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To everyone here having this issue:

If you use mods please check your mods against the list of broken mods, both the first tab and especially the tab named Patch 1.17.0.

If that doesn't help or you don't use mods, please make a thread on our support forum. We need to see your output_log.txt (called player.log on Mac and Linux) to be able to help, which cannot be attached here on Steam.

Depending on your operating system the log can be found here:

Mac OS X

~/.config/unity3d/Colossal Order/Cities: Skylines/Player.log
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Originally posted by 🍌The Banana🍌: I have --noworkshop on and still crashes.
It's worth noting that the launch option is case sensitive and needs to be --noWorkshop to work. --noworkshop will not do anything I'm afraid.

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