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0s hi everyone welcome in this new video
2s special video I'm with Cashman today how
5s are you doing Cashman I feel like I'm in
6s like a party mood right now I don't know
8s is it just me or no I'm in the body mode
11s too and you know why because we're gonna
12s play the Goblin party rocket challenge
17s to be honest we did one test game but we
20s haven't played the challenge uh before
21s no we don't know like how it works no so
25s it's gonna be a best of three
27s and the loser will have to do a awkward
30s gobin dance in a public place how
33s awkward is awkward
35s yeah yeah okay so let's go first thing
38s we need to do is build a deck I'm pretty
41s bad at deck building is this mind games
43s are you getting into my head right now
45s baby
47s I feel like you know a lot about this
49s card you know the mechanics the
50s intricacies the ins and the outs of the
52s party Goblin rocket did I say that right
54s rocket pop rocket party Goblin what the
57s heck is it called again going body
59s Rockets Goblin party rocket what's your
61s least favorite deck I'm just asking for
63s a friend everything with with Alex or
66s giant or um or um what's her name the
70s mother witch or the mother which is
75s Contour my own deck so I'm like every
78s time I see a mother reach on the ball
79s I'm like oh no okay I'm ready are you
82s I'm ready as well let's go it sounds
83s good sounds good okay I gotta start I'm
85s just gonna I'm just gonna feel it just
87s see what's going on in my little fire
89s Spirit at the
91s okay so you're using
95s okay let's try what can you defect my
98s rocket that's the plan
104s it's a goblin
107s wait oh
110s wait oh they're not normal goblins they
113s become no so if okay okay I think I
116s understand what so it's like a mother
118s witch it changes everything in its
120s radius to a gobble yes yeah okay can you
123s mirror the units
125s you can mirror it okay
129s interesting okay it's got the radius of
133s a poison as well
135s yeah the radio is supposed to be say
137s hello to my little friend I have
139s actually your favorite part and guess
141s what I have one too
145s what is the plan here oh shoot shoot
148s shoot oh you brought the valkyrie that's
150s really smart
152s Valkyrie log any of these oh there's a
155s piggy on your Tower though
158s okay I'm a little oh yeah yeah I'm I'm a
161s little scared I'm a little scared never
163s mind no I have a party rocket what am I
164s talking about there's no fear when you
166s got the party rocket oh okay and then
167s you just log in
168s yeah hmm
171s I think I just won though I I'm sorry to
174s say this I think I just won this game
175s yeah I don't know oh really you think so
178s already oh you gotta look at your game
186s I had to go a classic I had to go with a
190s classic a little e-barbs rage oh my God
193s yeah I'm sorry I'm I'm sorry
197s yeah
201s don't ban me don't Don't ban my account
203s oh whoa whoa whoa I just lost
208s hmm Mr Tower I did that's what you get
211s for playing e-bob and raging
215s oh this was done
218s or was it done
220s is it fine am I fine right now
224s I can't tell if I'm fine or not
227s you have a party rocket right oh no
231s oh oh wait it turns your guys into guys
235s as well I think he does every yeah I
237s think everything everything is right
239s into goblins I didn't know this
242s oh my gosh
244s wait how do I win this now I think I'm
246s over
247s I think the first game is for me yeah
249s yeah I would say so I did the party
253s Goblin rocket the thing is is very
256s interesting oh oh so you can reflect it
260s with the mode
262s but we didn't get to see wait what would
265s have happened no everything would have
267s just turned into a goblin wait it'd been
268s my Goblin so right yes yes okay yes yes
273s definitely okay so we can change the
276s deck I don't really know how to counter
278s this
279s part Goblin party rocket
282s well I mean was a good idea Monk Is yeah
286s monk was I think Monk's a smart idea but
288s also I think the log's pretty good as
289s well
291s I guess that's all you really need and
292s then you just kind of have to pick in
293s time when you go in yeah
296s okay I'm ready I think I'm ready I was a
300s lot more confident after the before the
302s first game
304s I don't know what the best way to search
307s this is I'm gonna let you make the first
