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Originally posted by Purgeot

So bc tournament is STILL region locked, I now can't play my favourite mode with my fantastic friends on NA server (I'm EU). Right that's me done after almost 4 years. Thanks guys for killing loyalty to the game. Once every few weeks was bad enough but weekly has killed this game for me. Used to love playing all day on my day off but that's just not possible anymore 😭😭😡

Hey there! Sorry to hear you're experiencing that. Playing Alcatraz with the homies is an experience we all should be able to have. Let us check in with the team and see if there is anything that can be changed or adjusted to resolve that. Thanks!

Originally posted by Kurostatik

Thanks for that new season and efforts to fix the bugs! Hope next season we can get any info about zombies and next BP vault can be S9 2020 - The Conquest ;D

+ shouldn't the new RUS accessory blind enemies like it does in COD BO4? currently it is a really useless accessory

Hey there! Yeah, we've said this in the update but unfortunately, no Zombies news right now, just that the team is looking into improvements for later in the year. But yes, if we do hear more about that for next season we will relay that info!

Conquest was a great one, we'll relay to the team! Don't see it immediately planned but could be coming a lil later in the year.

For the tactical flashlight, that is a good question. We'll ping the team and see if that is intended or a bug. Thanks for the callout!

Originally posted by shield_y

Thanks for fixing timeout issue finally!

By chance when will you add option to hide collections as in Chinese version? As many people accounts getting either targeted or hacked due to this feature which allow hackers getting attracted to accounts with more valuable items

Already there was report here of group hacking and selling accounts in telegram

Glad the timeout issue has been resolved for you.

The team is always looking to make accounts more secure so we appreciate the suggestion! Just so we are clear, this would be to help players who have accounts that have valuable items, correct? Since those accounts would be targeted by hackers theoretically more? There shouldn't be any info shown in collections besides that that players could use to compromise accounts, but just double-checking.

Thanks! And yes, we saw those reports and sent them along to the appropriate team.

Originally posted by razoo0r

Thanks for the timeout fix we were suffering from it for a whole season , The only thing we all missing now is the avatar of mantaray draw which was updated lately but most of us have already bought the draw earlier so we all missed this updated avatar .

Hey there! Glad to hear it's been resolved for you. Yeah, the team is aware of that issue and working on getting it resolved. Hopefully, we will have an eta to share out with you all soon. Hope you enjoy S5 in the meantime!

Originally posted by BeastFromEA

Thank you for fixing the TIMEOUT error. Are we going to see the come back of the mythic switchblade?

Hey there! And thank you for your patience around that error. Hmmm, doesn't look like there are plans for that to come back immediately but let us dig around and see.

Originally posted by Vinod_cr7

Plz look at my concern.

  1. Another season with no Shipment 1944 in core gamemode? What's the problem exactly? You as a community manager should answer this question. We have been asking to add 1944 in core mode for a very long time and still you guys are not fulfilling the request

  2. Any update on epic OTS skin that we didn't get it in last season BP and you told us an epic skin will be available in next season.

  3. I beg you to fullfill this long awaiting request.

Is there any update when og Ak117 Meltdown draw will come back? Its been more than 3 years and still I'm waiting to complete my weapon sets.

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Hey there, thanks for the questions!

1) Yeah, we have been talking with our teams about this one, and sharing how much the Community loves Shipment 1944. That's all partially why we have been seeing it more often in playlists. We can continue to share the love we see for Shipment 1944 and talk with the team about their decisions around what maps are in core.

2) Apologies if we weren't clear but when we referred to the Epic skin for this season we meant there will be an Epic version of the new weapon, so the FFAR 1 not the OTs 9.

3) Hmmm, we don't see anything immediately planned but we can check with the team and share the feedback.

4) Yeah, this is something the team is aware of. Looks like this should get resolved in the next major update, which would be S6.

Originally posted by SinglePringle02

So are you not going to address the missing avatar from the Manta Ray lucky draw?

