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26 May

25 May


Originally posted by DeadyDeadshot

u/supercell_max, if you got the time I think there might be a bit more “feedback”.

I'm always lurking

24 May


That's freaking awesome!

For a moment I thought you even knew what decks we are playing (Rick is a rage ebarbs player), but I don't play loon freeze haha

Still, I'm more than happy to have taken his tower.

Really good job with the edit, impressive work, well done!

21 May

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10 May


this hurts my brain but i have sent it to the smart people on my team to see what they think of it.

thanks for the high effort post!

one question, how do you think players as a whole would react to such a drastic change across all cards and towers?

i’m having flashbacks to when we standardized levels (which didn’t change any stats, just numbers) and caused lots of confusion.

09 May

07 May