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26 Oct

21 Oct

20 Oct

15 Oct

14 Oct

08 Oct

For those who are Blightbound...

We have a little update for you! Bots have been getting stuck on things, so this update aims to fix some of those problems.

You can read the update notes by clicking here![]

We're working on a lot behind the scenes, for which there'll be an announcement soon. We hope you're enjoying your time in Blightbound!

Stay Healthy,
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: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page [url=]here[/url].

06 Oct

05 Oct

04 Oct

02 Oct

Behold, patch 0.4.1!

With the Helping Hands update, we added Bots to Blightbound: this allowed a lot of folks to play when they might not be able to otherwise. They did, however, have a couple of hiccups!

They might not be perfect, but the bots are doing their best; we also promise to keep working on them! So, this little hotfix addresses some of their immediate issues. You can find the detailed patch notes here![]

If you bump into any issues, come and tell us what you found in our discord,... Read more