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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
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Boost the economy of your City with a financial district, and use your funds to invest in the best industries for your population. Financial Districts is a mini-expansion from Colossal Order that adds the new feature “Investments” and more than a hundred assets to the game.

Financial Districts’ key features include:
Investments Invest your money wisely and improve the lives of your citizens.
Many sectors await your support such as deathcare, healthcare, oil, ore, farming, generic industry, and logistics. Keep track of your investments with the new stock trading tab.

Stock exchange Level up your investment funds with the stock exchange. This new building also unlocks the tax income bonus for office zone buildings in its area.

Bank buildings Money, money, money! Banks add a new service to your city and improve its safety thanks to their transport vans that,
while collecting cash from commercial zone buildings, decreasing the criminality rate in the area.

Financial District Specialization Unlock a new district for office zones when you reach the “Big Town” milestone.
Financial Districts feature a new visual style, and generate higher taxes than basic office zones but decrease happiness.
The tax income bonus increases if a stock exchange is nearby.

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