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If you are using random comments to represent millions of players, I’d use the same logic and suggest you to read the comments of the Reddit post we made. That’s more than “80%” of positive comments.

The best community doesn’t mean it’s a perfect one. But I don’t know any game currently that would get this same amount of positivity on a post like that. As community managers we are part of other gaming communities and we do study our competitors, still, I’d say we are in a very good spot to call our community the best one.

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Its just supposed to be ironic and silly

Then my job here is done. Farewell.

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Hey Dani can i ask you a question?

Did you guys remove the bot feature when you play with a new brawler or after low a few match?

Oh and btw Happy New Year 🎊🎉

We did, it was related to the Edgarmaggedon, so we had to remove it for the time being. Once we fix it, we’ll get them back in