Greetings Call of Duty: Mobile Community! We are back with our first community update since the release of Season 5: In Deep Water. In the first portion of Season 5, we’ve had one new Multiplayer map available, several returning modes, a new functional weapon and operator skill to acquire, and of course a few seasonal challenges to complete.

This week, we have plenty more coming to your fingertips and the biggest release of them all is the Sea of Steel featured event. For this event we have a brand-new trailer to celebrate the launch, which is a first for us with any featured event like this! It features Rorke – Man Hunter and Dame (representing the Federation) facing off against Ghost and Alias – Deep Diver (representing the Ghost Faction). Take a look at that new trailer and let us know what you think:

Sea of Steel Launch Trailer

We’ll have more on the Sea of Steel event below while the rest of the update will focus on new events and maps alongside a new batch of feedback, bug reports, and news, like the next test server. Jump into this week’s community update below for all of that information!

Here is a quick look at all of the newest events and others launching throughout the week:

  • 07/07 – Two New Seasonal Challenges
  • 07/08 – 07/15 ~ BR Blitz Mode
    • Check out the BR Barrage event for extra rewards while playing Blitz
  • 07/09 – 07/23 ~ Sea of Steel Event
  • 07/09 – 07/12 ~ Gun Game Moshpit (MP)
  • 07/09 – 07/15 ~ Docks 24/7 (MP)
  • 07/09 – 07/15 ~ Summer Showdown (MP)
  • 07/09 – 07/22 ~ Crimson Dame Draw
  • 07/13 – 07/19 ~ Spawn Trap (MP)
  • 07/13 – 07/19 ~ Hardcore Hold (MP)

*All Dates UTC

Season 5 Roadmap

While there is plenty of content already released or releasing this week, there is still more on the way! You can still look forward to earning the new secondary weapon, the Shorty, a new mode (Ground Mission), a new BR Class (Rewind), and a legendary new operator that may or may be Ghost 😉. To start off this week, we have the main featured event for Season 5!

Featured Event - Sea of Steel
Season 5: In Deep Water is all about naval warfare and with Sea of Steel that comes to life with the Federation and the Ghost Faction going to war by sea! Which side will you choose? You have the powerful Federation decked in red with the likes of Rorke – Man Hunter and Dame leading the charge, or you can side with the new Ghost Faction that includes Alias – Deep Diver, Merrick, and of course Ghost!

Sea of Steel Territory Map

Each side offers its own set of rewards tailored to the look and feel of that respective team, with one of the major rewards for each side being an epic QXR (Ghost or Federation) and a variant of the Scout 2 operator. Outside of that there are a variety of rewards to earn when teams’ win territories and a whole set of milestone rewards that are divided out based on your individual contribution.

Federation Faction Rewards Main Hub

Sea of Steel is live already and will be running until June 23rd (UTC)! Head in-game now, pick your team, and start earning some rewards while fighting over territories and completing objectives.

Docks – Multiplayer Map
Straight from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019, Docks is now live in Call of Duty: Mobile! Like others this season, this map takes place near the water and fits right in with Hackney Yard and Shipment, which both take place in a stylistically similar environment. First, take a look at the map layout below:

Docks Video Flythrough

This map is designed purely for tactical play, just like it was in Modern Warfare, and for Gunfight mode in particular. The map is small, asymmetrical, and perfectly balanced to allow for a completely balanced fight that is entirely up to skill. You can find it now in the Docks 24/7 playlist, which consists of Gunfight, 1v1 Duel, and Gunfight: Sniper. Grab a skilled teammate and try it out now!

New Operator - Crimson Dame
There is a new villain in town and she doesn’t lack style – Dame! This new operator hails from France and started her career under Templar until she was dishonorably discharged. Afterwards, she joined a group called the Dark Covenant where she was able to practice and train in hand-to-hand combat, stealth, combat tactics, and ultimately where she received the name “Dame”.

She represents the Federation this season in their fight against Ghost’s Faction and comes well equipped to do so with the first legendary CR-56 AMAX blueprint – Red Death. This weapon melts your enemies into a warm glow and when you get combo kills it glows with a red heat fitting of the name “Red Death”. Find both Dame and the CR-56 AMAX – Red Death in the Crimson Dame Draw in-game now!

