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Originally posted by dV8703

They would rather comment on arts but not on this😒

you're right, we ignore all posts that aren't fan art

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Originally posted by Merpinderp

Since u responded Drew, will a transparent countdown be implemented in the next update?

definitely not the next update. this is because it is generally considered a low priority compared to other features or improvements (such as a new card or certain clan quality of life improvements for example).

its already on on our long (!) list of QoL improvements however, as it is brought up occasionally both here and on twitter, so the team are aware that it’s been requested.

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Originally posted by Lifthil

But why is it so low priority? New cards make SC money, I get that, and clan QOL stuff is good, but then what?

but then what?

then we add it in a later update.

it's not exactly easy to explain why we prioritise stuff over others without offending some vocal players on this sub, but i'll do my best without sugarcoating it.

  • it is not an issue that affects gameplay in a drastic way
  • it has been the same for 3 years and has a minimal effect on gameplay as a whole
  • it affects both players at the same time
  • with the amount of other features we want to put in the game, we simply want to spend time making other features before this one
  • we also think of how many people this would benefit and how much time it would take to implement compared to other QoL changes
  • this isn't a bug, just a nice to have feature. therefore takes lower priority over other work
  • it is hard to quantify community sentiment like this. a popular post on reddit does not necessarily reflect the entirety of our playerbase, compared to hard statistics etc that we have.

it is my job to bring all the changes that the community wish to see into the team, and i do so. but it isn't as simple as "a part of the playerbase wants this, so let's do it"

you can see that when there is a major problem we fix it as soon as possible, like when donating cards didn't give you gold, which is an example of a high priority fix.

if we could add all QoL updates in one update, we would. but we can't, unfortunately.

hope that answers your question.

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