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Yeah, you definitely don't need both those mods. :)

But they probably aren't the reason for the game crashing. The most common reason is running out of memory. If you haven't specified a size for your pagefile, that would be the place to start, as the game just runs more stable with a set size. I recommend setting it to 32 GB.


If that doesn't do the trick or you've already done that, then we'll need to see the logs to see why it's crashing. If you get the pop up saying something like "Oops the game has crashed..." then it mentions a folder, which contains a few helpful files. To find it go to your game Library in Steam, right click on Cities Skylines, select Properties, go to the tab called Local Files and click the button Browse Local Files. Then upload those files somewhere and link to them here.

If you don't get the pop up, there is still the output log (called player.log on Mac and Linux). This guide explains where to find it, and recommends some places you can upload the files to as well.

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You get the popup then. Go to your game Library in Steam, right click on Cities Skylines, select Properties, go to the tab called Local Files and click the button Browse Local Files. Then find the latest folder from a crash - its name is a date followed by a number. Upload the files in it somewhere and link it here.

You can use these sites or a cloud drive:

https://uploadfiles.io/ - free, no sign-up, can handle large log files
https://paste.ee/ - fast, no sign-up required (some log files will be too large for it though)
https://zerobin.net/ - bit clunky, but can handle huge files, no sign-up required
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Originally posted by GameKiller: I got every asset I saw so basically I had around 9k assets and 400 mods?

That is definitely way too much for your system to handle. For assets your 16GB is expected to be able to handle around 800-1200 assets. Anything beyond that relies on the pagefile, which can affect performance and once that's full, the game will crash. You should probably at least half the amount of assets you're using. You can use Steam collections to keep track of any nice ones you might want to use at a later point.

For mods 400 is a LOT. I'm almost certain you have some which overlap. Make sure you read description of all of them to understand what you do and only subscribe to the ones you need. Mods are NOT all just plug-and-play, and a lot of them don't work anymore or don't work together. I really suggest you go through them all and check for overlaps and compare them to this list of known broken and incompatible mods, to make sure you don't have any that will cause problems.


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