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What's up CR Team,

Listen, I know you've been getting hate since CW2 onwards and you're trying to rebound from the slump (dw, the rest of the world is at an economical slump as well).

Let me help you, let your community help you. I've been a business student since I can remember and a player of CR for 3.5yrs, I know what the community needs and what you can deliver with minimum effort.

Yes, the players want some "amazing new update" which will save the game and you are going in the right direction to be honest, especially with keeping the same meta for 3months and improving progression. Personally, I hated that every month I was forced to upgrade different cards just to myself in my trophy range of around 6k.

However, your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has to resonate with the community more. How? Simple = Improving and adding new QoL changes. You will be surprised how well these little things can improve the game and make the community smile.

We are aware that it takes time to code everything, especially something huge as CW2 or equivalent. However, QoL changes could be released on monthly basis I assume.

Let me provide you with some scrutiny of simple QoL changes and other potential ideas, take it, however, you want to take it and I know Drew is doing everything in his power to keep this sinking boat afloat (heh, get it? CW2 is a boat race hehe xD top kek fail).

Without further ado, here are some ideas:

  1. Clan Trading Tab
    I think this one has been asked for ages now from the community and I heavily agree with this addition to the game. Sometimes we have 30+ trades in our clan and the chat just goes MIA...
    When you press the clan icon, in-game, you could just add 3 Tabs at the top: War, Clan, Trade and let people navigate between them. I reckon it is forgetful for new players, or some returning players, to double tap clan icon to see the war screen.
  2. Clan Shop
    This perhaps isn't a QoL change but I'm going to throw it in here as an extra.
    Imagine having a Clan Shop where Leader/Co-leaders can use Clan Currency from Clan War to purchase cards for the clan whose members will be able to take on first-come-first-serve basis but only a limited amount. However, that limited number will be adjustable by the Leader. Imagine this scenario: At the end of whole clan war, you've amassed a considerable amount of Clan Currency and are able to buy a huge chunk of cards for your clan. As a leader, you can buy, for example, 250 rare cards (100 hog, 50 battle healer, 50 musketeer, 50 ice golem) and then limit members to take only 10,25,50 cards etc.
  3. Opt In/Out of CW2 War
    This is a QoL change which has been the most popular one asked from the community on several occasions. CoC has it and it should come to CR as well. Let members choose if they wanna be in the war, or not and match clans with similar clan member participation. If participation is not matched exactly, offer random players extra war deck attacks (just like in CoC).
  4. Adding more modes to CW2
    We are thankful that you've added that extra mode to CW2 as it made the mode a bit more fun for several members of my clan, at least. However, some won't play the mode that they dislike and duel/normal battle is just ladder which a lot of people aren't fans of. Therefore, adding another additional mode could increase popularity in CW2. Afterall, that's why a lot of people played the previous CW since it offered constant changing of gamemodes after 1 was completed. Although... adding 1 is good, but adding 2/3 would be even greater! You've coded an extra gamemode to CW2 pretty quick so you have the basis for it and I reckon it is possible to add extra 2/3 modes quicker now as well.
  5. CW2 Profile Stats
    Oh boy.. I mean, I loved seeing my clan war stats on my profile, it should other players that I'm a competitive player with good skill (or extreme luck lol) and it showed loyalty to the clan or came in handy with recruiting new players to our clan. Therefore, I think this would be a nice addition to Clash. Would be epic to see stats, such as "Boats destroyed, Total fame, Battles Won". I know some players in my clan don't do CW2 cause they have no stats to show to the world lol which is understandable and weird.
  6. Return of Clan Chest?
    How about adding this old game to the game? Weekly or fortnightly chest would be a nice little addition to see active players in the clan. Perhaps... if those players who opt out of Clan War are automatically entered for Clan Chest and are able to generate their crowns from every gamemode around CR, yet, those who are opt'd in can help the clan chest by generating crowns only during war battles.
  7. Global Chat
    As hectic as this would be it would be fun and somewhat easier for clans to recruit. Maybe have Global Chat Tabs?
    Global chat for any random sh*t to be talked about.
    Global Clan Recruitment tab where clan leaders can send out special clan recruitment msg with promoting their clan stats and league in some cool way. But, having just global chat would be as cool as having nothing lol.
  8. Friend/Private messaging
    Private chat with friends on the game could be fun, especially if they are from different clans etc. I'm sure you just don't want younger players communicating with some random older ppl but, they can just delete friends or block them, or you could automatically delete messages asking for credit card info lol.
  9. Progression
    Drew has already mentioned that progression will be increased but I thought I would just put some quick ideas (which you might have already discussed anyway) and see what the community thinks as well.
