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i know you are all interested in the clan wars 2 changes and that this update didn't contain fixes that you thought would be coming.

as i said in the video, we have bigger plans to make clan wars 2 the version that you want to play, but just didn't have the scope to fit into this update.

once this update is released i'll be able to share our plans for clan wars 2 and answer some more questions about it.

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He sounded so done with everything

lol i'm just british. i love clash royale (obv) and i'm really looking forward to this update.

there's a reason we used to have a loud american in the videos 😉

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Will new emotes come next season?

yes! next season will have some new emotes.

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I’m really interested if we’ll learn what those bug fixes he mentions actually entail. (Please say deck copying works... please say deck copying works...)

deck copying works