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Originally posted by SuperAJ1513

Pls see this u/cod_mobile_official

We did see it and we have sent it up as another example. Appreciate the specific call-out on how it might be replicated u/CrazyAmount5!

01 Mar

Originally posted by zchewyz

Here is a picture of the Bug

Thank you very much. We'll send this up to our team tomorrow once they return the office!

Originally posted by HKRGaming

Hey codm, when is the test server build re-releasing?

Back up now! Please take a look and try again.

Originally posted by Shanilkagimhan

Its master operator seasonal challenge. Yesterday it got removed. Today it came with resetting our current progress. This happened to lot of players.

Thanks, we saw some other reports of the same thing through other community areas too. Do you mind sharing your Player ID or username so we can use your account as an example for investigation purposes?

Originally posted by YeetTheChildTwice

Lol yelling.

Same goes for Zombies, if news ever comes that we can share about that we'll do our best to "yell" about it excitedly all over the corners of social media and the community haha.

Originally posted by ABFdeveloper

There exists only one legendary echo for global. Was released when base version was released..

We were actually just thinking there was also the the Echo - Full Moon, which released in a lucky draw, and made the mistake of thinking it was also a legendary (it is actually an epic). Our apologies

28 Feb

Originally posted by ASCE_D_Black

The beta is closed... Will it be available again?

Yup, we plan to bring it back again sometime in the next 24 hours. We encountered some issues (and saw some reported) that we want to fix ASAP before bringing it back up.

Originally posted by superapplejuice

Legendary BK57 also has this issue :(

Thanks for reporting that both of you. We'll check it them both out and report them up or return back to ask questions in the instance that we can't reproduce it. What's the name of the Legendary BK57 btw?

Originally posted by Hiredmerc34

Long time fan/player of COD Mobile (July 2019) here! Look forward to hopefully getting the opportunity to try out the test server for s2! Will there by chance be a return of 20 player AOTU? Out of every game variant released, AOTU is by far the most fun and community interactive mode, along with prop hunt. Look forward to the next season's content, thank you for all that you guys do for the game/community.


Greetings and thanks for sticking with us for such a long period of time! Appreciate that support and for AOTU 20! Like all modes, it always has a chance to come back and the frequency of that just entirely depends on how well received it was by players in the first place.

For AOTU 20 it seems like the general reception was pretty positive, but our teams will be checking in-game data on top of feedback to see how it fares against other limited time modes. There is definitely hope though!

Originally posted by Patient-Candle-7311

Guys you said that in the last community update on reddit that the update would come out in the first week of March, but what we see on the date of the battle pass and on the date of the seasonal events ends in the second week of March. Can you clarify in which week and day will the update come out?

Heya, we believe we said that we'll be back with a normal community update the first week of March and the update is due "early" March? Either way, no the update itself isn't expected until close-ish to when that event timer ends. That is always a bit of a placeholder timer since the update/patch may take or more less time to deploy depending on various factors, but the in-game timer is a good estimate for now.

Originally posted by Ghost-Stealth

Will there be a test server link for low end Android devices or just one link?

Just one link this time, no separate versions for different types of Android devices.

Originally posted by zchewyz

Can you guys fix the watch on the legendary Nikto skin? It’s not showing in first person battle royale and it’s been like that since the skin was released

Heya, rephrasing our response since we missed that specific call-out about the watch. We'll have to check that out since it doesn't sound intended for that to be hidden in BP. Could you grab a screenshot by any chance and share that our way?

Originally posted by abhi2004shek

Hey any answer on the following - I haven't recieved hvk- tin stiched which was available in the event not do I have recieved anniversary frame yet I never missed a singel day login since season 1

Greetings, happy to help with the HVK - Tin Stitched. We are extremely familiar with that issue. However, we haven't heard of any issues with the Anniversary Frame not being given out before. Could you just share your Player ID or username with us so we can look into it a bit?

Originally posted by Jarlii

(3rd time asking this) Ik you probably won't respond, but honestly I will keep asking until you answer me. When you are gonna add new items to the CP store?

Heya, we are afraid we don't have much info about the CP store specifically. Our team is generally, as you can tell, more focused on the credit store, bundles, and crates. However, we'll try to push that question back up there to see if we can get some info about that and any potential update to it coming soon.

Originally posted by Spectral189

Hello there, is there any news about the clan system overhaul that was going to be implemented quite sometime ago, If I am not wrong, it was supposed to come with a major update. A lot of us are quite tired of the same old clan system. Also thanks a lot for the regular updates!

No news yet, but we wish we could share. There are definitely plans for that in 2021 though and we'll be happy to start yelling about them in the usual community updates as soon as it is close enough to share about them. Thanks for asking though and for the support!

Originally posted by maverickbluezero

weird question. but which is correct? the ingame season missions day timer or the fact that you said first week of March is next update?

ingame season mission timer is stating second week of March is update.

Heya, the in-game season mission timers are correct. We don't recall saying first week of March (just early March) before, but if so apologies because it should be exactly around when you are estimating based on the timers. That's subject to move up or move back a little bit depending on how quickly we can push up the actual patch/update, but otherwise that should be about right.

Originally posted by Xtormiken

Zero the black ops 4 specialist still has the outrider voice, but on the 1st part of the s13 beta you people released, i saw voicefiles of her, but only on the beta, i havent seen voicefiles of her since then

Interesting and odd. Thank you for the details! We'll check with our team about that one as soon as they come back on Monday.

Originally posted by Shanilkagimhan

Hey codmobile. There is a bug in a seasonal challenge. It reset our progress. Can you look into that

Heya, yeah we'd be happy to but could you provide some more details about which seasonal challenge and how it is resetting your progress, like every time you finish a match or it just isn't tracking for you from the start?

Originally posted by EjGracenote

Hi devs. Please fix drh wicked claw sound please. It sounds the same as an ordinary drh. And the echo legendary is also bugged- the iron sight is missing. Tia

Heya, which Echo Legendary is that exactly? Happy to take a look. For the DRH - Wicked Claw that may be intended, but we'll double check on that too.

Originally posted by Xtormiken

Hey hey are Ghost and Zero getting its voice overs next season ??

Heya, Ghost is coming very soon and for Zero we are seeing that she should already have a voice over (as of several updates ago). Are you seeing no voice overs for her in your game and which exact Zero operator?

When do they post?

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