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Originally posted by dani_supercell

Free gems also support creators! So every gem counts! 🤝

Well, that aged well. Only IAPs are shared with creators now


09 Apr

07 Apr


We are going back to the Wild West roots with the #Goldarmgang Season! Here are all the changes and additions you will see in Brawl Stars during the next Months!

New Brawler - BelleBelle is the Chromatic Brawler of this Brawl Pass season and she’s an outlaw and the leader of the Gold Arm Gang that terrorizes every town’s bank!

  • Main Attack: Shocker
    • A long-range electric shot that starts to bounce between enemy targets after it has connected to a target. The attack keeps bouncing back and forth among enemy brawlers until they spread out!
  • Super Ability: Spotter
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haha ... thanks for the morning laugh!


Originally posted by HYBRID1008

I mean, sometimes people just share their opinion, and Frank blocks them for that sometimes. I've heard that he unfollowed spen because he shared his opinion once

I never block people for providing an opinion. I 100% block people when opinions are delivered with insults towards me or the development team or when people attack the team, other players or myself directly.

05 Apr

04 Apr


Originally posted by Luka_tv

I'm a f2p player and I can't technically support the creators tho, so I'll use code Rlight anyway

Free gems also support creators! So every gem counts! 🤝

03 Apr


Hahaha, please don't! I'm sure he would be super happy if all of you support other creators instead. His code is just a test code, so it doesn't really do anything :D

With that said, I like the gesture though <3

02 Apr

01 Apr

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When do they post?

(GMT +0)
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