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Originally posted by Duyducluu

Hello devs, it’s a good update so far. Impressive cosmetics this time around, so huge applause for that.

Weapon balance so far has been really good, however, some of them still need further adjustments.


  • Cordite: currently, this weapon has essentially pistol level hit flinch, high initial recoil and slower ADS time, which renders it not a viable option against top weapons in class such as P90 (CBR4), Switchblade X9, and Vector (Fennec). An improvement to at least two out of three of these issues will help the weapon become a lot more viable. Medium wall penetration for the weapon is also recommended, since it actually fires bullets similar to the CBR4 (can be seen on the magazine).

  • PDW-57: a well-known great weapon for the long-time players, however, recently this one cannot keep up with the current meta. An improvement to the ADS speed is greatly appreciated, especially, similar to the CBR4, Razorback and Cordite, th...

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Hey there! We're happy to hear you're enjoying most of the updates that have come along with S1 so far!

First of all, thank you for taking the time to write all of this out and share your detailed feedback with us. We love to see this kind of passion and care in our community. Players like yourself are one of the many reasons that make the CODM community the best.

While we won't go through and address each of these points of feedback, we will forward this info over to the team who is in charge of making the weapon balance adjustments. This info will give them more ammunition in their decisions on what weapons should be balanced in upcoming seasons.

Like you said, balance changes are crucial to the ecosystem in CODM and is something the team is constantly striving to improv upon, so your feedback is greatly appreciated.

Thanks again!

Originally posted by Kurostatik

Hey devs, thanks for the new season! i have a simple question:
- the team can look for the excessive visual aim shake on j38, fr556 and the SKS Z-08 blueprint? i know its a new ''realistic'' feature, but for some weapons its a lot annoying

Hey there, we can pass this along to the team and they can check it out and determine if it's intended or not. Happen to have a video handy of the excessive aim shake you're talking about?

Originally posted by hexorseyer

Any updates on dates when each regions will get their Ghost- Red Team 141 operator?

Hey there, the team has been pushing out Ghost - Red Team 141 to those who are eligible. However they are still in the process of sending out all of the rewards, so if you haven’t received it yet you should soon! Appreciate your patience on this. Question to help the team though, if you haven't received your Ghost yet, what region are you in? And is your CODM and ATVI account linked?

Originally posted by BeastFromEA

Battlepass vault - When are we going to see the release of the the old battlepass from the first year of CODM? All of the currently released BP in the vault I have them just missing the first 7 seasons of CODM

Hey there! BP vault is still in its early stages so the team is iterating on how best to implement it going forward and exactly which Battle Passes to bring back. Showing your love for the earlier CODM BP seasons will always help tho!

Originally posted by PaulVazo21

Will Shipment 1944 be permanent like the other versions of Nuketown? I love it but hate the fact that it's only available on the 10v10 mode.

Hey there! Been talking to the team about this one. We've seen the community's love for Shipment 1944 and have made a note about the want for it not to be just 10v10. We are working on bringing it back in some capacity after the current playlist for it ends.

Originally posted by diO7a

Where's the f**king new MP lobby?? It's been years and years 😐

Heya! Yeah totally understand the frustration around this one. The new MP lobby background got pushed back again. It is tied to a new feature we are bringing into the game (which should be cool) and is now slated to come out in Season 3 of this year.

Originally posted by thisaintcoolfr

Bruh literally copy and pasted 1-2 lol….give ur bps some love. U only care about 180-240$ draws.

Whoops! Not sure what happened there but appreciate you pointing it out

Originally posted by shield_y

Thanks for this awesome season, really liked new minimap changes, new basic settings, br UI overhaul and more !!!

But I have 3 questions which i hope you answer !

1) will you add an option to hide character and guns collection? Should work like match history system for ticking box to allow members to see collection

2) any plans about adding dame in battle pass ? Really was a famous comic character which would be cool to have at least 1 variant of her in bp even if it's a reskin

3) any plan of adding 2fa to codm login ? Because right now even if you have 2fa on AVTI account, you still can login without typing code

Hey there, glad to hear you are liking some of the changes! As for your questions -

  1. That's an interesting idea. We haven't heard of this being talked about from the team just yet, but can always float the idea. There are some interesting changes planned for profiles that should come in a later season though!
  2. We love Dame and love how much the community loves Dame too! Looks like they *might* be in an upcoming BP later this year...but you didn't hear that from us 🤐
  3. Hmmm, that sounds like that isn't functioning right. We will ping the team about that and see if that is a bug or not.


And we acknowledge this player for being a valued member of this amazing community. We hope playing CODM helped with your writer's block

Greetings Call of Duty: Mobile Community, we are beyond excited to announce that the first season of 2023 “S1 – Awakening” is live now! This season is themed around the upcoming Lunar New Year and we have a ton of new content that fits perfectly into that theme. We will go into details about all of the said content in the update below, but first, let’s check out our official Season 1 trailer to see a variety of our new operators and weapons in action -


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Hey all, looks like the team is aware of players currently having issues logging in. They are working on getting a fix out asap. Thanks for the reports!