Crimson Dame Draw

New Seasonal Challenges
Two new seasonal challenges have released this week and with another treasure trove of rewards to earn! They don’t offer anything like a new perk, like we had last week with Gung-ho (which is still available in the Gung Ho Seasonal Challenge), but there are new weapon blueprints and operator variants to earn on top of a hefty amount of Battle Pass XP. Details below for both:

Loyal Companion
This six-part seasonal challenge asks you to use various operator skills, perks, and more in Multiplayer in order to show your skills. As the name references, the primary operator skill used here will be the K9 Unit, which is available now in the free side of the Season 5 Battle Pass. For completing all of these tasks you’ll earn 16,000 Battle Pass XP and the following items:

  • (Uncommon) MW11 – Helm
  • (Rare) Spray – Big Man
  • (Rare) BY15 – Cut Wave
  • (Rare) FR. 556 – Cut Wave

Survival of the Fittest
This seven-part Seasonal Challenge is entirely focused on Battle Royale and just showing a general display of excellence through various tasks. For instance, you may be asked kill enemies with epic weapons, land in High Tier loot zones, or use customized weapons from an airdrop. For doing all of this you’ll rake in 19,000 Battle XP and the following items:

  • (Uncommon) Defender – Helm
  • (Uncommon) J358 – Helm
  • (Uncommon) Medic – Helm
  • (Rare) ATV – Cut Wave
  • (Rare) Calling Card – Hydra Burst
  • (Rare) Special Ops 4 – Cut Wave

The next batch of Season challenges will include an earnable epic weapon blueprint and a way to grab the new sawed-off shotgun, the Shorty! That’s a brand-new secondary weapon full of power and style, but short on ammo and range. Check in next week for more on that.


We’ve been reading over and tracking many topics since Season 5: In Deep Water released to the world of Call of Duty: Mobile and thankfully most of them have been low-key where we can answer them directly on a thread, social media post, or elsewhere, but we still have a few larger ones to go over today! As per usual, especially with new events like Sea of Steel releasing, please let us know your thoughts and we’ll be sure to relay that back the appropriate team.

  • Battle Royale Content – Last week we talked about this a little and how we have some long-term and exciting plans in 2021 for Battle Royale, but we also want to say that in Season 6 we’ll have plenty coming that we hope will fulfill that itch. We can’t define that now, but once we get closer to the launch of that new season and the related update, we’ll call it out.

  • Season 6 Public Test Build – We most likely have a new public test build coming in the next week, but we haven’t solidified a time just yet. We expect this build to be more focused on improvements than new content. However, hang tight and keep an eye out for that news!

  • Weapon Balance Changes – We’ve seen a lot of questions lately about different weapons, items (looking at you Thermite), or skills/classes and whether they will be tweaked in the next season. While we cannot call out any balance changes coming yet, you will be able to see some of that in the next public test build and we’ll do our best to list those all out in the patch notes that will release a few days before Season 6.

  • Season 5 Music – We’ve been experimenting with some ways to better highlight the fantastic music that is made specifically for Call of Duty: Mobile. If you’ve been around for a while you’ve likely seen the fantastic Behind The Scenes videos we were able to make for Season 6 and Season 9 of 2020, and we are excited to say we have more of those coming soon! First though, we tried something simpler for Season 5 and thanks to the kind, supportive, and loving response we are likely to expand on these types of music highlights in the future. Check it out here (it is too large to embed):

Bug Reports

Since we didn't have a Bug Report section last week, due it being the beginning of a new season, we figured this week we would go in-depth for the bugs we have been seeing since the season launched!

  • Season 4 Battle Pass Compensation – When Season 5 launched it launched too early and cut off the last day of the Season 4 Battle Pass. We apologized about this to all players who were affected and sent out rewards, via their mailbox, for the next three tiers of their Season 4 BP. That means if they were at Tier 50 already it would just be three tiers of credits, but for anyone under that it could have been items, characters, weapons, or whatever was next in-line. These should all be sent out now and we’ll be sending out confirmation in-game.

  • Stage 2 Matches Not Counting - Matches were not counting when Stage 2 first launched, and we were able to quickly fix this thanks to all of the reports. Thankfully, the issue was just visual, so matches were still counting in the background and they populated once the bug was fixed. Thank you very much to everyone who reached out to us through social media, Esports, and community channels about that issue last Saturday!

  • Shock RC affecting friendly K9 Unit - There is a bug in FFA matches where if you launch a Shock RC while your K9 Unit is active, your Shock RC can affect your K9 Unit. If only they could play nice! The team is aware of this one and looking into it.

  • Invisible Rambo – Anyone who has watched any Rambo movies would agree that he seems to be invincible, but invisibility is a new one 😉. The actual issue involves Rambo’s character model going invisible in-game. We won't divulge the details on how this one is done since it is an exploit, but the team is aware and investigating.

  • Old Comics Showing - We've seen various reports of player seeing an older season's set of comics after first clicking into the section. The team is investigating this one but the cause isn’t clear, so some more information would be helpful. If this is happening to you please let us know the following: How long has this been occurring for you, what Season of comics shows first for you, and your device type.

