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25 Oct

Originally posted by Xclusivecrushr

It was given as a gift to every player in 2019 as the best online fps game on the store

Great memory . That was a fun weapon to give out to free to everyone. Especially because at the time that was a relatively high quality camo haha, but now there are many many epics and legendaries that put it to shame.

24 Oct

23 Oct

Hey there, thanks for the report! We've sent this one over to the team so they can get some eyes on it. Thanks!

22 Oct

21 Oct

Originally posted by Sufficient-Wedding-9


We know and we are working on it! Sorry it is still broken, but hopefully it is just a quick fix since it was supposed to return with all of that sorted out.

Originally posted by TripleXYT20

After playing a match in undead siege it was amazing perks are now useable and you get more dark aether crystal than last time but the grind for camos are still bugged can you please fix it

Most definitely! We see all of the pings about this and we appreciate it. Already escalated up!

Originally posted by peaceoutpeople

I wonder if they can read all their msgs like they get tons on an hourly basis. I don’t think it’s humanly possible.

We absolutely cannot, but we got ping by OP so here we are . Also, what emote are you all talking about? We'll check into this!

Originally posted by BeeDaaBoo

Won't there be any new zombie rewards?

Great Battle pass btw.

Not during this season (unfortunately), but we have plans for more rewards and new content to come later. Also, thank you and we are glad you also love the excellent theme, operators, and weapons!

Greetings community, we have returned today for another community but it isn’t just any update - it is time to release Season 9: Nightmare! Halloween is one of our favorite times of the year and we are thrilled to be able to once again bring you a season jam-packed with delightfully terrifying content, like Nikto – Scarecrow, Artery – Nosferatu, or the Peacekeeper MK2 - Spine Rattle. Get a glimpse of it all in our S9 release trailer:


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20 Oct

19 Oct

18 Oct