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Originally posted by TheBlakeDawg11

So I just want to confirm… if I’m at 5000/5000 right now and upgrade today… when the update goes live I’ll have 2500 cards towards a lvl 14 already ?



Originally posted by safetydance101

good and fast reaction. well done. now please more sneak peeks abt update

Tomorrow 👊


Hey everyone,

Following the Level 14 announcement yesterday, a large part of the community shared their concerns and disappointment about adding a new level and how the Slash Royale event was seen as a way to trick players into spending their resources and leaving them with nothing when the update drops

This was never our intent. We owe you explanations and clarifications, as well as telling you what we are planning to do about it

Here we go:


The Slash Royale event was designed as a celebration of the arrival of Level 14 and a way to help players gain XP and put you as close as possible to King Level 14, where you will be able to enjoy the content of the next update.

While we focused on allowing you to upgrade as many cards as possible to accumulate experience and progress towards King Level 14, we missed an essential aspect: card consumption and post-update cost reductions.

We messed up, and we...

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Originally posted by Milo-the-great

Guess they round up

Just how rounding up works 😜

17 Oct


Originally posted by alfatehalsaudi45

OK then

My man 🤜🤛

Can confirm he is not a bot and this is 100% real 😎

16 Oct