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because I am even more upset that

In Supercell's mind, Percentage increase wasn't even meant to be there from day one.

But what's worse is...

They call it a bug. Do you expect us to be stupid?

What's even worse is...

They claimed they hadn't known of this 'bug' for 3 years when it's literally well known by everyone and even on YouTube.

What's truly worse is...

Players, especially F2P, with their hard-earned time, whose percentage was over 0.2% has been reduced.

But the pinnacle of it all?

Supercell with never change this. Nor will they ever apologise to anyone. Nor will they ever acknowledge this issue.

Progression is already so difficult. Chromatic Brawlers already affect legendary chances. Why must you do this?

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Hey there!

I hear you, but I believe it’s the concept that sounds bad, but not the actual numbers. It’s very unlikely for a F2P player to get to this cap. It would mean that you haven’t got any Brawlers from boxes for years…

The cap might affect negatively players who never ever got a Brawler from boxes but get them from the Shop instead. Remember that once you get a Brawler, your legendary chances reset, so to get to this cap, is really, really hard.

It was a bug that we’ve only noticed once we’ve deepened the progression of the game, and that’s why we’ve only fixed it now. So our apologies for not doing it sooner.

I won’t try to spin it positively because I might be pushing it, haha. But the truth is that this makes spenders and F2P players a bit closer together since now the benefit of buying a Brawler from the Shop still limits your Legendary chances.

Hope this clarifies the issue for you or whoever is also a bit lost with this note.

Originally posted by RedX571

Um Dani, with all due respect, wouldn't players who buy brawlers from the shop be the least affected by this change? They don't have to worry about their legendary drop rate reaching the new capped limit, since they don't open as many boxes to unlock Brawlers unlike F2P players..?

People who are maxed out and opened lots of boxes might be in a situation where they've gone above the cap (so they will be affected negatively). But since the chances of reaching the cap, if you don't buy Brawlers from the shop, are very unlikely to happen, it shouldn't affect you at all... New players should never reach a 0.25% chance to get Legendaries as long as they have Brawlers to collect still, and that was even before we've capped the Leg chances.