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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page [url=https://steamcommunity.com/ogg/1263070/announcements/detail/4696675601981673397]here[/url].
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Only 12 more days left until Blightbound’s full release on 27th July 2021! As part of our efforts to give back to our amazing community who have supported us through early access, we are giving away a cosmetic item every weekend leading up to launch weekend.

This weekend, right now in fact, you can download and keep the Bolt Blades cosmetics! The Bolt Blades are weapon cosmetics for the Assassin class in Blightbound. These cosmetics only affect the visual appearance of the weapons you have equipped, they do not have any perks of their own, neither do they override the perks of the weapons you have equipped to your Assassins.

So grab these electrified daggers, shock your enemies, and claim the Bolt Blades cosmetics here!

Once you click download, the game should launch and you should already have claimed the cosmetic. To double check, click on any Assassin in the refuge, then go to the "Cosmetics" tab, you should be able to toggle the cosmetics that you own on and off in that tab.

If you happen to be reading this on Monday 19th July and fear that you missed out, not to worry, you will still be able to redeem the Bolt Blades on the Ronimo Games Twitch Channel[www.twitch.tv] for 4,000 Roni Points, this does not cost any money but requires you to tune in to our bi-weekly dev streams.