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20 Sep

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This is freaking amazing. Take my award! ❤️🔥👊

09 Sep


Originally posted by Argumentium

I get that sometimes you need to take risks in game development for the greater good of the game, but even considering that, some of the changes in this update make no sense.

For example, why leave non-percentage based star powers, gadgets, and gears, all of which have been effectively nerfed by 25% thanks to the increased level gap, in this state?

I know the Brawl Stars team is working to make them all percentage based in the next updates, but is it really THAT hard to convert a number to a percent to the point of justifying leaving them in this weakened state? Of all the problems that could give developers tons of trouble to solve, crunching numbers shouldn't be one of them, especially when you consider the existence of calculators.

Speaking of the increased level gap, I only have one question about it; why? Are gadgets, gears, star powers, and the newly added hypercharge really not enough of a reason to level up your brawlers? Yes, lower levels can still...

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I’ve just answered those in my other replies here on the thread! But since the answers are getting quite long, I’ll use the space to tease that we’ll go deep into the reasoning of all the controversial changes in our next time to explain! So hopefully I’ll be able to count on your ears there!


Originally posted by Ok-Silver-8658

I like most of the new changes in the most recent set of changes you guys have made . I appreciate the fact that you guys, unlike CR, are attempting to change the game and make it appealing to others, and not just strictly revenue based.

Everyone makes mistakes, but we all learn from them.

The one small caveat I didn't really like with the most recent update, was the removal of heist, bounty, and hot zone. I am fine with removing bounty if we have wipeout, but I honestly think heist is a favored game in the community.

If players don't want bounty and hot zone back, please add duels. It is certainly one of the few game modes I can play that is purely skill based, and is an alternative to the currently toxic high trophy showdown matches. You can't survive in the game without teaming with others.

And duels is fairly popular, and I was disappointed not to see it last season.

Besides that, the update is really solid. I haven't seen a single t...

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Heist is definitely not a favorite in the community though, that’s why it got removed, haha

I understand it could definitely be the favorite mode of some people, but the problem we were trying to solve was not removing modes players don’t play that much, it was actually reducing the number of options so it doesn’t get so overwhelming for casuals and increases the MM pool in all trophy ranges, so unfortunately, the modes we removed were the least performing ones, it wasn’t personal :(

Let’s see how it goes though, if it does affect us negatively, I’m sure we can reiterate. But if it does make more player to engage more with the game, we’ll have to find another alternative to please both sides… either way, time will tell!


Originally posted by Darkcat9000

problem is a lot of this update either just seems rushed or have strange reasoning behind it

the gamemode removal makes no sense, it was supposed to improve mm but the problem of mm isn't the smaple size it's that trophies do not indicate skill anymore

in 600 trophies skill is very varied you can go from the most cracked player ever to someone who has no clue of what he's doing and every change in ladder made it worse

total trophies just made the mm measier and made it so high total trophies peopel get matched with low total trophies peopel while they fight against a bunch of people with average amount of total trophies

the average 40k is simply not twice as good as the average 20k yet mm seems to treat it that way for example

all the change did was make the game feel drier and anyone who liked those modes simply played less

i mean if you came into a restaurant to eat fish and that restaurant stopped ordering fish you wouldn't sudde...

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We did have less time for this cycle than for any other update in the year - since there’s a 1 month break in between, but even though, we didn’t have to crunch and there was no need for overtime or late hours working (or at least not much :p) So I wouldn’t say rushed, because we delivered what was in the scope

If the reason seems strange, then I’m here to explain why and we’ll have another time to explain specific about this update

Game modes - Sample size is one of the main problems with matchmaking, since it only expands the range when it doesn’t find the “perfect” matchup Brawl also has way too many options and it could be overwhelming for some players (this isn’t an assumption, it’s the results of many focus groups we ran + occasional feedback we’ve seen from new players)

The analogy of the restaurant kinda works, because you are not seeing from the perspective of the owner of the place, why did they remove that option? Is it because only few people or...

