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Let me start by saying, I do think this update is great. It was definitely a necessity for people to progress through card levels quicker. But It feels like SuperCell overlooks the people that are close to max or maxed players almost every update. The magic items do us no good. We can’t do anything with them which gives me little to no incentive to purchase the pass considering it appears there will be a large amount of magic items in the pass.

An idea for people close to max or even maxed. Maybe give an option to convert magic items into star points or gold. Or allow them to be converted to different rarity at a cost so the more common ones don’t go to waste. That way they are at least somewhat useful to max players.

My account is 95% maxed and all I need is legendary cards. So all the free stuff and the pass track is pretty much useless to me. I understand we’re a small percentage of the player base but I want to spend my $5 on something more than a tower skin. I need a hook to keep me spending month to month so I can continue to fund one of my favorite games.

Again you guys are doing a great job and I understand it takes time to address all aspects of the game that need changing.

If anything is in the works for end game it would be fantastic to get at least a little confirmation. I know Ash talks about end game a lot.

P.S I miss the interviews and videos from Drew back when it felt like he had more passion for the game. Thanks for killing his drive everyone. I still think you rock Drew!

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thanks for the post!

i can totally empathise with you on this update not being for the maxed players. it's super refreshing to hear that you know why we did the update even though it isn't what you wanted.

although there are a lot of reasons why this update is great for the health of clash royale overall, why should you care as a max player? where's the maxed player content? i totally get that and understand.

these kind of 'meta' updates aren't really the most exciting or fun for a lot of reasons, but they do ensure that the overwhelming majority of players are given decent quality of life and progression upgrades.

with magic items, we want to lay the groundwork for progression that extends the life of clash royale considerably. we want the game to still be played in 10 years and the previous grind grind grind, play 1 deck only royale was good a few years ago but we want to evolve and keep the game playable & competitive for as long as possible.


RE: roadmap

i can't share an in-depth roadmap right now but you can rest assured that our next objectives for 2021 updates will be to add more gameplay and make the core loop (the primary actions that you take as a player, every day) better and more fun. then we aim to tackle even more content for high level/maxed players.


don't worry - i still have a lot of passion for clash royale. i would have left the team and joined another supercell game otherwise! i think 2021 is going to be miles better than 2020 for the players and i'm excited to continue to work on royale throughout this year.