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And that's enough of insulting others for their preferences, thank you! If you can't engage respectfully on here, take a step back and don't reply until you can. Lots of people enjoy playing without mods, lots of people enjoy modding. There's room for everyone here. :)

Originally posted by Merrlin: What's the point of playing a game that is supposed to work with mods, if it doesn't work with mods? Sure some mods will be out of date, but this seems almost deliberate and it is frustrating when everything worked fine yesterday and today it takes 3 hours to fix, update and find that your favourite mods are no longer considered compatible, AGAIN, 2 months after the last forced update/patch. It's a bit much and many are becoming disenfranchised. Fortunately the dedication and skills of the active mod community is working overtime, once again to keep our current game play alive. Kudos. Without them, this game would not survive.

I just want to address this comment. We support modding as much as we can and we want everyone who wants to mod the game to be able to do so. But it's important to remember what modding is - it's 3rd party additions to the game. We cannot guarantee mods work, that's why you get a warning when you first enable mods explaining the use of mods is at your own risk.

We offer early access to a lot of modders who are behind the most popular mods, so they have a chance to test and prepare updates. That's why they're so quick to update their mods. We also try to provide you with the information you need to find troublesome mods and get back to playing as soon as possible, but I'm afraid that modding will always carry some risk and will always include the need to go through mods whenever there's an update to the game.

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