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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
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We have a patch for you today with a lot of bug fixes as well as a few new items to celebrate Cities: Skylines II.

Free content added to Base Game
  • Hidden treasure and clues - happy hunting!
  • Countdown Clock
  • Plaza of the Future
  • Plaza of Transference
  • The Creator's Library
  • 3 New Commercial Buildings
  • New Chirps

Bug fixes & Improvements
  • Added tourist capacity texts to Hotel chain panel
  • Nature Tourists visit parks and park areas in addition to unique buildings
  • Implemented tooltips to Hotel chain panel
  • Fixed: Multiple untranslated object's names and descriptions are displayed in the 'Build Menu'
  • Fixed: The "Lines Overview" button overlaps the "Open the Budget Panel" button in ES, RU
  • Fixed: Asset names shortened for no reason in Polish
  • Fixed: Epic Games Windows Shortcut icon missing
  • Fixed: There are children and teenagers in prisons
  • Fixed: High amount of PathUnits resulting in broken public transport routes
  • Fixed: Update button is missing from the content manager
  • Fixed: Industrial buildings add incoming transfer offers twice
  • Fixed: NullRef exception when bulldozing buildings placed in the map editor
  • Fixed: Roads that require two or more DLCs cannot be selected in the asset editor
  • Fixed: Six-lane one-way roads runnel has a solid line instead of a dashed line
  • Fixed: Passengers are stuck at public transport stops
  • Fixed: UI remains open after loading scenario with the same theme as previously loaded map
  • Fixed: Untranslated text in Build menu
  • Fixed: Windows Shortcut icon missing on Epic
  • Fixed: Problems unlocking the Steam achievement Creator
  • Fixed: Cargo trucks get stuck at cargo terminal
  • Fixed: Toggle zoning tool cannot upgrade roads with full zoning
  • Fixed: Zoning toggle has left/right swapped on maps with left-hand traffic
  • Fixed: Bus selection is unavailable when only Green Cities DLC is enabled

Industries bug fixes
  • Fixed: Forestry has the option "Conifer" but conifer trees are not available in all biomes
  • Fixed: Warehouse set to Empty does not receive any deliveries

Sunset Harbor bug fixes
  • Fixed: Fish trucks do not use the truck spawn/despawn points in Cargo Harbor, Cargo Hub, and Cargo Terminal
  • Fixed: Helicopter stop has a beam in the middle of a parking spot

Airports bug fixes
  • Fixed: Cargo Aircraft Stands receive aircraft after removing the terminal
  • Fixed: Rebalance crime for airport areas
  • Fixed: Aircraft Stand animations are missing
  • Fixed: Small Decorative Airport Apron is available without the 'Airports' DLC

Plazas & Promenades bug fixes
  • Fixed: Error when making a very small Pedestrian Area
  • Fixed: Transport Info View can show Bus Lines inaccurately using regular Pedestrian Streets
  • Fixed: Bus routes display on pedestrian streets despite being unable to use them
  • Fixed: Some Buildings do not have the notification "Not in Pedestrian Zone!" when placed on pedestrian street without a pedestrian zone
  • Fixed: Compact Bus Station is translated incorrectly in German

Roads & Vehicles bug fixes
  • Fixed: Bus Capacity 30 has misaligned headlights

Hubs & Transport bug fixes
  • Fixed: Harbor-Bus-Monorail Hub cannot be placed on quays
  • Fixed: Bus stations placed on pedestrian bus streets cannot find a path
  • Fixed: Harbor-Bus-Monorail Hub bus stops do not work correctly
  • Fixed: It's impossible to complete a bus line at the Harbor-Bus-Monorail Hub if there are empty stops
  • Fixed: There is no Black Taxi Cab on the winter theme map
  • Fixed: Issues with faces on cars on Multistory Decorative Parking Lot
  • Fixed: Trolleybus roads do not show up when the public transport road filter is selected
  • Fixed: Monorail tracks are not connected to Monorail-Tram Hub with Road

Content Creator Pack bug fixes
  • Fixed: Modder tab is missing from the education menu when only basegame and the CCP are enabled
  • Fixed: Brooklyn & Queens buildings have holes in the mesh
  • Fixed: Landscaping modderpack tab has the wrong name

Hotels & Retreats bug fixes
  • Limited hotel attractiveness value which can be set for custom hotels from 0 to 100
  • Made value field red in editor if user enter value out of allowed limits (fix for hotel attractiveness value)
  • Fixed: Variations of Tiny Playground have the same thumbnails in the dropdown selector
  • Fixed: HotelNotUsed Tutorial points to Parks & Plazas menu
  • Fixed: Visible string ID's in Content Manager
  • Fixed: Buses do not use bus bays on the asymmetrical 5-lane road

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