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I am afraid because my PB is 4630, so if I reach league 3 to never come back down, I will be forced to play with max players and even if I lose and will never go back down to play against level 12 players like me.

Trophy droppers will stack at 4600 to make a bigger Gatekeep that will make my life even worse.

I don't know if this will make my progress better, I fear not. They did't say anything about matchmaking so I assume I will have to play on level dissadvantage for a long time now.

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A few people have already commented below with the correct info but just wanted to confirm!

Trophy Gates up to 4000 - you won't drop Arenas

Trophy Gate 4000+ - you will drop Leagues, but you cannot fall below 4000 Trophies. The only Trophy Gate here is for Legendary Arena at 4000 Trophies!

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