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Did you report it in feedback and bug report in the test server

We actually did get this report during the test and have been planning to adjust since then , but thank you and OP for bringing this back up just in case!


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Ah yes nothing like repeating the same things they’ve said for the past 2 years, what else is new Activision

Actually in the past we said we had no plans to bring it back at all, so to us this is news and confirmation that we are trying to bring it back soon. Our team is extremely eager to share news on this long-awaited request and will do so as soon as we can, but we see this is as good news for any zombies fans.

23 May

We actually have a whole blog full of images and details up here now (but it seems like this came out a bit early):

21 May

20 May

Hey u/Alert-Scientist6579! Really digging this - super sleek and cool!

Do you mind if we highlight it early next week in the community update? We would love to throw some more recognition and support your way. Just let us know and if you have any social accounts you want us to highlight (in addition to the ones shown in the picture) we would be happy to help promote that too!

Hey there! This definitely isn't the intended functionality and is a bug. The team is aware of it and we are working on options to compensate players who received dupes. Thanks!

18 May

14 May

Heya, that's an unfortunate side effect of that error (Alcatraz was intended to be live this weekend). We are looking into that and we'll see if can do anything about this Clan Wars node as well.

13 May

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u/cod_mobile_official did reply to me in the community update about how they appreciate the enthusiasm for more classic call of duty content. They said that one map older than BO4 is upcoming, and that’s what they could leak. I will be thrilled to see Bo2 maps. I can care less about the quality of these maps and enjoy the way they’re designed for gameplay

This is true! We can confirm we have one older map coming relatively soon and it is from a COD title that is over 10 years old at this point. We'll definitely share more once we get closer to that season.

12 May

If anyone is experiencing consistent FPS drops in Battle Royale (similar to what is described here) could you please let us know a few basic details so we can investigate?

  1. Device Type
  2. Isolated or Blackout (or both)
  3. Any specific details of how it occurs? Or if it is the same as the comment linked just say "same experience"
  4. Did any troubleshooting help, like changing graphical settings?

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Especially in 'blackout'.

Thanks for that extra note about maps. Could you please share your device too so we can get together a list of devices to test this on?

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Honestly I’ve never had connectivity issues. My mentioning of lag is mostly pertaining to frame drops.

It’s been happening really for me since zombie came back to the game. I was on a rog5 at the time and was noticing overheating and extreme fps which forced me to play in low graphics.

Now I’m on a iPhone 13Pro max I know it isn’t a gaming phone but it’s very capable of running games in high graphics. The issue is mostly in BR .. when we get close to a real enemy the game literally starts getting choppy and fps drop becomes crazy. Or if we get next to a player using a legendary or mythic weapon it causes my player to lag

Then the unfortunate bug that causes my player to randomly un ADS in the middle of a gun fight while lagging is very frustrating. It happens on both WiFi and lte.. it’s been a known issue for months, you can view other video evidence etc in the sub. Even I have posted video evidence way back 2 seasons ago and last season


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Appreciate those many many details. Very helpful! Is this primarily Isolated or Blackout? Or both?

For anyone else experiencing this, could you please share your device? We'll send up a bunch of devices for our team to test, which should lead to some actionable data/results as long as it is as consistent as everyone here is saying it is on those devices.

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Frame drop whenever we face opponents in BR. Mostly against squad. Can't even take a fight

Thanks for replying. Could you share any of those details about performance related lag? Also, what is your device?

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Thanks for the response! Do you mean how an attachment performs on a certain weapon, not on all weapons? For example, granulated grip tape is balanced on most other weapons, but on say the AMAX (again, for example) it performs exceptionally well?

Yeah exactly, our balance/weapon dev teams tend to go after individual weapons holistically to see how and why they are preforming too well (or not good enough). So they'll focus on balancing a weapon in all ways possible, whether that is the attachments for it, individual stats, or other factors.

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Thank you very much for those links! Sent all three up. Controller related issues are definitely a bit tough since only certain versions of controllers are supported and even then there are still some issues. However, with that said we've sent them all up to our team to check and reproduce, and from there it will be up to our dev teams what they can do to help with all of these.

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Hey can you fix the button on legal and privacy that prevents invites spamming last time I checked it was broken for several seasons. Thanks

Hey, are you referring to the "Reject All Invitations" button? If so, that's an unknown bug on our end for sure. Thanks for brining it up and let us check that out. We may have to circle back to ask some follow-ups if we can't immediate reproduce it.

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We thankfully saw that one pretty quickly and are checking into it. Thank you very much for flagging though!