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Originally posted by -DI- rmjohnson144: Must be why mods are starting to break recently. TMPE was broken the other day then fixed supposedly yesterday, then there seemed to be another mod issue or two still with the game buildings not leveling up anymore. Modders must have been let in to test the new DLC, so they can be compatible on release day.

That's not how things work. Until there's an official patch and the version number in the bottom right of the main menu in game changes, nothing they might be working on will affect the game. CO working on a DLC will not break anything on live until the DLC is actually released and we get the free patch.

TMPE has had several updates here in March, which has more to do with the creator having time to work on the mod than anything else. Mods update when their creators have time regardless of where CO might be in their development of a new DLC and updates, new features and bugfixes can create new problems, which then need fixing. That's what you've been seeing with TMPE lately.

Now, people have a tendency to use "broken" for anything between "not working" and "minor error/issue". I haven't had a chance to play the game much in the last couple of weeks, but I doubt the mod actually broke and more likely just had some issues that needed fixing. That's completely normal since modders can only test so much and really rely on us as players to test updates for those not so obvious bugs. :)

TLDR: Mods updating and introducing bugs doesn't have to be related to what CO are working on and are almost always more related to the creator having some free time and interest in working on their mod.