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It's not a matter of believing, really.

Based on reference data sets we can merely conclude that the current set of maps has no direct impact on the popularity of Duels.

That doesn't mean you specifically (ex. Twitter, Reddit) think like that. It means the player base at large practically plays like the maps don't make a difference.

Twitter and Reddit represent less than 1% of our players. 99%+ of our players aren't represented here and generally aren't as vocal about the game they play. It's totally OK that you as individuals believe it's the maps fault and ultimately that's your personal opinion, I won't tell you what to like and what not to like. Statistically however, maps aren't causing this.

Opinions ≠ statistical facts

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Fair enough, but let's reverse everything. Remove it from the perma slot. Put it on the temporary slot maybe with the old maps just maybe. Purely for experimental purpose. Not trying to argue here or prove a point or anything. I genuinely think there is something else that is in play here. Maybe players are getting overwhelmed by the number of game mode slots so they stick to the old/well known modes? Maybe it's the effect of masteries because they just wanna put their every day limit on 1 brawler which is impossible on duels. Or maybe its something else but why would players lose interest in a mode when only change that was done to it was made it permanent and changed its slot location.

What do you mean by "lose interest"?

I didn't mention that there has been a change in behavior at all. In fact the behavior is very much in line with the temporary Duels (with different maps). We've just chosen Duels and Basket Brawl because those two were the most demanded on socials.

It's the community slot. You guys will vote from a list of 4 modes (including Duels and Baaket Brawl) which ones you want to have next season.

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It's hard to argue with that because you guys are the ones with the stats but trust us the maps are really bad. Both players gathering around the central unbreakable wall chunk and waiting for the poison fog is not fun game design.

Given that the majority of players have not expressed their views, it is evident that we are unaware of the preferences of 99% of the players. However, if anything, it is plausible to assume that they hold similar opinions to the 1%.

Yeah. I posted about Iron Core last night, just not a fun design - at least not with the current Duels setup.

I'm regards to the 1% behaving similar: any anecdotal and more formalized evidence I've seen suggests the opposite. Brawler popularity vs. what's been discussed on socials, Game Modes, features.

Based on my time with Supercell at least (~7.5 years) I can tell you that Reddit/Twitter and practical game reality (and business impact) are rarely aligned.

Social media followers are by definition very engaged and part of the core of communities, and these core communities have typically different opinions than the mainstream players, who are generally leaning more towards casual play.

Case in point: the average Brawl Stars player (active only) sits around ~13,000 Trophies.

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