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Hello all,

I've got a friend who is unable to join us in dungeon runs because his queue is bugged out. Every time he attempts to queue for a dungeon it states that somebody in his party is still in the dungeon or the battlefield despite him being alone. There seems to be an instance bugged somewhere that is preventing him from entering the dungeon.

we've tried resetting his Xbox, resetting his network, clearing his cache, clearing all local saves, killing him in PvP mode, redownloading the game, using the stuck character option in the settings, all to no avail.

It's been a week now and unfortunately the GMs respond every 24 hours with silly things like try restarting your console despite us telling them all that we've done thus far.

Xbox, physera.

Any suggestions? Halp

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20 days ago - /u/TheMinion256 - Direct link

Might be a dumb question but is his character standing in a world-quest instance? Like the Rafael fight in Tristezza or one like it. He may have to finish whatever quest he is doing before he can queue