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03 Jul

Your computer is below the minimum system requirements. Both the CPU and the graphics card are too weak for the game. 4 GB RAM is the listed minimum, but with everything the game actually struggles with even 8 GB RAM these days.

It might be worth considering a refund if you can still get that. The game will likely never run well on your system.

If a refund isn't an option, you should add the launch option -force-d3d9 and get the Loading Screen Mod. You should also avoid adding ANY workshop content like buildings, trees etc. as your system likely can't handle that.

Broken Asset But Works?

    Avanya on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
Dublicate errors are often not a problem at all, so if you aren't seeing any issues in the game, you can ignore them.
Using -noWorkshop and -disableMods tells you if you are dealing with a bug in the game or something caused by a mod. Since you had a pop up mentioning an error with a mod, you kinda already knew that, but it's confirmed now.

First and easiest place to start is comparing the mods you're subscribed to against this list of known broken and incompatible mods. That will help you sort out any mods, that are known to cause issues, and it has links to replacements for many of them.

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Sometimes logging out of Steam, shutting Steam down, restarting Steam and logging back in also does the trick.

Other times it can be an old broken mod that messes with the UI. Checking your mods against this list of broken and incompatible mods is always good to make sure you avoid broken stuff.
We'll need the files in the folder the error mentions to see what happens. You can find it by going into your games Library on Steam, right click on Cities: Skylines, select Properties, go to the Local Files tab and click Browse Local Files.

Then grab the files in the folder from the last crash and post them somewhere. We can't attach files here on Steam, so it will have to be some file hosting site or cloud drive. This guide as a few suggestions for places which are free to use.

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Originally posted by NaethanC76:
Originally posted by Avanya:
Just to make sure we're all on the same page, do you also include things like buildings and trees in those 5 mods? Or do you have custom assets besides mods?

How much RAM does your computer have?

I've got 8gb of DDR3. The mods I have currently installed are quality of life mods, so tree brush, precision road placement etc. (can't remember their actual names). No other custom assets or anything. No dlcs or anything

Your 8 GB are probably full with just the basegame. How long is your load times roughly?

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No luck on my end either with that file. I'm afraid the save might have been corrupted in some way, so the game just doesn't recognize it anymore. :(

Originally posted by Ask Jeeves: Also i have a slightly more recent version on my steam workshop but have no idea how to load the city :(

If you subscribe to it on the workshop, it should show up in the list of saves - provided it doesn't have issues as well ofc.

02 Jul

Strange! If you can upload the latest save to a cloud storage (OneDrive, Google Drive, iCloud, Dropbox etc) and link to it here, we can try and see if our games will pick it up.

I'm afraid I don't know any tricks to get the game to recognize saves that it isn't seeing. :/
Do you have any other version of the save? Like an autosave for example?
If you want to build big, going for a fairly flat map is probably gonna make that easier. Here's some recommendations for nice maps that have large areas to build on. :)

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Policy board

    Avanya on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
There seems to be some connection to high RAM usage with this issue. Increasing the size of your pagefile might help, or removing some assets that you aren't using to free up some RAM might do the trick too.
Steam has had issues with collections for a while. Every update they seem to have fixed something, but sometimes new things break.

Best thing is to go to the workshop page of each item and see if they did subscribe. I know collections currently don't work right in showing if you're subscribed to things (even if you are subscribed, the collection shows you're not). So with a bit of luck the button works and the collection just isn't displaying it. Otherwise, the safe route is to sub to each item from their workshop page until collections get fixed.
Originally posted by NaethanC76: I have like 5 mods, most of which are small.

Just to make sure we're all on the same page, do you also include things like buildings and trees in those 5 mods? Or do you have custom assets besides mods?

How much RAM does your computer have?
Originally posted by Mr. Yisus:
Originally posted by WhiteKnight77: Do you have a screenshot?

This looks like a known issue with broken road anarchy mods. Make sure you don't have any of the... Read more
Originally posted by snowflitzer: @Avanya - could we pin this thread?

Done! ^^
Efficient public transport to keep citizens from using cars as much as possible helps reduce vehicles in use.

You will also want to make sure that industry has more efficient ways to move goods and raw materials around. Cargo train stations connecting areas, and connecting to larger commercial areas, helps get trucks off the roads. Cargo harbors and airports (If you have Industries) also work for more efficient transport out of your city.

You can also use the mod Clunk linked, but make sure to read the mod description. It's also important to know, that once used you cannot remove that mod from the city again. That means, should it ever break, your city will be lost. Hopefully that won't happen, but it's important to know the risk is there and decide if you can live with it. :)

01 Jul

Hmm, at this point I think the best thing will be to do a clean install of the game and clear your workshop folder. It will mean downloading all assets and mods again (Steam should download everything you're subscribed to).

Here's how to do that:

- Uninstall the game
- Manually delete all these files and folders, if still there:

...\AppData\Local\Colossal Order\Cities_Skylines
(first move the /saves/ folder elsewhere to keep your save games)

(To see the AppData folder you'll need to enable View Hidden Items in File Explorer)

- Install the game again and see if it is any better.

If Steam doesn't download your assets and mods again, log out of it, shut it down, restart and log back in.
I don't see any mods that should be causing this. Real Time is the only one that does anything to the AI, but even then I would be surprised if it was the cause.

I would definitely get CSL Show More Limits and check how close you are to the vehicle limit.

If you aren't anywhere close to it, go to Content Manager, into Saves and find the save where this happens. Then upload it to the workshop and share the link to it here.
Find the folder mentioned in the popup (to find local files, go to your Steam Library, right click on the game and open Properties, then find the Local Files tab). Then make a post on the official forums explaining when the game crashed and attach the files found in the folder there. :)

Cant build metro tunnels

    Avanya on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
Yes, Fine Road Tool 2 and Fine Road Anarchy 2 work
Super helpful thanks!

A little random fact: Did you know that originally we had all the categories of the workshop when looking at subscriptions? For some reason Steam removed them, but at least the tags still work.

To see what the tags are for any specific category, you just go to it and it's at the top in the url. Super handy for sorting subscriptions. ^^
How far do you get and what happens? After pressing Play in Steam, do you see the launcher? What happens when you press Play in the launcher? Can you get to the Main Menu of the game?

Cant build metro tunnels

    Avanya on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
Those holes are caused by broken mods. To fix it, you need to remove the broken mods. Broken ones include these, so remove any of these you have!

- Fine Road Tool (original, version 2 works fine)
- Fine Road Anarchy (original, version 2 works fine)
- Road Anarchy
- Road Anarchy 2
- Advanced Road Anarchy
- Sharp Junction Angles
- Low Bridges High Dams

If you don't have any of those, we'll need to know what mods you have. You can also check all your mods against this list of known broken and incompatible mods.