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0s did you know goblins tend to get Dumber
2s as they get older meaning baby goblins
5s are actually some of the smartest
6s goblins around due to this the youngest
9s goblins are able to make some pretty
11s incredible inventions while older
13s goblins try to take credit for their
14s work like the drill and Rocket but it
17s was actually all work of the babies even
19s though babies are smarter it doesn't
21s mean they don't have the same dreams of
23s chaos and destruction however due to
25s their tiny arms and legs they're never
27s really considered much of a threat so
30s the baby goblins stuck mechanical arms
32s and legs on a goblin barrel and strapped
34s a giant rocket on the back allowing them
37s to cause just as much chaos as a giant
39s Goblin and that's how the goblin machine
41s entered the arena