308s move oh you made the first move
311s magic Archer what that did you bring
314s oh no I'm scared did you bring back a
317s bridge fam no okay okay
324s this um I don't know whether the best
327s feeling right now from me
331s mother wish so you are playing bridge
333s band
334s okay
336s oh it has a little party music when you
339s use it
341s did you hear the party music as well or
343s is that just me okay it is real I
345s thought that was just maybe in my head
348s okay
350s I think I just want to see what happens
352s I remember you didn't like this guy this
354s electric boy that's illegal I don't have
358s anything else oh no I had to do it I had
362s that you can that's the first Art of War
365s you can't tell with your weaknesses you
368s gotta wow that's a way more damage than
370s I expected yeah okay I know why you hate
372s this card yeah it's pretty good yeah
374s yeah it's a little Annoying walking on
377s your Tower taking out all your units
378s yeah it could get a little frustrating
380s oh
381s that's gonna get a tower
383s oh that's not good
385s hmm I think I'm okay with this I got a
389s little bit of a lead I think now the
390s best offense is a little defense
393s play it patient try not to give too much
396s Goblin rocket party value Goblin party
399s rocket value I'm gonna keep messing that
402s up
408s I think I have a plan actually
410s what are you gonna do are you gonna
412s party rock that party rock yeah
415s yeah thank you
418s no worries but you fell into my trap
422s card Max
423s the mere Electro Giants oh my God you're
428s so clever
433s I
434s won but what did it cost
438s uh uh that's all this is painful
441s yeah it hurts me as well just use
443s winning in this manner it just feels bad
445s it does feel a little bad I don't think
448s I've used my party rocket yet so I'm
449s gonna just use it just to I don't know
451s just for the fun of it just because I
452s need a little party in my life
457s I I I I I I think this is it's time for
461s a little uh
463s he I'm really pushing my luck I might
466s get banned please don't pay me next
469s okay you can't get them
472s not yet
474s oh I might be the first
478s okay I get it I'm back
482s we got a game ladies and gentlemen ah
484s that awkward party dance I can picture
486s you doing it I don't know why I could I
488s could see you
491s I know I feel like that's the awkward
493s Goblin dance I I like that I'm trying to
495s think of a good place to do it is there
497s any good like restaurants like a really
498s fancy restaurant like a Michelin star
500s restaurant no I mean you just gotta go
502s in there and just don't choose the place
504s for me I will choose the place myself
505s and you will choose the place for you
506s too because you can't go yeah yeah yeah
511s go into a police station in this circle
514s exactly okay final game should we do
518s random for the last one okay just keep
520s it up to no skill just I'm throwing it
523s all on the table best man wins one magic
526s one
527s okay okay
531s I think that bad you're gonna say mine
536s isn't random like my deck might be like
537s too good okay let's see that's like the
540s best random deck I've ever got and I I
542s couldn't have made this deck this quick
544s like it was only a second
546s okay are you shaking at all Max
549s abusive I'm stressed dude it's so good
552s you seem calm you seem very very calm
555s okay just a nice little
561s you Hunter far apart okay Fireball oh I
565s got Fireball as well and the oh you got
567s fireballs
569s hmm that's a little Annoying yeah
572s yeah a little Annoying a little Annoying
575s show me your hands yeah we yeah we
577s should be we should be like we should
578s just talk about our decks what do you
580s have in your deck what do you have in
582s your deck I just want to hear a little
583s bit about your cards
584s you won't get the battle healer
587s oh that's right party okay that's that's
589s not too bad though
592s yeah like that's still what is that
596s that's a pretty good Elixir tray that's
597s like a five for six that's not too bad I
599s don't know why I didn't use the Ability
600s there
604s okay I'm spamming I know I could see
606s that
608s I think the plan is to
612s that is that that's gonna be good enough
614s right I don't want to use more no this
617s is you can think that
618s I know but this is what I see like when
620s I watch Like good players like Muhammad
