11 days ago - jaqub.ajmal - Direct link
Hello Bloodhunt Community!

Since Bloodhunt is in Early Access, this is the perfect opportunity to try new things. We heard the community asking for Duos and so we are getting ready to give it a try. To make sure that we would get the best possible matchmaking experience by getting a healthy pool of players for this mode, we would temporarily replace the Trio queue with the Duo queue.

We are also unable to remove solo as that would mean that solo players would not be able to play the game at all unless they find someone else to play with.

Now, we would love to get the blessing from our community so please take the chance to make your voice heard by participating in our Community Survey. By doing so, you will contribute to helping us make the better choice, one that is endorsed by the majority of our players.

You can find the survey here:


Thank you for your engagement and as always, see you at dusk!