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thanks for the feedback!

btw the original comment you linked to from myself was not directed at everyone on the subreddit. seeing confusion in this thread around this comment, acting as if i am ignoring other feedback just because i asked this question.

it was specifically for comments (like the one i responded to) saying "The biggest issue to me is that CW2 isn't particularly fun."

fun is subjective and the comment was highly upvoted but didn't actually give any information as to why they didn't enjoy it.

anyways thank you again for the in-depth feedback!



so we've taken a look and apparently this happens if you have left a clan and rejoined, or joined a new clan after the war has started.

currently, you should still get your chest but it may take a lot longer than usual.

that's not a great solution however, so we're looking into how we can resolve this manually and it may take a maintenance to fix it in a timely manner. we'll keep you updated

23 Nov


hey, so i spoke with the rest of the team about this and this happened because we have a staggered war start time across all clans so as not to destroy the servers (this ranges from 0-120 mins)

unfortunately this meant that some clans had a window of 2 hours where they could use these attacks. obviously this was not intended and i can only apologise for this.

next week we are going to minimise this as much as possible (to a 0-1 minute staggered war start time) and hopefully this does not adversely affect the servers.


Originally posted by Milo-the-great

nice find, thanks

21 Nov

20 Nov

19 Nov

18 Nov


this is for the supercell ID friends function - you can add people via QR codes which require the camera!

14 Nov


Originally posted by malkjuice82

Hey Drew,

I appreciate you taking the time to respond to me.

As others have said it feels like ladder. I know it could be put on us to mix decks up and things like that but I'm going to go with what I know. So that means rotating my two main decks every day in duel and then my 2 side decks for the single battles. But doing this gives me the best chance to win and help the clan. Unfortunately, doing this makes the whole thing feel mundane and like a chore. The fact that the people in the clan are kind of being forced to do it is leading to some people burning out on the game

I was a fan of the randomness in decks in CW1. I know I may be alone in that

Others here can give better examples on how to fix this. I'm not really an out of the box thinker on these things.

I don't want my original post to sound like it was bashing you guys. I do appreciate the work you are trying to do.

thanks for your reply man! i appreciate it


this update came earlier than we thought it was gonna be so it didn't make sense to have an artist in a video that had nothing to do with art.

he'll be in the december tv royale (if i can convince him to be!)

When do they post?

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