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13 Apr

10 Apr


We believe that Brawl is way cooler when played with friends, so something we wanna improve in a FUTURE UPDATE is the social aspect of the game! 🫂

That's why we need your feedback:

👉 What are your pain points with finding friends?

👉 What can be improved when teaming up?

👉 What other social features would you like to see in Brawl?

We'll be reading the comments, s let us know your thoughts on these! 🤓

And remember, these changes and improvements could take a while to be added to the game!

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07 Apr


Originally posted by commanderfalcon64

i think no one voted for it cos some ppl don’t like the fact that there is no one to blame but their own skill issue

This didn't age well. 😂

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Claim it here:

Claim it before March 25th and remember you can only get one per account! 💫

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19 Feb


Originally posted by woodchuck321

Hi Dani,

Thanks for the response in Time To Explain.

The Fame explanation makes sense. I do think it would be good to allow it as a choice, rather than a mandatory expenditure, of credits. Perhaps a small credit bank of a few thousand credits, beyond which the remaining amount goes to fame? Adding additional content locked behind Fame may also help with the current community perception of Fame as a "waste of credits".

I am a bit disappointed that the majority of the response was about taking quotes out of context; My question appreciates the context; I simply didn't spell it out fully, as Frank did not:

The game historically HAD progression banking. Progression banking has been getting continually reduced, from early brawl with unlimited boxes, to the limit on how many BP seasons you can save repeatedly getting shortened, until now it's one month.

It's been a repeating pattern of reducing the capacity of progression banking for the past f...

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Haha, glad you watched it!

I guess we did mention in the video, but wasn’t super deep, but bottom line is that the design where everything is collected once a season ends and is cleaner, simpler and better for the game health

Cleaner because it doesn’t create any ties with a previous season, so doesn’t need extra functionalities or extra screens/UI

Simpler because it’s easier to understand and to communicate. The season ends > here’s your rewards > next season starts

And better for the game health because it helps controlling the economy’s excesses and outliers, meaning when we create events or inject more currency somewhere, we know better how it’ll impact the game and we don’t need to worry that a group of players will stockpile some amount of currency

So from the design perspective, the current implementation we have is a better system for the game, and if we could go back in time, we would probably had gone with this format from the start...

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18 Feb


Originally posted by O-Mestre

Dani qual condicionador vc usa

O segredo é sempre trocar, porque cabelo acostuma com a quimica do produto e vai perdendo o efeito
agora, desfrute uma vida de cabelo lindo


Originally posted by sagerous

im not even joking whoever the “angry dude” dani is referring to is totally right. i agree with him because i dont think the dev team is understanding the seriousness 🗿

We understand where players come from, and that's what we mention at the beginning of the podcast. The lack of context or not knowing why things were done (or not done) is where most of the complaints come from

You can either like or dislike the changes we are making (or not making) in the game, but you can't (or you shouldn't) deny that once you have more knowledge about any topic, your opinion is more inclined to change

We know it's almost impossible to know everything that's happening with the game just by playing, that's why we make these videos. And we did answer specifically to all the questions and criticism this player had, but also, most of the answers to this question is spread out across the episode (since his question is about general changes), so cropping it and putting it out of context is exactly the opposite of the purpose of the podcast - but we are ok with that, at least the whole content is still there if people wanna check it out

The poin...

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