( maybe next update.

Fingers crossed they figure out the next gen console issues fast


Originally posted by NyronV

I watch all ya videos always have good tips lol

Thanks very much. You're a freakin hero :)


Originally posted by instagigated

They fixed the Xbox audio loss issue. I've been switching channels and teleporting everywhere today and didn't lose audio once.



Originally posted by Grouchy_Tangelo8894

Was there emergency maintenance already otlr pvp skills are still broken?

I haven't pvp'd since maintenance so I wouldn't know if that is fixed now

14 Jan


Originally posted by Sm0othlegacy

Preferred content creator? More like the only content creator am I right🤣🤣

I'll see myself out.

The only one who youtubes regularly lol. The others do some great streams on twitch and facebook gaming

When do they post?

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