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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
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Hello Bloodhunt Community!

It is now day 2 of our Early Access program and it is already time to push out a small update. Early Access is an important stage for us, as it allows us to identify issues we couldn’t pick up on locally and improve on the game based on the feedback from you, the community.
This is a small backend update.

Resolved issue
Playing with friends

We have heard from some players that you are running into issues when playing with friends, and even though we had a workaround we feel that making it easy to play with friends is of very high priority for us.
So today we released a backend fix that should resolve the playing with friends issue when you are playing with different localized versions of the game. The update is already live when you are reading this, so please let us know if you feel that things work better now.

Other Identified Issues
For transparency, we also wanted to talk about some of the additional high-priority issues we have identified since the start of the Early Access program.

Support for PlayStation controllers and generally improved gamepad support

We hear you loud and clear that you really want this, so we are making it a priority to improve it as soon as possible.

Performance issues with certain PC specifications

Optimization is something that we will be continuously looking at throughout the life cycle of the game. Performance can vary heavily from PC to PC, not only because of the wide variety of hardware combinations but also due to other software that might be running in the background and other configuration issues on the specific PC.
We currently need your help with identifying what specifications you are using when you are getting performance drops, please make sure that you let us know through our customer support portal which you can find here: {LINK REMOVED}https://support.sharkmob.com/
We have also created a Discord channel where you can share your best tips when it comes to performance and where you can compare your specifications to better understand what might be causing the issue on your PC. You are able to join our discord here: {LINK REMOVED}discord.gg/bloodhunt

The pacing of the Battle pass

We have heard from players that the Battle pass is progressing too slowly compared to the XP earned. We are looking at our numbers and will be adjusting them to be more fun and rewarding.

Anti-Cheat bugs

We have identified two bugs with our anti-cheat software. The issues are related to the anti-cheat sometimes still running after the game client has exited and a few files still being left after the game has been uninstalled. We are working hard to resolve this and hope to have it fixed as soon as we can.
While we wish that we would not have the need to use anti-cheat software in our game, it is absolutely needed to combat cheating. We assure you that we take your privacy & data concerns very seriously and that the anti-cheat is ONLY used for the purposes of catching and banning hackers and cheaters.
If you see any cheaters and want to report them, please contact our customer support. Videos are also good to have ready for proof. {LINK REMOVED}https://support.sharkmob.com/

Server Locations

During Early Access we currently support these regions with servers:
US West + Central: Los Angeles, Chicago, Seattle, San Jose, Dallas and Phoenix.
US East – New York and Washington
Europe – Amsterdam and Frankfurt
Asia – Singapore
OCE - Sydney

In the near future, we are also looking into adding South America.

These locations are not definite, and we will constantly evaluate and optimize performance and ping to be able to best support our active player base.
In general, matchmaking times are directly affected by low player numbers, and in the worst case to even get games going we may need to route players to another region to be able to play.

Key bindings

We currently have a bug with our key binding system which in some cases can cause unintended input assignment.
While we work on a fix, here is a workaround for now:
{LINK REMOVED}https://support.sharkmob.com/hc/en-us/articles/4406824553873

Crashes when running DX12 mode

We are aware that some players with certain Nvidia cards are unable to run the game in DX12 mode. While we investigate, here is a workaround to force the game to use DX11 mode instead.
{LINK REMOVED}https://support.sharkmob.com/hc/en-us/articles/4406809342737

Lastly, thank you for playing our game and for providing us with a lot of great feedback that we can work with to improve Bloodhunt!

See you at dusk!