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0s tired of not getting what you want from
2s boxes yeah
9s what if I tell you getting rid of
12s probabilities is a lot easier than that
15s and what if I tell you you can get the
18s brawler you want it's just a matter of
21s time
22s this sounds like a fantastic idea Paula
24s this is all true in this new system we
27s will be releasing in the next update and
29s please don't freak out now but this new
32s system will be replacing boxes
34s it's true boxes are going away and will
38s explain everything in the next roll talk
40s on the 7th of December but to give you a
42s quick teaser this is how it's gonna look
45s you'll be able to process through this
47s new road and collect the Brawlers you
49s are missing and of course boxes have
52s been such a big part of our journey that
54s they wouldn't leave without a proper
56s party so starting right after this video
58s will kick off an event where you can get
60s a lot of rewards including the Omega box
63s the Omega box stereo skin and it's pink
65s it will be the last time you'll be able
67s to open boxes in Brawl stars but if you
70s think this would be easy you are well
72s not so wrong but for that to happen the
74s whole Community will have to come
76s together and reach the goal of 4 billion
78s takedowns in 12 days it doesn't matter
80s which game mode you are playing either
82s trophy matches power League friendly
84s matches or map maker every takedown
87s counts and here is our target battle
89s which we will be updating daily in the
91s in-game news for each Milestone of this
94s we'll release a new reward in the shop
95s when we reach 4 billion takedowns we'll
98s release the Omega box Darrow's King
100s right away besides that the content
102s creators will be giving away a lot of
104s Mega boxes look look for the hashtag bye
107s bye boxes to learn how to join okay and
110s this is actually insane among all the
112s creators running this giveaway there
114s will be five hidden golden codes if you
117s are the lucky winner to find one of
119s these you will get 200 Mega boxes in
122s your face
123s the creators won't know which one is the
125s golden code so make sure to follow all
127s of them so to summarize no more boxes in
130s the next update no more probabilities to
133s collect your Brawlers now it's just a
135s matter of time
136s take down as many brothers as you can
138s the faster you reach the goal the faster
141s everyone gets the reward the target is 4
143s billion takedowns to unlock the Omega
145s box stero skin follow the community
147s progress daily in the in-game news
149s hashtag buy boxes to participate in the
152s Mega Box giveaway with the creators Blog
155s Talk on the 7th of December with all the
157s information needed for you to understand
159s the new progression system so go now to
162s the game and start taking down browsers
164s see you next week with all the
166s information about the new update
171s foreign