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WOW. this is extremely impressive! i don't think i've actually seen anything this in-depth before for a royale deck. nice one.


06 Jul

Originally posted by theapogee

u/supercell_drew please respond. The community need to know that you guys care about fair play.

sorry, i was asleep. i commented on my twitter yesterday evening (sunday) that we were looking into it & we currently are doing that this morning!

05 Jul

03 Jul

02 Jul

Originally posted by andruezin

What time zone will this supposed leak be in? Need to know when to log in. Is it tomorrow yet?

4pm finnish time - premiere link here!

i heard someone's leaking the update tomorrow

01 Jul

really cool idea!

oh man that would be so cool!

29 Jun

Originally posted by gamerdood12

The chuckle brothers

RIP barry

26 Jun

looks awesome! very frank miller-y

really cool idea! we've been thinking of more 'prestige' types of cosmetics connected to achievements/badges etc and this sort of thing is a great idea.

25 Jun

Originally posted by Syrcrys

Are there actually going to be EIGHT videos as you guys said was planned initially in another post?

maybe not exactly 8, but i'm looking to make in-depth videos on the changes that need it

24 Jun

Originally posted by HockeyFan092

Does that mean July will be season 13 and season 13 only? :(

season 13 will be coming in july and is still cool!

When do they post? (GMT +0)
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