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04 Aug

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Since the last patch notes were so popular...

Here's another small hotfix! It's a saucy one though: check out the details:
  • Fixed a desync issue that caused the connection to be lost after playing several matches with the same party. (There might be more desync bugs but we expect this to be a good improvement. Please let us know if you still get desyncs.) This is the beginning of their end.
  • Fixed an issue that in rare cases caused a player to be stuck in a loading screen forever
  • Fixed a crash on exit

  • Fixed a grammar issue in Kromn's personal goal description
  • Kromn's personal goal now correctly displays that you have to collect 5 sunshards
  • Your heroes' rating should no longer rise as fast from finishing games. This makes the game less likely to start on am impossible difficulty when you start with a fresh character after pla...
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03 Aug

02 Aug

Hey there everyone! As some of you have already seen on the official ronimo discord[] a workaround has been found to deal with any potential desyncs your party experiences (kudos to @ikon ,@claudeswares and @flashfactor for finding this. Send hearts!)

In order for your party to restore your notoriety levels you need to do the following:

  1. Upon desyncing, have everyone BUT the host (you can see if you're a host at the bottom middle of the screen) alt+f4 the game
  2. The host should NOT move past the defeat screen
  3. While the host is in the defeat screen, the two other players should rejoin the host's party by either joining themselves or accepting an invite from the host.
  4. When both other players have confirmed they're in refuge, the host can return t...
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31 Jul

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For those who are Blightbound...


Have a quick read of these:

Forging Ahead: Early Access Patch notes This patch brings everything up to date with a lot of the content that was tested behind closed beta doors. We also fixed some particularly brutal bugs.
  • Increased total of playable dungeons to 6 (from 3 in open beta).
  • Increased total of playable heroes to 9 (from 6 in open beta).
  • Kromm no longer shows up in Answering the Call (is now recruited in The Hemomancer).
  • Bigger Aetheri spark piles now give the appropriate number of sparks.
  • Heatwave distortion effects no longer have hard lines. Groovy.
  • Environmental bloodstains no longer randomly fade out.
  • Exiting Blightbound will no longer crash the game.
  • Fixed item duplication and transmutation issues. Items no longer disappear from your invent...
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We have a dedicated spot on the Blightbound website for patch notes and known issues. If you want to know what recently been fixed or changes and what things we're working on, have a look here:
We've got a lot of cool stuff coming for Blightbound! Have a look at the roadmap to see what has already been announced:

Besides these new features we're also constantly working on bugfixes and improvements. We will do hotfixes for bugs in between the bigger content updates.
To keep this forum a bit more structured we've made sub-forums for specific topics and have closed the front page of the forum except for announcements. Please post in the sub-forums!

30 Jul

For those who are Blightbound...
With Blightbound having been released as an Early Access title (which was celebrated with gusto here in the studio!), we recognise the need for a Roadmap.

A Roadmap is an excellent way of doing the following:
  1. Informing the playerbase, and the community at large, about upcoming changes and current development plans.
  2. Keeping the developer, in this case Ronimo, accountable. Like having a gym buddy.
As a result, we made a Roadmap. Take a look!

Now, this isn't exactly a year-long review, is it? On the left, you can see the current patch. The center and right panels show what we have in the pipeline that is almost fully developed, and that you can expect to see within a few weeks. The text on the far right shows what we're working on, but have no set time for wh... Read more
: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page [url=]here[/url].

29 Jul

28 Jul