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Originally posted by Ralf Ferdius: Thank you, @MarkJohnson.:steamthumbsup: But it was not so obvious for me. I can't find it on Steam or the other store quickly.

Those other replies mentioned something about a deal. I don't ask for that.
When you buy the base game on Steam, you must also buy any DLC on Steam. Otherwise you must buy them again, in that other store. Console and PC don't cross.

Can you tell me the differences and benefits between these stores? Just only PC, will be nice.

Most stores list what keys they sell, typically under details for the DLC or "Platform" - if it says "Steam key" then it will give you a code that you then add to your Steam account to unlock the DLC on Steam.
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Yes, all the same DLCs are available with both Steam and Epic.

With Steam you get access to the Steam Workshop, where other players share custom buildings, intersections, maps and much more for you to use with your game. The workshop is really the only real difference, otherwise it's just a matter of which store you like the best.
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Originally posted by Ralf Ferdius: Thank you, @CO_Avanya. :steamthumbsup: So players who bought the game through Epic don't have any ways to use mods, saved games, maps and scenarios?
Even created by other players who bought the game though Epic?
Can players who bought their games though Steam and Epic stores play with each others made saved games, maps, scenarios? Is there some way to transfer these data between them?

The Epic version can still be modded, but everything needs to be installed manually in the correct folders, and there are very few assets and mods available outside the Steam Workshop for them to use.

Saves, maps, scenarios, and really any other content created with the game can be shared between the two as long as the required DLCs are present. So if you have a save on Epic that uses for example bike roads from After Dark it can be played with the Steam version as long as After Dark is owned and installed. And the other way too.