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0s beef stew beef bites beef it up beef
4s mommy breakdown beef cuts beef beef cuts
7s these have been absolutely brilliant but
9s for now we are sticking with beef talks
12s here
13s welcome back cod immunity it's sea girl
15s beef mommy here and we're back for
17s another beef talks where i compile all
19s of the favorite moments from your
21s favorite call of duty mobile partners
23s into one little video again thank you
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30s but before we go to the ask me anything
32s portion check out the first beef talks
34s video just in case you missed it anyway
37s let's go to the questions okay so let's
39s start things out with the first question
41s what drew you to the mobile gaming space
43s i've always loved playing games but it
45s was hard because i couldn't really play
47s it outside of the house it was the first
49s time that i could play call of duty
51s mobile or call of duty in general
53s anywhere
54s anywhere it just
57s blew my mind what other content creators
59s would you like to collaborate with in
61s future call of duty mobile projects
63s every single one of them
65s i mean i can't
67s not invite everyone to something
70s the question is would they want to
71s collab with me hit me up anything you
74s would like your viewers to know that
75s they otherwise don't know about you if
77s you follow my social media i feel like
79s it's not too much of a surprise but i
81s feel like it's a spectrum that i like on
83s this end i love motorcycles if you
86s haven't seen my first video on my
88s channel you get to see a little bit of a
90s glimpse of my love for those two wheels
92s and on the other side of the spectrum i
95s love anime i love kpop if we see a
98s collab for kpop and call of duty mobile
101s i will actually pass away for
103s influencers who are following in your
104s footsteps what words of advice can you
106s leave with them so i feel like i could
108s give really good advice because i'm just
110s starting out here i'm new and the game
112s has already been out for more than two
114s years now and so start whenever you want
117s as long as you work hard to get it it's
119s definitely going to be right for you and
120s speaking of first videos this ties into
122s our first highlight of the day where
124s godsley reacts to iferg's first youtube
127s video for call of duty mobile this video
129s is called a call of duty mobile 30-0 on
131s crash elite ranked mode there's the old
135s ferg logo and the intro music that
137s brings back so many memories he looks
140s so young so young look at the setup dude
143s the curtain he's sitting he's chilling
144s on a chair this is how it this is how it
146s used to be
147s yo look at the game bro look at the game
150s look at this it's so dark the graphics
153s are so different look at the crosshair
154s too that was a great blast from the past
157s and i remember downloading this game
158s back in season one and thinking that it
160s was way ahead of its time and now it's
162s great to see how ferg really just built
165s his empire from the ground up speaking
167s of the man himself let's take a look at
169s his stream which is our next highlight
172s oh my god guys nice
174s guys
175s it's gonna happen nice
181s he's right there
183s [Music]
187s that was a great comeback but step aside
190s boys because up next is my girl sean jay
193s showing us how to slay with the best m4
195s thermal shroud setup
201s oh
203s i was gonna get the new first game on
209s i stole that man kill oh and we got the
210s new
211s oh my gosh
213s oh my gosh
216s oh my gosh
219s another win blueprint fax
221s speaking of great guns our beefiest play
224s of the week is going to noah from
226s youtube slaying with the sks
232s geez
232s spawntrap go crazy right now
244s and what are we doing here
250s yeah sks definitely uh one of my
252s favorite weapons in the game it's high
254s skill but dude if there's a good player
255s in the lobby using it it's tough to beam
257s them just like what noah said a high
259s risk high reward type of weapon
261s especially in the hands of a really good
263s player this gun will be very hard to
265s stop we've seen it in stage 3 in the
267s call of duty mobile world championship
269s and i'm interested to see how this will
271s perform in stage 4. and speaking of the
273s world championship what a wild ride
276s stage 3 has been and now we're off to
278s stage 4 in just a few weeks and so i am
281s absolutely excited for this because
283s we're just this close we are literally
285s arm's length into stage five and that is
288s all for today's video let me know what
290s you think what was your favorite
292s highline moment of the week and also
294s what do you want included in the next
296s detox video just let me know in the
298s comment section below again this has
300s been beef mommy your guide for
301s everything called judy mobile i'll see
303s you soldiers in the next video
305s [Music]
313s you