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: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page [url=https://steamcommunity.com/ogg/1263070/announcements/detail/2998808296406235614]here[/url].
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Blightbound cosmetics are FINALLY in-game! There are 4 cosmetics items, a nameplate and 3 weapon skins, 1 for each class! These cosmetics items only change the look of the weapons you have equipped, the perks and abilities of your equipped weapons are still active. These cosmetics items are only visual and give no gameplay advantage.

Zerrish Nameplate
Equip the Zerrish Nameplate and let your fellow players know that you worship Zerrish the Viper God! 🐍

Bolt Blades
Get ready to shock, electrify, and zap your enemies with the Bolt Blades cosmetics. Equip the Bolt Blades on your Assassins and backstab your way to victory! 🗡️

Cyber Set
Chuck on you holo-glasses, power up your hover bikes and equip the Cyber Set cosmetics to your Warrior class heroes! 🛡️

Fancy Flamingo
Feeling pink and fancy? Bored of edgy staffs? Equip the Fancy Flamingo cosmetic on your Mages and make them the fanciest and most magical heroes in Blightbound! 🦩

How to obtain them? Currently, the only way to obtain them is as channel point rewards by earning Roni Points through watching our streams every Monday and Thursday at 7pm CET 1pm ET 10am PT on our Twitch Channel[www.twitch.tv].
But if you can’t make it to the streams, rest assured, there will be opportunities to acquire these cosmetics both in-game and out of game!

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