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21 Aug

Originally posted by InfernoDragon203

Some people complain about trade tokens and prefer gold, because trade tokens have 0 value while these people (who are probably lvl 12s and 13s) need to gold to upgrade their cards or can’t find anyone willing to trade the card they want.

Others who are lower level want more trade tokens because they need to upgrade their deck and need to get rid of all the useless cards given to them in chests. Trade tokens are very hard to come by, and these global tournament rewards don’t help.

So it is hard for SC to please everyone. I personally prefer trade tokens as my clan offers many commons, rares and epics to trade. In my opinion, there should be more variety in the rewards to try and give a decent sum of gold and a few trade tokens.

Hey! This is basically correct - we have a variety of Tournament reward 'templates' and try to rotate through them. Some have a lot of trade tokens, and others like this one are purely gold. Just because we run this set of rewards for this Global Tournament does not mean trade tokens will never appear again.

Seth about Baby Dragon

1 day ago - /u/Supercell-Seth on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by GG_shi7head

Sorry, but this sounds like nonsense. How can he be sure that those things are correlated? Baby Dragon is a Golem staple and due to the Pekka buff both Golem and Baby Dragon winrates are affected.

Golem has only a 7% usage rate, so even if every single Golem deck ran Baby Dragon, it's still used in a variety of decks. At least some of those players have opted to switch from Baby Dragon in their decks (or changed decks entirely). Either way, a well-rounded support card at 21% usage isn't too crazy, that's about the same as Electro Wizard, Bandit, Mega Minion, etc.

With only a 49% win rate, you can assume a nerf would plummet both use and win rates - given that there aren't great alternatives for splash attackers yet that would leave decks with extremely few options for that role. We stated last month that we want to buff up all the underperforming splash attackers before making a call on Baby Dragon. We could nerf it this month - but if it just dropped so much without touching it, why should we nerf it?

19 Aug

18 Aug

damn this is some quality OC. thank you!

16 Aug

i admire your dedication to playing tache royale

14 Aug

13 Aug

copy pasted from here

not cancelled but after feedback from the first episode we are having a rethink on how we can make it better for viewers and players alike!

witch one though? 🤓

thanks for the comprehensive list! just commenting so you know i've seen it.

12 Aug

10 Aug

Originally posted by GMoneyx0288

Has the team discussed adding different types of consumables to the game? I think with pass Royale, different types of rewards would be really cool. Like something clash of clans is doing. An example would be like apply 10 rare cards to any 1 rare card in your deck.

we've talked about consumables that would increase card levels or king tower levels temporarily, but they're just ideas at this stage.

Originally posted by WazieMcDizzle

Are you going to do anything about the low visibility tiles in the new arena?

we've fed this back to our arena artist for consideration in future arenas.

the problem with things like this is that for some people it is fine, and for some it isn't, and we never know until we release it to the public.

the same happened with the shipwreck arena - we saw complaints that it was 'too bright' which came as a surprise to us! so this season we toned down the colour.

thanks for the feedback!

Originally posted by Crispycase

Appreciate the info update and making effort for communication! Even the replies in here have been really helpful & informative.

***If I can make a couple of QOL suggestions for potential additions for future updates these would be top and greatly appreciated if done:

  • Make war chests draft chests (Ideally I wish every single chest was a draft chest)

  • Draws in war/prep counting as losses shouldnt be a thing- if anything overall damage dealt wins.

  • Clan chat- need a separate scroll bar for trades and possibly donations- clogs up/purges chat too much (request to take away gold pass buying posts not sure why that gets posted to clan).

  • Improved 2v2 Matchmaking. I wouldn’t mind waiting longer for a more accurate pairing of a partner/opponents: to king levels/cards and trophies similarity. Or even having a longer wait button as option to “quick match” -Also be nice have the ability to add as friend after the match li...

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thanks for the feedback! have saved your comment to look at more on monday.

Originally posted by ijm8710

Thanks Drew and Seth.

Have a few questions! If you could hit on a few here, would be so awesome!

