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you mad lad! you must be a hacker or a pro gamer.

you son of a witch, i’m in

about 8 hours ago - /u/Supercell_Drew on Reddit - Thread - Direct

LOL had no idea the caption said that. have fixed it now

Clash Royale bringing back some old memes

about 9 hours ago - /u/Supercell-Seth on Reddit - Thread - Direct

i swear, Drew showed up to the filming session with a print out of this meme and gave it to the editor like "we are doing this - one of these, do you know this meme? you dont? okay still, we are doing this"

i absolutely love this!

spent last night zooming in on my instagram to catch all the details - thanks for the bigger version here.

so wholesome!


30 Mar

Originally posted by ijm87

u/supercell_drew can you please confirm someone will reach out. Even if it’s not you I just want to know someone will. I am being hit with charges that I never processed and have been unable to work with PayPal as their phone support is off for the pandemic and their messsages system is extremely delayed. I simply want confirmation on which of my accounts was hacked as again I have 2fa support on everything but supercell ID! This is a security issue! Is supercell ID unsafe?

i don't answer account-specific player support questions here and it is also unfortunately not my field of expertise.

please contact our support team directly here and they should be able to help you out:

it will be out some time today/tomorrow. things may be running a bit slower than usual due to current circumstances

27 Mar

every day

25 Mar

this is top notch. nice one

24 Mar

22 Mar

Originally posted by hughjaas-1

What enhancement to the game has worked out better than anyone thought?

The Creator Program! It started as a crazy little idea but now that we have it up and running, its awesome to see how much support the creators get. Especially for these new challenges, each creator saw a spike when their challenge is run. We hope that everytime we run Legendaray's 7x Elixir Challenge, he gets a little boost of creator sales for coming up with such a fun challenge.

Originally posted by Kim_Bong_Un420

Hey drew! I want to ask a question about new content. Compared to troop cards we haven’t had as many building cards added to the game. I believe only ones ever added were the furnace and the goblin cage. Has the team ever considered adding a new building card? And if so what came if it?

we have a plan for one either in summer or just after summer. building cards are difficult ones to balance but we are pretty happy with this one!

Originally posted by hughjaas-1

What enhancement to the game has worked out better than anyone thought?

great question! believe it or not, the party button and the introduction of trophy road!

i always see a lot of people that don't count these as updates ("they're just UI changes!!!" & "we haven't had an update for 10 months" which i can totally understand) but in reality they have helped to massively advance our casual players to more levelled up decks enabling them to play the game more competitively, and increased the amount of play choices for these casual players past just 2v2.

trophy road was a real risk when we started the development as we weren't really sure if it would work out but i'm glad we went for it!

Originally posted by Bo5sj0hnth1n3H4MM3R

Hey u/Supercell-Seth u/Supercell_Drew, I'm really glad you've decided to make one of these types of posts again!

  1. Are you considering making these "What we've been up to" post a weekly or monthly series?
  2. What is your opinion on Goblin Giant? I feel that he is far too niche compared to every other win con in the game, usually only seeing use in one deck in GC's. He has unique mechanics that I feel should be explored more.

Thank you both for your contributions to the dev team!

thanks! love the work you do for the sub.

  1. we see lots of negative feedback when we dont give much info (dev interviews for examples) and our dev cycles dont allow for much new info to be released week on week - so if they were to be regular it would be monthly. but i think for now we will just keep them for when they feel good!

  2. i love gob giant. there was a meta last summer where giant goblin sparky was everywhere in competitive and i think he's a super fun card.

21 Mar

Originally posted by alakazamistaken

In the past you said that you wouldn’t use an existing troop in a new card because of future balancing issues. What changed your decision on that?

Can you find where that was said? I don't think that's ever been our philosophy - on the contrary, using the same Troop/spawns/effects across multiple cards is rock solid CCG best practices.

Originally posted by Tunk_Dumpsuh

The Wizard stops getting neglected? I must be dreaming

Honestly, if we do change Wizard it would be directly because of community brainstorming. There's no one on the team who has personal crusade to get Wizard to 4-cost, but there are lots of productive and intelligent discussions happening across social media that make compelling points. It's worked its way into playtests because of the collective wisdom of our best strategy posters.

Originally posted by edihau

Hey guys, thanks for updating us on everything.

I wanted to ask if you were satisfied with how either or both draft modes are running, and whether your goal is to see them in competitive play. Both test your adaptability in a way that constructed deck modes lack, and I'd like to see pro players really tested in that way.

CRL East Spring season is going to use Triple Draft as part of their sets! Hopefully we can see all the strengths and weaknesses of it as a competitive format. Certainly we can tweak draft tables based on that, and ideally it would become a tighly-balanced, CRL-quality format for players.

Originally posted by Asdfhuk

What meta would be the best for the game in y'all's opinion? By this I mean would it be better to have a more offensive meta or a meta that's mostly defense?

We've always aimed for a more offensive metagame. It can be tough because Clash Royale has a very stronger defenders advantage for a competitive game, so we tend to make Building-targeting cards very strong for their cost. If the competitive metagame was just defensive spell-cycling because nothing could break through, that's the ultimately failure state of the meta.

Originally posted by Justin531857

Thoughts on Bowler? Small buff? :)

(I still want a bowler emote where he’s spinning the rock on his finger like the basketball trick)

We have been playing around with a 6-cost Bowler rework we've talked about for a while. Making him as tough as he looks and a bit more a clear counterpushing win condition. But it's not a high priority - Bowler is viable, and not the sort of card that you want to be in 10% of decks. He's a spell-proof repeatable knockbacker that doesn't cost too much - it's probably good for the meta that he's not balanced on the stronger side.

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