621s light and the mordens of the world they
623s don't take that damage
628s another level
630s I know I always say that I'm like oh I
632s could take this 100 damage and then you
633s lose by 100 damage like wow I wish I
636s didn't take that 100 damage
638s okay I still haven't used my wait why
641s didn't I use my party rocket against
642s instead of the fireball there that was
644s dumb I gotta stop saying party rocket
647s because you keep using it
652s so maybe this is I think I'm I'm
654s definitely a double Elixir deck wait
656s yeah what's your last card
659s oh
671s oh I can't remember if you have party
674s rocket in your hand right now I do
677s okay dang it I gotta stop saying that
681s I really gotta stop saying that party
683s rocket
684s okay I think I have a plan though
687s I actually don't have a plan I'm just
688s making enough stuff I have no plan right
690s now absolutely winging it
693s um okay I think we gotta even up the
695s barbed we have to have three on the
696s right side I'm a big fan of symmetry
698s three on the wait I keep forgetting if I
700s hit my barbarians they turn into goblins
702s yes
704s oh I gotta remember that I'm not getting
707s any damage right now and that's
708s terrifying
715s oh no that Barb's on Tower
720s School looking good for me
723s yeah I'm already picturing myself
725s dancing in in public awkwardly
727s oh I'm in danger aren't I
729s okay I gotta I gotta do something
731s special and I really don't know what it
733s is
736s there a party rocket coming in there it
739s is I saw that coming okay
743s this is I think bad bad why I keep
748s forgetting I forgot you had a fireball
750s I have how much time left
752s uh one minute twenty okay
756s okay this is this is this separates the
759s men from the oh arrows so that's one of
761s your last cards
762s okay thank gosh I didn't get on Tower oh
764s is that party rock
766s oh I can't take that no oh that's
770s good musket's here
773s this is fine this is fine I think I
774s could do something I don't know what yet
776s but it I feel like something's gonna
778s happen soon
779s okay how much elixir do you have do you
781s have any I have something do you have
783s any oh well played well played well
784s played
788s oh that was super late I thought that no
791s I I think it's over oh my gosh it's over
794s it is I can't do anything
796s oh no not the party rocket of this one
801s this is it this is my last chance my
803s last opportunity will I capture it
806s I messed up
809s okay
811s I have to do something crazy here but I
813s don't know exactly know what
815s wow that was a good party rocket I don't
817s know when to use my parts
823s I know I've been slacking on the party
826s rockets that's gonna hit that's okay
829s wow I stink
834s GG man GT good game that was a lot of
836s fun that was that was a fun party
838s oh no no
841s so do you already have an idea you
843s practice where will you dance awkwardly
847s I don't know let me practice real quick
848s it's just like this right it's like yeah
850s but with a bit more like I can show you
852s do you want me to show you
854s yeah let me see a test example oh you
857s really got the hips walk on the hips
859s okay I gotta maybe I'll have to take
862s some dance lessons first just so I can
864s get really get get the full experience
866s the full display of the the goblin
869s dances oh gosh do I have to say it now
872s no no no I want it to be a surprise you
874s don't have to but I'm I'm expecting like
876s a something at some point yeah I'm going
879s to like a Raptors game this weekend so
881s maybe I could do it at like the Raptors
882s game or something sounds good sounds
883s good okay I I I I got a couple of plans
885s okay this sounds like this sounds good I
887s think this is good great okay let's do
889s that thank you very much Cashman for
891s joining me uh for losing and for dancing
894s soon oh thank you for having me thank
896s you for watching uh please comment like
899s subscribe you know the drill and yeah
902s we'll see you next time too and I hope
903s you enjoy the update and the party
905s rocket challenge of course see you next
907s time bye
910s I hate this so much
924s that was the worst experience of my life
927s I'm never coming back this mall
930s I'm never losing a game of clash Royale
932s again
934s nope
936s nope that was
938s that was awful

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