First and foremost, I am generally a fan of matchmaking in most areas of the game. One area where I am confused is for global challenges. Since we all have the same prizes we can win, it can be expected better players should have better results in the long run. What I’ve seen is the great majority of my matches are with other tough 5k-6k players instead of pure random ones and similar to ladder, going ~3-3 is very typical while my less experienced clan-mates run the table and show replays with low TH I rarely run into. This is confusing because as a 6k player, I expect to get a feel of a top seed in a NCAA bracket. Can you please delve a little bit into if this is accurate and a glimpse of reasoning into why it is this way


Some past acknowledged focuses seemed to get a ...

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first off there's a lot here and i'm not going to answer everything (this was just a casual AMA, not involving the whole team):


  • Ranked 2v2

this was something that we were thinking about putting into put into the trophy road update. however, 2v2 is really the only casual playmode in clash royale, and we were worried if we simply replaced regular 2v2 it would be an issue, and havng ranked 2v2 AND casual 2v2 at the same time would split the playerbase.we couldn't find a solution to ranked 2v2 trophies that everyone agreed on (are they separate, or are they part of your main overall trophy count?). so we decided against it until we could find some better solutions that could be resolved in a good timeframe.

  • Adding some Divisions into War Legendary League to make it more balanced

As Seth has mentioned in his other comments, "we feel the problems with Clan Wars are deeper than just surface-level fixes." separa...

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Originally posted by FrankieFatHands

When a top comment in an AMA goes unanswered it’s not because they missed it. They don’t want to answer. I’m getting tired of all the clash bashing on this sub, and hating on Seth/Drew isn’t cool, but this is honestly kinda shady. Competitions shouldn’t be decided by black box algorithms. If it’s not random we at least deserve a reason why. Keeping new players happy isn’t a good enough reason for me, but that’s probably what it is.

or... its because it was a friday night and i personally want to sleep, play video games and chill out with my dog after a long week at work lol.

im going to answer it now. not everything is a conspiracy man

09 Aug

love the tat man! seriously cool

Originally posted by jetx666

can season pass get better rewards? Seems like less people are getting it.

When we developed Pass Royale and Trophy Road we made a few variants of the rewards. Each path has nearly identical value (when converted to a neutral economy value) but mixed up the spots where you unlock them. The reason we do this is to gauge feedback and learn. We learned a lot from the community reaction to the earlier Legendary this month, and will very likely return it to Tier 35 in future months. The only way to know is to experiment!

Originally posted by Mew_Pur_Pur

Any hints for an upcoming card? The recent card designs have been awesome and I can't wait for the new one

We are all super excited for the next card. It's a really fun design, has a unique mechanic, and challenges both players in an interesting way. Should definitely open up new deck archetypes too!

Originally posted by Wwoody123

Would you please ask the Lumberjack what the Rage spell tastes like? Will any troop ever be able to carry a Heal spell?

There was a very old prototype troop (Paladin) that cast Heal on himself every time he attacked! We discarded the concept for now but never say never :)

Originally posted by MindMaster115

I'm really interested in knowing what was the reasoning behind nerfing the barb barrel so it can't kill Princess, Dart Gob or Rascal Girls

I thought it was put as a shorter-ranged log that spawned a single Barbarian but I guess that ain't the case anymore

Things Barb Barrel can still do that Log can't:

- Play in the middle to pull a Baby Dragon or Mega Minion into the opposite lane

- Cycle in the back for a cheap Barb defender

- Counter Goblin Gang at the river and hit the tower for more damage

- Counter Goblin Barrel and provide a counter attacker

- Single handedly kill a distracted support Troop

Barb Barrel is still pretty versatile and strong - it can still kill Princess / Dart Goblin / Rascal Girls, you just rely on the Barbarian to finish them off and lose the ability to chip tower. Barb Barrel had over a 50% use rate in high level play for months on end, it needed a nerf for sure. Something had to be done to change at least one fundamental interaction and I think the Princess/bait type decks were the ones that suffered most from Barb Barrel's insane value. It has the same win rate as Zap and Log now, so let's see how the player base adapts to the change over the next few months.

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