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Originally posted by vstrange_

Are there any plans to bring prestige mode to cod mobile?

Heya, not at the moment! It is a staple of Call of Duty, well at least Treyarch COD titles, and we've definitely discussed it, but it is a bit of a challenging one to not make shallow. It can't just be there for the sake of more leveling, it needs some kind of new rewards or unlocks to go after. Could still happen in the future, but no plans for it at the moment.

Originally posted by maverickbluezero

Codm devs what is the news regarding the test server?( last weeks CU you said this one will have news on it).

Also would be cool if we had a community update with a video(s) on who the codm devs are and what the workplace looks like. So we get to know the amazing developers of this game more.

We have a section on the Public Test Build in the update above :P, but it should be coming early December.

Also, yeah we've thought about doing some behind the scenes videos. There honestly probably would have been some at this point if not for 2020 and the Pandemic. That makes everything a tad bit complicated, especially anything in person.

Originally posted by itsNotUglyGod

Suggestion: There are too many emotes and sprays in the game. twelve slots are not enough anymore. Devs, please, add at least an extra 4 circles with 12 slots in each...i actually made a concept if you guys wanna take a look!

Interesting suggestion and thank you! We will see what we can do to check it with our dev teams to see if they have anything similar coming in the future or if there is any kind of response we can share back.

Originally posted by No-Transportation435

The question is WHENNN??

Should be early December! Just depends on when we get it all setup.

Thread for 10 Men Regiment Missing Items
Hey everyone, like we mentioned above if you think you are missing items still from this event please respond below and let us know the following:

  • UID
  • Which Items You Are Missing (HVK-30 Tin Stitched or the related Tank camo)

That is it! That's all we need to look into that and verify. We'll check back in soon after the holiday and start looking to see what we can do to help. Thanks to anyone who takes the time.

Originally posted by Flacko_Se7en

So where are the discounts that we expected to come for black friday? All i see is an overpriced luckydraw with a free spin for the f2p players, what about us p2p players?

Heya, we most of the Black Friday releases aren't necessarily straight discounts but unique offers. For instance, the Pitch Black Bundle comes with two Noir themed weapons plus 10 crates. Like you said we have a free draw for the Dark Side Draw, we have a weekly offer that is $1, and a variety of those bundles and crates are just offering overall new content.

If you are going to the F2P route and looking for gear, then we have the Hack The Yard and Undertakers Storm events, the new Seasonal Challenge for the .50 GS, a new credit store update coming. Of course, there is also Knights Divided which has over 15+ pieces of gear up for grabs through several different methods of acquisition.

Originally posted by Grimsmiley666

I know you guys have covered a lot in the last community update and I know you guys said game bug fixes would be coming but when exactly can we expect the bug fixes ? Server maintenance ? Frame rate drop fixes ESPECIALLY in BR ? either way I hope to see CODM thrive I love you guys and all the hard work that you do but please we need fixes for the game I’ve seen so many posts of people saying it’s unplayable for them.

Heya, thanks for following up on all of that and for the general supportive sentiment behind it all! Our next update is coming in early-mid December and before that we'll have the public test build as well to help us gather even more bugs to fix before then. That update is intended to have quite a lot in it in relation to fixes, improvements, and more under the hood types of changes.

Originally posted by ben1234567890123456

Nerf the asm10

Heya, why the ASM10? That's not a common request in the slightest.

25 Nov

Greetings Call of Duty: Mobile Community! We have a short update this week due to a little holiday arriving in the United States called Thanksgiving, but there is still plenty releasing throughout this next week that is worth highlighting, discussing, and sharing. First off, we have Attack of the Night, then Hackney Yard 24/7 (day and night versions of the map), and the long-awaited Small Arms Seasonal Challenge with the new .50s GS secondary weapon.

Like we mentioned, it is Thanksgiving this week and for many outside of the United States all that means is sales sales sales! Black Friday and Cybe...

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Originally posted by Rhys-Malcolm

Hilarious, of all the bug reports you responded to the one about the issues with your beloved $300 gun skin.

We suppose so? The last one we responded to was about the Tempest. We have about 10 other threads open right with the intent to investigate the issues presented before responding back. Usually if we can't replicate it immediately we'll have to follow-up with questions or requests, so we don't always respond right away since we aren't sure what information will be needed.

24 Nov

Heya, sorry you are running into that, but thankfully we are already aware of that issue and plan to fix it in an upcoming update. Thanks for taking the time to report it though and for the video to show the issue clearly. Always appreciated!

Heya, yes and no! Those credit store items are directly on sale, while some of the Bundles and offers coming out are still offering a lot of content for low price but not in a clear 40% off or something similar kind of way. Some of that is because they are brand-new bundles or offers that are cheaper compared to normal because of the amount of the content in them.

For instance, that Pitch Black Bundle is those two weapons shown plus 10 crates. There is also a weekly offer that is $1 and essentially a little more than 2X the value compared to normal (based on the items). Lastly, that Dark Side Draw comes with one free Draw for everyone.

Originally posted by kitaaii

yeah, the discord mod said it’s still supposed to chain

It is definitely supposed to chain, that's one of the main attributes of this Operator Skill. Thanks for the video and for reporting this! Just a few questions, but what kind of device are you playing on (Android or iOS), what mode were you playing on, and when did you notice this?

Originally posted by ax1g

username: Kushwookiee

Thank you very much! Checking now.

Originally posted by T3qui1aSunris3

hey u/COD_Mobile_Official can you please hire this guy? :)

Haha, community spotlight is all we can do for now. But we agree that their creations are great and all of the positive reception to their posts are well deserved.

23 Nov

Originally posted by Phonafied

Thanks for the reply u/COD_Mobile_Official ! Should I DM you my UID and the screenshots or should I just post them here?

Either way is fine! Whatever you prefer. Just let us know and thanks for the response.

When do they post?

(GMT +0)
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