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Transcript (by Youtube)

0s did you know carrying the battle Ram is
2s one of the greatest honors a barbarian
4s can have well after the honor of just
6s being a barbarian barbarians actually
8s train all day just in the hope they get
11s to lift up that big piece of wood the
13s problem since the first introduction of
16s evolve barbarians they just became too
18s strong the battle Ram would just snap
20s into pieces from their immense strength
23s so The Barbarians went on a quest to
25s find some way to evolve their ramp they
28s asked countless troops St legs Towers
31s even pretended to read a book eventually
34s with their combined one Brain Cell The
36s Barbarians found a solution the only
38s thing that can hold up to the strength
40s of a barbarian is another Barbarian now
43s in each battle Ram is a barbarian
45s holding it all together if you listen
48s closely sometimes you can hear the
50s muffled cries from that Bob as the
52s evolved battle Ram charges into the
54s arena