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As a developer the devs have no say it’s the managers that don’t care and most likely way above the managers. No developer want to put I wrote bad code at my last job just ask the community please hire me.

The lines here are kinda blurred because Round8 and Neowiz are basically the same thing. The actual coders and graphics designers at Round8 probably want to do an awesome job but Neowiz calls the shots. This is why I stopped working with publishers and went indie


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They'll default back to the old "we left it a mystery to build community" excuse lol

This XD

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In the last year I've spent 10€ total and air du just fine. It's entirely optional. If you're going to put money in i recommend the Bless Pass as long as you have the time to complete the challenges to earn the mount at the end

16 Jul


As far I know adding voice acting to existing content is not planned

15 Jul


So much this XD


Haha yup been there. The higher your level, the longer it takes to kill stuff


The game has some great lore. I was sad that they stopped putting it in the foreground. I've also got some lore videos based on the official lore posts and ingame documents. There is a lot of story there