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We know that the stat is incorrect and we will fix it in a future update.

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Originally posted by Interesting_Test_814

u/rickctv, is this actually true ?

This is the final version of the pass for this month. In future ones there will be others on the free side, however the word “common” suggests this would appear on this side more often than any other version.

29 Apr

26 Apr

Originally posted by abeceder

is there a way to save somewhere that progress outside supercell servers and in this way to restore at some time the account? i am thinking like whatsup back ups the messages in google drive

No, that's not possible. Restoring a game account from an external source is much more complex than restoring e.g. message history and could have potential unwanted outcomes and use cases.



25 Apr

23 Apr

Originally posted by Nishchay_Gupta

Y8L9GRV(the tag)

I have written an email on my account recovery to CR support after this and have got a reason, it says "You have requested for a full account deletion" But why would I request for a account deletion on an account I have been playing for over 2 yrs, it doesn't seem right pls help


But why would I request for a account deletion on an account I have been playing for over 2 yrs, it doesn't seem right pls help

I don't know. The only other option than you requesting your account to be deleted is that someone had access to your phone or account and did the deletion request on your behalf. Unfortunately when something is "GDPR deleted" it's gone for good.

I'll see if I can dig out some details.

For anyone else reading, don't worry! What happened is very uncommon and unlikely to happen. As long as you don't share your account details with anyone and don't give your phone to people you can't trust, your 100% fine.

One more thing for anyone reading this. If you want to take a break from Royale or if you want to quit. Don't ask for permanent deletion. Save your progress with SC ID and delete the app, this way, in the very likely scenario ;) that you will return, you will have your account ba...

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Originally posted by Narayami

Dont fire Santiago bro, The context wasnt good, but he is doing his job, it wasnt him who deleted the acc I guess.

No worries man! You are absolutely right and Santiago is acing it 999 times out of1000!

Hey everyone,

I'm happy to take a closer look at why the account was banned, and if it's ok with OP I can share the info. A player tag or player-id would be helpful for me to get started.

On the topic of Santiago encouraging OP to continue playing on his mini, I think he meant well, but I agree 100% that in the context of things, it comes off very poorly. Sorry about that! I already gave feedback on this just now.

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