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Originally posted by Overused_Anus

-Any further plans to improve diamond and damascus camo? Right now they look good but Gold still looks better than damascus. - Do you guys ever plan on reworking BSA into Aiming stability and recoil stability? It would make a huge difference in how the game feels.

Heya, there may be some Damascus changes coming (TBD) but we haven't heard of anyone on the team discussing possible changes to Diamond. Seems like that one is pretty set. Also, we have seen a lot of the conversation around BSA and we don't have any news on any changes specifically to that. Most likely it is something the team will look at further after this next and huge weapon balance update releases later this month.

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Yes, the back iron sight doesn't match with base AGR and the newer AGR epics just have the same iron sight like the base one which is more comfortable. The issue is AGR's iron sight was changed but that change didn't take place for tree topper and byakko

Got you! Thanks u/ballstretcherEVO for clarifying as well. We'll look into that one to see if it is known and planning to be fixed/changed as well.

Originally posted by NoseAccomplished5412

Got a skip button for no reason. It takes two decades for it to register when you press it

Who knows which way it will register! Seriously though, we actually deliberated on including this at all quite a bit and in the end we thought it would be ideal to try to keep it synced with the original map in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.


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Will the BK57 large caliber ammo be adjusted?

Heya! Hmm, we don't see any changes specified for this based on what we shared last week, but it may still be coming in that update. We'll have to wait and see until the update comes out.

Originally posted by LivierLefrank

I tried every support option possible. I wrote a message about my Warzone Token / Activision account issue on Day 1 of the event and still waiting for a response u/cod_mobile_official honestly I have given up, I wasted way too much time trying to solve the problem and get a hold of som1

Heya! We are actually still pushing those out, so if you haven't received yours yet you should be getting it soon! If you don't get it today let us know so we can look into it further, thanks!

Originally posted by Bitt3rFuck

It's been 9 days since I played WZ and I still didn't get my warzone token, I tried to contact support but they don't respond, please help u/COD_Mobile_Official

Heya! We are still in the process of pushing those coins out. Hang in there, you should be getting yours soon!

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Will original nikto from cordite zero G draw ever return? Id pay good money for him. Or will they ever add nikto blood letter or nikto detenator from MW2019?

Heya! While we can't confirm if/when that may return, there are some improvements coming to the For You feature in our next major release/update which could bring more content to that feature. More details on that coming soon!

Originally posted by josuesg123

Pls add the kilo bolt action sniper scope, or atleast fix the placement for the 6x scopes we already have

Hey there! Can you clarify what you mean by fix the placement for the 6x scopes? Any details and even a screenshot would be super helpful, thanks!

Originally posted by Biswatosh_Mazumder1

It's been 4 days but I still didn't get my warzone coin. Plz reply Dev's u/COD_Mobile_Official

Heya! We are actually still sending those out, you should be getting yours soon! If you don't receive it today be sure and let us know so we can check it out. Thanks!

Originally posted by The_Middle_Child_

Heya, I still haven't received my Warzone token, can you give way how to get it, I've played multiple Warzone games, but still nothing. I played before the event was over

Hey there! We are actually still sending out tokens you should be receiving yours soon. If you havent received yours by the weekend let us know and we'll see what up. Hang tight!

Originally posted by doncaprio

Thanks for your effort in trying to make the game better with every update.

A quick question: Will World chat ever be fixed? A lot of us are stuck in the wrong zone. I’ve never been to the US but I’ve remained stuck in US since launch. I’ve seen a few other people in this subreddit too with this issue. This makes it impossible to connect with people on your own server and defeats the whole point of socializing in world chat.

Hey there, appreciate the kind words! Hmm, mind providing some more information on this one so we can look into it? When did you notice this first happen? What region where you in before (or where you always USA)? What region should your chat show as? Thanks!

Originally posted by Reddit_Hates_Me1

Are there any plans to add akimbo to the other pistols?? It is quite strange adding akimbo to the game but only for one pistol and an SMG

Yes, but that ones of those bits of info we can't share until it actually releases. Akimbo has a big effect on weapon balance so we are a bit reserved about adding that to weapons, but it is frequently under discussion.

Originally posted by Swor1D

When will the 10c10 kill confirmed return?

Heya, we do have a 10v10 Shipment coming later this season that has KC, TDM, and Domination. So, you've got your wish but you must suffer through the pain (or joys?) of the chaos that is Shipment haha

Originally posted by Kobayashi2020

Hi there i bought the limited time offers which includes 2 times 80 cp and a discount battle pass offer but have not yet received them in my inventory... Please help solve the issue.

Kind Regards

Hey there! Sorry to hear that happened :( Your best bet would be to reach out to either the google store or apple store (depending on your device). Hope you get those ASAP!

Originally posted by yigitkaracan

hey hey! what we gonna do about war machine in BR and one hit kill truck? Do u guys think is it fair? You should do something CoDM. And also where is the Alias’s VO?

Greetings, we have good news for you that! That's actually nerfed in the current test build, same with other Operator Skills/Weapons from MP that are present in BR. That should be coming in the next update and the same goes for Alias' VO!

Originally posted by Irvind17

Will they ever batch the BY15 Red Action weapon?

Hey there, what do you mean by batch? Mind explaining some more?

Originally posted by astrophysicist

Hey /u/COD_Mobile_Official, since you guys are taking an initiative to remove troublesome usernames, is there any chance that you guys could take a look at changing offensive/profane clan names too?

Heya, thanks for that call-out. I believe that is something we do want to tackle down the line too but have been focusing primarily on chat and usernames atm. However, we'll circle that up to the team handling that and see if it is something planned for the immediate future.

Originally posted by speck_COD

Thanks for fixing ads delay after switching guns in br but there is a new bug where you cannot heal anything in the middle of the game. Also can we not have snipers on the floating platform especially in the crates. When enemy have level 3 armor with Ar and you get sniper, that's litte unfair.

Heya! Can you please fill out your info about the healing bug here? We're trying to get some more information on some BR bugs to help studio and their investigations. Thanks!

Originally posted by worse_than_bot

AGR tree topper and byakko's iron sights hasn't been fixed yet

Hey hey, what's the issue with them? Misaligned? Overlapping?

When do they post?

(GMT +0)
Something missing? Let us know and we'll add it!