Hey there! Yeah, the team is aware of this issue and working on getting it resolved. Unfortunately, we don't have an exact timeline to share at the moment, so we appreciate your patience!

Originally posted by ReverseGiraffe120

As always I want to start off by thanking the Developers and mods of this community for your hard work. I’m very excited to see the new map and enjoy another MP/BR ranked climb! I hope that you won’t mind speaking on another detailed reply that I have for this community update.


1) JACKAL:We drastically need custom layout controls for the Jackal (jet).The Jackal was released on June 29th, almost a year ago, yet we still can’t customize our button layouts. For reference, it took one Battlepass season for the tank to get its own custom layout controls.

Not having this option massively hurts your players who either play with thumbs only or who have disabilities. I have a friend who only has one hand and plays BR. It's impossible for him to even take off in the jet because of the locked layout.

There seems to also be other issues with the Jackal. I’ve noticed that the white square (player targeting) doesn’t always highlight/lock on ...

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Hey there! First just want to say that we appreciate you gathering and writing all the super detailed feedback. You're an awesome part of an awesome Community. We love to see it!

While we can't comment on all the points you brought up, there are a lot of valid points (like credits, BP tiers, BR updates, etc) that we can share on over with the team, so they are aware.

Did want to speak on two things you did bring up though, For You Crates and Zombies. For the For You Crates, been talking to the team and it sounds like this should be resolved in our next major update (Season 6). As for Zombies, unfortunately, like the last Community Update, at this time there isn't a ton to share about it. We are looking into making some improvements to Zombies later in the year, but what those exact changes are is still being worked out. Once we hear more on all that we can share out with the rest of you

Again, appreciate you and your passion. Hope to see you in the next upda...

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Greetings Call of Duty: Mobile Community! Get ready to dive into the chaos because Season 5 – Get Wrecked! is live now. This season is full of anarchy and complete with new modes, content, and ways to play. In this launch Community Update we will be covering the new mode Search & Rescue, Tournaments updates, the Battle Pass, Seasonal Challenges, Bug fixes, and more! Now if you haven’t seen our official Season 5 – Get Wrecked! launch trailer let's watch it now -


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30 May

29 May

Hey there! Yeah, the IOS update was slightly delayed this time around. Should be available soon! Appreciate your patience!

Hey there! Yeah, looks like this was unintentionally removed with the new update. Team is aware and working on getting a fix out asap. Thanks!

Hey there! Yeah, looks like the IOS update will be slightly delayed this time around. Should be available soon though! Appreciate your patience.

Hey hey! Not intentionally removed, no. Looks like there was a bug that removed it with the latest update. The team is aware of this issue and is working on a fix. Should be resolved soon, thanks!

25 May

Originally posted by TheBiggest0ne

Where is Alcatraz????

Alcatraz will be available on the weekends throughout Season 5!

Originally posted by Lunesta666

i don't see an update in google play store...

hey hey, update should be available early next week! Usuallly a couple of days before the season launch (which is 5/31 5PM PT)

24 May

Originally posted by terraphobia11

How come you've never addressed the issue from phase 3 of stage 1 where players couldnt play on the last day and couldnt complete their 10 matches?

Hey there, which issue are you referring to? We were aware of an issue where players' matches weren't counting towards their Stage 1 progress, but that should have been resolved (and players should have received their points retroactively.) Is this related to that?

Originally posted by Kurostatik

u/COD_Mobile_Official if the team can look for the missing epic QQ9 from Credit Store on Global Version before season over will be great! i really want it

Hey there! Yeah, there was an issue with that weapon in the Credit Store. Should be resolved now and available for you to snag, thanks!

Originally posted by CatsAreDoughs

Whenever hovec sawmill is in the featured tab the preview shows night mode but it's daytime ingame. Is this intentional?

Hey there! Hmmm, that doesn't sound intentional but we will check in with the team and double-check. Thanks!

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