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Originally posted by royalejappie

This is your opinion, and it’s very well thought out. BUT you don’t see the things the devs do. So you don’t know what of that is true. And if all goes down they can always bring things back, but it takes time to balance things out

That’s pretty much it… And even though people can’t track the same data we do (player retention, monetization, active players…) we try to be really open and transparent with our communication (just watch any of the “time to explain” episodes and you’ll see)

The thing is that the last 3 updates (or 4 if you count the Starr Road update) created huge positive sentiment in the community, which we believed it would also reflect in our game growth, but it didn’t, and we had to try a different strategy even if this would mean sacrificing some of the positivity we’ve built together. I’m also using only the last updates as reference, but there are a lot of learnings in every update we ever dropped

When we release all those changes at the same time, it’s because they are all hypothesis that we need to prove by trying with our player base. The more “bets” we have, the higher the chance of one of them to stick/work

All the changes have a logic behind it, but whether ...

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06 Sep


Originally posted by bot_exe

has the player-base recently been declining or this just about increasing revenue? it seems a lot of the logic behind the more "controversial" changes is to increase player retention and/or increase revenue. Like now we can only play 4 modes instead of 6, which makes the pool of queued players larger. This can improve matchmaking quality and speed and it's also a buffer against declining playerbase. We also have increased leveling benefits and the hyper-charges (with the special bundles) and higher quality 299 skins (stu and edgar), which incentivize spending resources and hence buying gems and BPs.

What is a bit concerning is the implied need for speed with these changes, like you said, a lot of these things were pushed early because it was better than waiting to try to have a big impact on the game as soon as possible. Hopefully the game is doing fine numbers wise?

I've made a bigger post on if you're interested in some of our rationale.


Originally posted by Quilavapro31

So all the Gadgets and Star Powers that arent % based will be % based next season?

That's the plan. Note that doesn't mean that it SHOWS visually as "percentage of" but the underlying math.


The answer is: when most of the Gadgets and Star Powers have been developed, those were introduced with fixed values rather than percentage of x based ones since back then Power 9 was the highest you could go.

It's just a huge undertaking adapting more than 70 abilities into the new world. We're working on it though and hope to have (most of them or all) ready for the next update. We wanted to hit the timing for Hypercharge with the return of people from holidays (in Europe and in other areas of the planet where people have vacation around June-August) in order to make the best out of it for the game instead of waiting for this change. The rationale there that introducing Hypercharge earlier has a bigger impact than "fixing" existing abilities which aren't % based.

Of course people can make the argument if that was the right rationale, but if you consider that "QoL" updates don't stop the natural decline of games,...

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05 Sep



It seems only visual though, so it's still giving Bling (phew!)

We are adding it to the list!


Originally posted by justsnowster

when you create a friendly game and choose a brawler with hypercharge, pressing the hypercharge button causes it

got it! thanks!


oh boy :D
Do you have the steps to repro this issue? Does it happen every time you go to that screen?


The #hypercharge update will be live right after the maintenance! Don't forget to play the Hypercharge Unleash game mode to get your free Shelly Hypercharge as soon as the update drops!

New Brawler: Pearl (Chromatic)

  • Trait: Heat
    • Heat increases slowly over time. The hotter Pearl gets, the more damage she deals
  • Attack: Hot Cookies
    • Rapid fire hot cookies directly from the oven, damaging enemies on hit while slightly cooling the oven and lowering the amount of Heat
  • Super: Let out Some Steam
    • Release all the Heat in an explosion, destroying the environment, knocking back enemies, and damaging enemies around Pearl
  • Gadget: Overcooked
    • Pearl's next basic attack shoots cookies that are on fire, dealing extra damage over time
  • Gadget: Made with Love
    • Pear...
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04 Sep


Thanks for your design suggestions. We'll take this into consideration! 🔥


It won’t change. The value was just incorrect in the developers version of the game that the content creators used for their videos

02 Sep

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