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The Plazas & Promenades expansion is out and with it patch 1.15.0-f5. If you don’t use mods, then enjoy the new content and check out the patch notes below!

Patch notes[forum.paradoxplaza.com]
However, if you do play modded, note that a major patch like this is likely to require mods to update. Modders have been hard at work preparing updates, but please be patient while they apply those to the Workshop and sort out any issues that may not have been found in testing.

If you play with a lot of mods
  • Check the list of broken mods below
  • Don’t overwrite - save your city as a new savegame
  • Wait for mods to update - or help see what mods need an update.
  • Play unmodded while you wait using the -noWorkshop launch option

Will I be able to continue my existing city? Most likely yes, but you will need to check your mods and remove/replace broken mods. See the P&P DLC Patch tab of this spreadsheet:

Will ‘insert mod’ be updated? Most likely yes! Our awesome modding community is working hard to find issues and update mods, but it’s important to remember, they do this as a hobby so it may take a little while. However, sometimes updates come in the form of a brand new mod, in those cases make sure to unsubscribe the original!

Which mods are broken? For the most up-to-date information on which mods are broken, check out the community-maintained spreadsheet:


Not broken but has some issues

Which mods do I absolutely need to load my city? This is not a complete list, but can hopefully give you some idea of what mods to keep an eye on before loading your city.

Network mods
These include any mods that add networks. Anything in the Roads category on Steam is not counted, only those in the Mod category.

  • Extra Train Station Tracks
  • German Roads
  • Metro Overhaul Mod
  • More Train Tracks
  • Network Extensions 2
  • One Way Train Tracks
  • Tram Station Track

Major mods
Mods that have a large impact on how the game works are generally needed for your city to work as it should. These include, but are not limited to:

  • 81 tiles
  • Any Road Outside Connections
  • Custom Zone Mixer
  • Improved Lane Connections v2
  • Lifecycle Rebalanced Revisited
  • More CitizenUnits
  • More PathUnits
  • More Vehicles
  • Nursing Homes with Eldercare
  • Optimised Outside Connections
  • Ploppable RICO
  • Realistic Population (or other mods that affect population numbers)
  • Reversible Tram AI [BETA]
  • Traffic Manager: President Edition
  • Transfer Controller
  • Transfer Manager CE
  • Transport Line Manager

How do I play unmodded temporarily? While you can’t play your modded city, why not check out the new content without mods? You can easily do this by adding the -noWorkshop launch option to Steam. To do this right-click on the game in your Library, select Properties, and type in -noWorkshop (exactly like that) in the box at the bottom, and close the window to apply. This disables all workshop content.

Just make sure to start a new city and save it as a new file, so you don’t overwrite your existing city.
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Originally posted by anztim: Is there any way to turn off automatic updates?

You can turn off automatic updates through Steam, but the game will update when launched. You would have to either disconnect from the internet before launching the game or put Steam in offline mode to avoid downloading the update - and in offline mode Steam unfortunately disables the Workshop content. So I'm afraid there isn't a good way to postpone receiving the update.
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Please be patient as modders update their mods, a lot of them already got an update. I'll add a list once things calm down a bit, but for now please see the "P&P DLC Patch" tab on the spreadsheet found here:
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Originally posted by guyfawkes: Can someone help please? I'm new to modding and have just received the following error messages after an update, I'd be super grateful if someone could tell me how to fix the issues? My game no longer saves and the buildings are all fixed on an angle when i try to build, theres no way to rotate them. Thanks!


Looks like 81 tiles is causing you issues, there's a fix in testing here, or you can wait for the original mod to be updated.


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