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Supercell has just released information on their latest update, titled "An Update For Losers!". This update contains changes to how matches are rewarded as well as the Pass Royale. Our friends at RoyaleAPI wrote up a pretty good explanation of the update as well located here. We have created this thread to centralize the discussion over the changes and also to remind you of our rules.

We understand that some users are not happy with the changes proposed in this update, and we encourage you to post your feedback below. Feedback written respectively and constructively will help Supercell better understand any frustrations you may have.

We want people to voice their opinions respectfully. Please watch the language, respect others, and be mindful of the language used. You can voice your displeasure without the need for vulgar and inappropriate language.

Users who violate our rules (found on the sidebar) or insult others will be removed from our community. At the end of the day, we are all humans, and we have to remember that we are talking to one on the other side. Just posting a rant with no constructive idea will be removed. Posts and comments with inappropriate language will be removed.

As always, please let us know any subreddit feedback or subreddit questions via Modmail.

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hey everyone,

i’d like to just address this post to say that the reddit mods and owners of this sub do not work for supercell, and they’re taking a lot of abuse because of that misunderstanding.

obviously personal attacks and toxicity are not welcome in any community but please do not take out your frustration on the hardworking mods of this sub.

i also don’t agree that siloing all feedback into one place and closing threads is a great plan to help the community frustration, but it makes their lives easier and it also allows us to check one place for feedback, so i can see the merit.

thanks for the understanding.

Originally posted by Trapper1000

If you can't see the merit now, you'll see it soon when your sales drop. And if you don't care about driving the game into the ground, you'll then see it at some point in the future.

Not that you care - all you guys care is about your millions. There hasn't been any game content in years besides adding the 5 champions, phoenix and the banners.

If you're not interested in responses - then not interested to hear a response from you either - it's all going to be gaslighting or deflection anyway.

The amount of disdain some people have at Supercell for their players is extreme - but hey, it all comes back eventually, right?

The 1 advice I can actually give you is to fix your behavior and start caring about other human beings.

And no, this is not targeted specifically towards you, Drew, since I don't know you personally. But feel free to forward this response to whoever in SC it may apply to, in case you feel like it

just to clarify, the merit i am referring to here is of the mods decision to close other threads to put all feedback into this thread.

Originally posted by Silly-Departure-5155

Drew, the biggest problem is that this update and the upcoming lv 15 slow progression and are poor business practices.

Adding lv 15 is the same as taking away a level from every card. The fun part of there game isn’t grinding for cards, it’s playing the game. When you are underleveled, it limits your ability to play the game strategically.

The problem with the new pass is that it’s not enough value for the money and the free and gold passes are both objectively worse. Also Diamond isn’t good enough to justify a 140% increase in cost.

You need to go back to your team and explain that less value for more cost is bad business. If you keep your community happy, they will happily pay for things but right now you’re driving the game into the ground by pissing off your most loyal customers.

We would rather have new cards, better clan wars, and tons of cool cosmetics than all these little updates that are just cash grabs.

i understand your frustration, i also brought these points up during the update development.

i know players aren’t happy about pass royale changes, but sometimes these decisions have to be made. i explain the reasoning in the price change article (here if you haven’t read it].

i also agree that the game needs more fresh content and fresh gameplay, and can guarantee that is coming in our summer update.

thanks for the comment

Originally posted by EvoLRise

Reddit is the only place where we can vent our feelings and complains. Being toxic towards mods who have nothing to do with this is wrong, but the whole riot started because of you guys and your horrible decisions that led people into such anger. We, of course, respect decency, but you have to understand how much is clash royale hurting it's player base

i totally understand, i just want to make sure the mods here aren’t getting unnecessary toxicity or abusive comments for stuff they didn’t do!

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