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24 Sep

23 Sep


Originally posted by dbaba133

u/Supercell_Drew Can we get another update on likely changes in October? Also a preview teaser of coliseum would be nice.


when i have news to share about likely changes, i will let you guys know!

19 Sep

18 Sep

17 Sep


Originally posted by Canit12

Huge thanks Drew for the feedback, I think we all though that emotes from offers enter the shop cycle after these 3/4 months of exclusiveness. I think is a little bit confusing if these (Halloween ones for example, or maybe others too) come back after a whole year. Anyway, thanks again!

good feedback, i agree that the messaging can be confusing. thanks


bride of frankenstein goblin will be back for halloween! alongside the other halloween emotes

miner w/ red envelope came back for season 11 but is not currently available in the daily shop

16 Sep

15 Sep


Originally posted by Inraus

My suggestions for a better Clan War II

Hello! I've been playing Clash Royale for 4 years. I love this game and would like to see it evolve towards the direction that more and more will enjoy the game. Here are my two cents for a better Clan War II.

1) add the option to take part in clan war or not, similar to the same button in Clash of clan. So that casual players can survive. War matching is done based on number of players, so that big clan and small clan can find their comfortable position. Bonus attacks are arranged for clan with fewer player so that equal attacks for every clan. This is basically the same matching in Clan War I which worked well in my opinion.

People should used their four normal attacks before use bonus one. The deck can be chosen from any one of their four decks.

If you want to make some change, put it this way: bonus attacks are not assigned to certain players, but is available for all the players in a first come first ser...

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thanks for taking the time to write this detailed post!

14 Sep


Originally posted by Ragnagna

Dear Drew,

You talked about small clans.

But the main issue is not the size of the clans. The problem concerns casual clans.

In a casual clan with 50 players, only 20 or 30 of them play in the war.

It is not possible to ask casual players to do 4 attacks per day, each day of the week. Before cw2 they used to participate to a war once per week or per month.

Before this update, as a clan leader I had to convince 10/15 players (who had chosen to play the war) to do 4 attacks in 2 days. Now, I have to convince 50 players to do 4 attacks per day 7/7. This is not possible. It generates a lot of tension in the clans.

Currently, the only solution for clans is to kick casual players. I think it is not a good thing for Clash Royale to lose all casual players. I like to play with them and I hope it will still possible in the future.

To participate or not to participate to a war must be a choice.

The clans must compete agains...

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hey, thanks for this feedback.

this is also something that we are hoping to address with the 'small clan' changes. basically making participation more viable for anyone (to a certain extent, not 1 person clans etc).

12 Sep

11 Sep


Originally posted by fricy81

OK, that's a step in the right direction.

Regarding the second picture you posted. Is there a reason to display fame and repair points separately? I get the difference between them, and that it may be confusing when the sum doesn't add up to 50k, but I think it's taking up valuable space. Maybe a better metric to display would be to show how much fame the player could fight for, and how much he managed to get. Like lost one match out of four, each for 208, then show: 728/832.

the current issue is that the ordering isn't right, it only takes into account fame. we're looking to change this so that it takes both of them together when making the leaderboard.

(or we could put them into one number, sure, we aren't settled on anything yet)

When do they post?

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