15 days ago - jaqub.ajmal - Direct link
Hello Bloodhunt Community!

We are very happy that we managed to get the Early Access Act 2 update out to you yesterday, and we wanted to take a moment to also share the additional things that we discovered with the release since then.

We accidentally released a little free surprise that was not fully completed yet, which lets you play as shirtless.
You can see how it's going to look when finished here:

Also, we accidentally introduced a little bug yesterday that caused some players to get a few free tokens. We have now fixed this issue and you who got it get to keep it.

And lastly, we did a change to our matchmaker which enables players to find players out of their region a little bit faster because we heard from many of you that you were stuck in the Elysium for a very long time while trying to find a game.
More information about it here: https://twitter.com/Bloodhunt/status/1446482517327060993?s=20

We hope that you are having a good weekend and that you are enjoying Bloodhunt!

Until next time, see you at dusk!