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Originally posted by jmanguy

Hi Drew, just letting you know there's been extensive discussion on this topic in this thread here:

On a tangential note, do we have any word on the next update? Is it coming in April with the balance changes?

yep i had a read through that last night. good discussions there!


RE: update info

after the negative community reception to early clan wars 2 teasers & videos, we will be reverting back to the tried and tested formula of no update info until it is very close to coming.

more info to come closer to release!

Hey Reddit,

For a looooong time, one of the biggest pieces of feedback for Clash Royale has been centered around 'unfair' matchups among King Levels.

Today we are addressing this in a maintenance break!



A global change coming to solo matchmaking.

Players will now get matched by default with players who have a King Level +1 or -1 to their own (alongside an equal match).

E.g King Level 12 player will get matched with King Level 11, 12 or 13.

Note: this rule will not change any current matchmaking rules based on Trophy counts.


However to keep matchmaking times acceptable, these parameters will increase by a further +1 / -1 every 5 seconds of search time, up to a maximum of +3 / -3 at 10 seconds.

This is to ensure that players are not getting stuck searching for a ga...

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24 Feb

21 Feb


amazing costumes! that hair is dedication.

20 Feb


Originally posted by TheImmortal13

In short:

  • 4 clans (or maybe just 2) on the corners of the map
  • 1 week war in 2 phases
  • Phase 1: Conquer the arenas, first 4 days playing game modes
  • Phase 2: Clan War! Last 3 days playing duels
  • Optionally, introducing Heroes in battles

Hello! I've been thinking for some time how I really want a Clan WAR on a map, not a race, so I combined CW1 with CW2 features into this proposal.

The map:

Is divided into 13 Arenas, 4 clans (or maybe just 2) start controlling an arena in each corner, or it could be random. War lasts 1 week like in CW2, Phase 1 from Monday until Friday morning, Phase 2 from Friday until Monday morning.


Clans are matched on clan member count: those over 10, 20, 30, and over 40 members. Optionally each member could have an opt out button which would block him from clan wars until the next week after he reenables to opt in. Only those who are opt in will be ...

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love this idea. i've always wanted some sort of territory control system in a supercell game - i think it's a really cool mechanic. closest we got was rush wars (RIP!)

the idea about a specific game mechanic only being introduced in clan wars has also been something we've spoken about a lot - we originally wanted to have 'clan cards' that you could only unlock through CW2. but that itself raises a lot of questions!

thanks for the post - i had fun reading it and there's some rad ideas here.

18 Feb


Originally posted by Poison_Menace

I tried this, it still doesn’t work. Please fix this for the March update, I have some pro players on my Facebook friends list and I want to spectate them to get better and learn to play decks.

as i said already, it's not a problem on our side unfortunately so it isn't on us to fix it.

both players involved need to have changed their settings to be visible to eachother. so the other players can view you, but you cannot view them until they have updated their settings as well.

17 Feb

16 Feb


this is actually an issue on facebook's end - they changed their settings recently for whatever reason.
here are a bunch of annoying steps to follow to fix it (the steps are super hidden away)!
go to...

  1. facebook settings
  2. general settings
  3. apps and websites
  4. logged in with facebook
  5. clash royale (edit)
  6. app visibility
  7. change to friends or public (default has been changed to Only Me)

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11 Feb

When do they post?

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