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Originally posted by Xam_maX

Hey Seth, Hey Drew, love this post. We would just love to hear more often from you even when you donโ€™t do a bc right away. Please donโ€™t only listen but talk to us more on a regular bases.

got it - thanks for the feedback!

Originally posted by Senhor_Streetglide

He seemed to dodge the unfair crap matchmaking issue

we aren't dodging anything... this post was about the current balance/meta, not 2v2 matchmaking.

RE: 2v2 matchmaking

continuing in the spirit of not rushing through things, we are waiting for more data before making an informed decision about the new 2v2 matchmaking. i'm actually on your side with this one - i was a vocal advocate of reverting it after the change was made, as i felt like a distinct change in difficulty/more grindy 2v2 matches had happened after our update.

however, with no concrete data to back it up, and after discussing it with the rest of the team i came to the understanding that this needs some time to settle.

introducing the party button with other game modes at the same time as the 2v2 matchmaking change also had some effects that we need to further understand before making an informed decision.


Originally posted by Saccdaddy

No executioner nerf in November? Y'all are tripping, no card should be able to do such damage regardless of range...

the listed cards aren't all of the balance changes for november, we just wanted to get the info out about the main 'problem' cards

Hey everyone,

We thought weโ€™d post some feedback & information with regards to the current meta, Season 4 balance changes and what will be taking place in Season 5.

This post will go through why we are not doing mid-season balance changes and the choices behind this decision.


Season 3 & Our Learnings

When we initially reworked Executioner, we reacted to pre-release comments about the Executionerโ€™s strength and did an emergency nerf with much less playtesting than usual (no time for a formal playtest cycle) before the start of Season 3. The result was a weak Executioner and most existing Exe players feeling let down. This also invalidated videos made by our Content Creators and made our own balance videos inaccurate, which was not good for anyone who wanted accurate information about Season 3 balance.

We opted to do a one-time 'Pre-CRL maintenance' to adjust Fisherman and Executioner and not affect...

Read more External link โ†’

20 Oct

19 Oct

18 Oct

17 Oct

Game Wonโ€™t Update

6 days ago - /u/Supercell_Drew on Reddit - Thread - Direct

since the app store introduced the 'arcade' tab in iOS 13 there's a new way to update your apps! tap your profile in the top right of the home page and scroll down to see your updates.

there's also an issue where instead of saying 'update' the app page says 'open'.

both of the above are unfortunately out of our control, but i hope this helps you to update!

Only small bug fixes.

6 days ago - /u/Supercell_Drew on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by TrainerFPS

Where are the patch notes?

full patch notes are here!

16 Oct

15 Oct

This sub in a nutshell

8 days ago - /u/Supercell-Seth on Reddit - Thread - Direct

FWIW I read every balance update idea list! Keep up the goblin-tier content!

14 Oct

Originally posted by StardustSpy

Quick question about Sparky

Does sparky intentionally go for the most tanky troop if the original target dies? (Eg elite barbs die and she kills the valk over the other troops with less health)

Nope, always the closest target just like any other Troop. If you deploy something after she has picked a target though, she won't change to them.

This is LITERALLY the Arrows re-work we have in prototype right now. To be honest, I really like it! It provides a nice counter to Guards (2 shots take off shield, 3rd kills the Guards). The challenge with this rework at this point is purely visual - Arrows was the first spell introduced to the game so it's very weird in the effects code. When I switch to 3 Arrow projectiles, it becomes 3 single arrows (instead of the batch of arrows you normally see). We have been trying to fiddle with this so we can deploy it in a maintenance break, but it might require a client update with new visual effects to get working.

11 Oct

10 Oct

Wrong Card Glitch Explained

13 days ago - /u/Supercell_Drew on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by Lojcs

Hi r/ClashRoyale ! I made this 1 min video to explain how the infamous "wrong card glitch" of the game happens. The video is pretty fast paced, so make sure to pause where needed to better understand it. A worthy sidenote is that this doesn't explain the version of the glitch where a card to the left of the og card gets selected. For example in this post, op tries to play archers, but instead the rocket gets played. This post might be its explanation. The version mentioned in the video costs me about one match a week, so I decided to do something about it.

Edit: Hijacking my comment to repost u/Fugitive-Wizard 's comment below this:

"Thereโ€™s another one thatโ€™s easy to recreate with...

Read more

thanks for posting such a great guide that reproduces the issue - it's invaluable to tracking bugs like this down and nailing a fix! this is one of the best examples of a bug report on this sub so just wanted to say thanks from the team as well.

09 Oct

08 Oct

Originally posted by Viswa_PVT

Hi supercell, After September update its taking lot of time to load from 85 to 100% and we are entering match after 10 to 15 seconds. Can you fix this ASAP?

we're working on fixing this in an optional update that is due to drop tomorrow - we are just finishing up testing to make sure that the fix works

07 Oct

Okay, Thanx

16 days ago - /u/Supercell_Drew on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by Reeskikker

Are you aware that in the touchdown party mode, when one player leaves at the end of the match, it's teammate's game crashes? It's very annoying!

this issue should have already been fixed in the maintenance we had a couple of hours ago! let me know if it's still happening or if this was an older report

Okay, Thanx

16 days ago - /u/Supercell_Drew on Reddit - Thread - Direct

thanks for the compilation vid. there is a text patch that should be going live today to address this as well as some other issues that we were waiting on translations for!

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