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21 Jun

20 Jun


In other news: we're still around for a couple of weeks this time around. 😉

18 Jun

17 Jun


Originally posted by ManuerDesu

Wait, you’ll add attack animations to mecha paladin surge in the future?

Visual Effects (VFX), not Animations (those aren't necessary in this case).

16 Jun


Here we go!

New Brawler - Buzz

Buzz is the lifeguard of the Velocirapids Water Ride and the Chromatic Brawler of the season! He’s not very good at his job due to his size and his short arms, but he takes it very seriously and he loves to enforce rules and tell people what to do or… rather what NOT to do.

  • Chromatic Brawler for the Jurassic Splash season
  • Main Attack - Buzz Off
    • A series of short-range attacks that goes from left to right
  • Super Ability - Torpedo Throw
    • Buzz shoots his Torpedo Buoy and pulls himself to the target enemy or a wall.
    • Buzz briefly stuns enemies in the area after arriving at the location. The stun length is based on the distance traveled.
    • Buzz can charge his Super ability passively from nearby enemy Brawlers, the range is visualized as a circle around Buzz.
  • Gadget - Reserve Buoy
    • Instantly charges the Super ability bu...
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14 Jun

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