    I reckon having more gold/cards from silver/gold chests has to be increased. With every new card(s) added to this game, the chances of obtaining other cards diminish exponentially. Therefore, it becomes harder for players to level up their cards, and especially cards they want to max first.
    Another idea, I've said this already in my post few months ago, that increasing Card Request amount from a clan by just 10 (common), 1 rare and 1 epic would be amazing.
    Oh and let's be real. Daily Win Gold we get from 1v1 or 2v2 is just not enough... I have all my commons/rare cards max stack and I'm still generating barely any gold to upgrade them to max level. Getting 100k is exhausting!
  10. Community Culture
    Let me elaborate on this. I know you've been doing it already in some sense, especially when it comes to Pass Royale, we get Halloween, Xmas, Chinese new year, easter themes but I think you can add a cultural theme to each season that you make. It might take some cultural research but it's definitely possible, Afterall, you've adapted a sprinkler strategy by launching the app simultaneously across the world, but you should adapt to those cultures as well. You literally have the whole world culture to use for each pass royale. Perhaps, use it to teach us a bit of culture as well? I mean, I doubt that everyone knew Chinese new year takes place in Feb.
  11. Decrease of Emote Price
    250 gems for an emote is a joke. I've said this before and I'll stick to it. Your guys' business strategy is not working anymore and I know you've realised that when emotes were new, it was the hype and people had thousands of gems saved up so they could 250gems to obtain an emote. However, that is not a case anymore.. it takes around 2 months to get 500 gems... Like c'mon. By decreasing the price of an emote to around 125 (50% off) you will see an increase in emote purchases anyway. At the moment, your goal is to: Set prices high to generate as much as you can from a small population of players. Yet, by decreasing the prices of emote/chests you will see an increase in purchases from the population of players who have never purchased those stuff before.
  12. Decrease of Chests Price
    Self-explanatory tbh. 750gems for 1 fortune daily chest is just a joke.. and I'm not going to mention other chests and my analysis above stands even here.
  13. Increase of Star Points from buying already max cards
    25 rare cards = 250 star points? or 1 legendary (40k gold) = 1k star points? This is just not right.. and I hope you guys are working out your economics for this game, if you don't have someone to do the math for you or give you such ideas. I'll happily do it for you in my spare time or anyone else in this community might as well.
  14. Pass Royale for Gems
    Hear me out. 500 gems for Pass Royale should be a thing of the future! it takes 2 months to gather that amount of gems (and that is with being active in those 2 months!) Let loyal players feel like they are being appreciated for putting their time into this game to get chests and unlock them. Also, let players, who can't really afford pass royale, have a chance of obtaining it or younger players as well.
  15. In-game emote expansion
    At the moment when we expand the emote bar in-game we only get 2 extra rows. I'd suggest expanding the bar by additional 4 rows and having all 8 rows customizable.
  16. Friendly Battles with all modes available
    Let friends play all gamemodes at any time they want to play. Keep players engaged and testing decks all the time.
  17. Increase of number of decks
    5 decks is just not enough... We have 102 cards now and I think adding 3 extra decks will be amazing, or even 5. Personally, I find it exhausting changing my decks every time new game mode pops up and then I use that made deck for ladder and I lose with it... (or I win it depends on my luck lol. I dont recommend using heaviest deck possible on ladder tho)
  18. Have 2 Rotating Modes every 3 days
    We get 1 game mode every 3 days I believe. Why don't you make it 2 modes? 1 mode which is pure 1v1 gamemode and the other as pure 2v2 gamemode? I haven't seen touchdown in forever now and I loved that mode, 2v2 triple elixir, 2v2 infintie elixir even (perhaps increase HP turret for more fun) and other 2v2 gamemodes you've made in the last few years would be awesome!
    But, keep the original 2v2 as well!
  19. 2v2 player stats
    Would be cool seeing some 2v2 win stat on people's profile, I mean.. I dont think anyone cares about Player's favourite card tbh. I could be wrong tho...

I think there are a lot more QoL changes that the community have suggested on here but I didn't read reddit for quite some time now. However, as a company you should take those QoL suggestions to heart and think about real hard about them. Adding new content is always nice but it is those little things that make the game as well. You can deny them but you need to embrace them. A lot of them, will take you minimum amount of time to implement, others will take longer but not as long as having a brand new content, such as 2v2 ladder.

Overall, I appreciate the fact that we have more challenges now and progression has somewhat increased from what it was 3 years ago. Yet, the pace is still not there. Hopefully, Drew and the team can do some massive changes this year.

You could keep us up to date with what you're working on bit more. Make some polls every now and then to see if people would like to see this and that, or just throw little spoilers or even easter eggs within the game for us to discover.

P.S. Hopefully, you've been working on some of these ideas or have some of your own ideas as well.

Thanks for reading :)

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thanks for the super constructive post!

i've saved it for when i'm back in the office