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Let's keep the swearing to a minimum, thanks! I know it's frustrating having to troubleshoot mods, but I'm afraid that's part of the package when you mod the game. We cannot guarantee that 3rd party modifications of the game work, that's why there's a warning when you first enable mods. We offer early access to a lot of the modders so they're able to prepare updates and have a pinned thread to help with the process. I'm afraid that the choice is to either mod the game and go through mods when there's an update or not mod the game. I know that's not the options you are hoping for, but as we have already announced the next update, this won't be the last time you go through your mods.

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List your mods for us to check over.
config My Config 11.16.2022

Thanks for any and all help!


I noticed 81 tiles on there as deactivated. I always recommend you unsubscribe from a mod you aren't using, and if your city used to have 81 tiles enabled, you will likely want to get 81 tiles 2 TESTING to replace it.

Your version of Any Road Outside Connections is an older one not updated since Sunset Harbor, I recommend switching to the newer Network Anarchy by Quboid. That will also let you remove Fine Road Anarchy and Fine Road Tools.

And lastly, the version of Compatibility Report you have is outdated. You'll want this one again before generating the report so you get the latest information. :)

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Originally posted by Marksman: I mean, updates are definitely a good thing. But I just don't understand why couldn't they be optional, as it's not a multiplayer game. It would make everything so much easier if we were able to update it when we are starting a new city, or when we know for sure the mods are up to date.

Different versions become problematic when it comes to both providing support and modding the game. When everyone is on the same version of the game, no matter what expansions they have or when they started playing, mods all reference the same code base. We can have a list like the spreadsheet of mods that are known to not work, modders can make their mods compatible with each other, and modders only need to maintain one version of their mods.

If we had different versions the requests for support and updates modders get would explode compared to what they experience now, and if you've seen the comment sections of popular mods, you'll know it's already a bit wild as it is now.

And as for support from our side, it's a lot simpler to hunt down bugs and provide support when everyone is essentially playing the same version of the game.
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I'm done putting money into this game. I'll check back in a few weeks to see if it's all resolved. I went through the latest version of the compatibility report, unsubscribed to all mods that have conflicts and I still can't get it to load. The update release workflow is flawed at the expense of the user experience. Simply allowing the user to decide what updates are used and when is the solution. That solves everything.

A lot of the most popular mods are already updated and working normally again. There should be no need to wait weeks, if you're still having issues after comparing your mods to the list of broken mods, then I recommend you make a report on our support forum for help determining what's causing issues. At this point waiting is unlikely to change anything.