  • Character Growing/Shrinking - We've been seeing reports here and there of operators growing in size in relation to the camera while playing in TPP. The team is investigating this one.

  • Rocket Launchers Not Showing Hitmarkers on Scorestreaks - The team took a look at this issue and discovered that some scorestreaks (Hawk X3, Counter UAV, Stealth Chopper, VTOL, Sentry Gun, SAM Turret) are indeed taking damage but the hitmarkers are not appearing. The team is working on getting this resolved.

  • CODE Calling Card Not Displaying - Some players have reported the CODE calling card doesn't show correctly in their AAR (After Action Report). The team is aware and looking into this one.

  • Rename Cards not Appearing - We've seen reports that Rename tokens are still not appearing for some of you. The team is investigating this one, but we may need to reach back for more information from affected players since the cause isn’t immediately clear or reproducible!

  • Swim Up Emote Not Appearing in Lobby - The team is aware of this one and working on getting you all swimming again.

  • Gung Ho Perk Translations - There was an issue where the Gung Ho perk was mistranslated. This should be resolved now, if not please let us know. Thanks for the reports on this!

  • Damascus Camo Unlock - Players have been reporting having issues unlocking Damascus on Holger and other new weapons (weapons not available on launch). The team has investigated this and is working to find a solution.

  • Adrenaline in BR - We're aware of an exploit with Adrenaline in BR matches. Again, since it is an exploit we won’t share details on this one, but the team is looking into it!

  • Unable to Heal in BR - We are continuing to see player's report the issue of being unable to heal after being revived. The team is working on this one. In the meantime, we have seen players report going prone helps as a workaround to this bug.

  • Gun Attachments Visually Malformed - This issue comes from players reporting having gun attachments aimed or bent at a wrong angle in game. This one looks worse than it is and is thankfully just visual, but the team is working on a fix!

  • Marksman Rifle Sensitivity - This one is pretty straight forward. Marksman Rifles have sniper sensitivity instead of their ADS when using iron sights. Team is aware and looking into it.

  • Camera in Buildings BR - We've seen reports of player's cameras having issues while inside building and jumping, specifically in TPP. The team is looking into this one.

Thanks to everyone who has helped us investigate these and please keep doing so. While some bugs may not get immediate fixes, many are bundled into update releases like the one coming right before Season 6. You should see plenty fixes dropping then.

Support Options
We still regularly reach out to community areas for info on issues or feedback, but don’t hesitate to reach out to our support channels as well if you ever need help, especially with anything specific to your account, like purchasing issues or account issues. Here are our main support channels:

  • In-game support chat
  • Player Support Website: Contact Us

Final Notes

Just to recap, next week we are likely to see a public test build coming out for Season 6 and the related update, which should be a massive one. Every two seasons of the game we have a new in-game update and this one coming up is a interesting update for multiple reasons (like syncing with the Chinese version) on top of it being filled with improvements, fixes, and new content. Also, keep an eye out this weekend for our first post about anything related to S6!

This week we end on a note of thanks, whether it is for the excitement about Season 5, new operators, the comics (Ghost's return), our upcoming releases, the World Championship 2021, Season 5's music, or even just the wonderful little shotgun that is the Shorty! We can't express this enough, but it is truly wonderful to see so much discussion season after season and about so many different aspects of Call of Duty: Mobile. Much love to all corners of the community! See you all next time.

-The Call of Duty: Mobile Team

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Originally posted by thervssian

Is there any chance that items from older lucky draws, like Man-O-War dream crystal or Battery Sting will return to the store? I’m very much curious to know

Heya, that will most likely be something that surfaces through the For You system in the store. Of course we might have Redux Draws that bring that back, we generally have one of those each season, but we are updating For You more frequently and with plenty of options for draws, crates, or store content that you missed previously.

Originally posted by Email_and_Username

Hey can you guys make it so that we can equip diamond and damascus on all epic skins

Yeah there is a bit going on with that related to the bug we mentioned above for Damascus and it could all be tied together. However, we'll check on that and make sure. We might have to get back to you later and ask for some specifics in case that isn't the same

Originally posted by TransphobicEnema

Will there be any bundles in the for you section ??

the slowing feature of thermites will be removed someday ??

Greetings! We don't have any plans to add bundles to that at the moment, but it could certainly still come in the future. We are essentially only on version 2 of For You, so there could be plenty of additional updates coming.

For thermite, we see all of those discussions and we are not ignoring them

Originally posted by MarcelloJulio

Hello CoDM developers!

I would like to ask if you intend to bring back the Classic Nuketown and Shipment 1944, at least in a limited time playlist, for example the playlist name, Nostalgia Moshpit maps Playlist. Just to remember this classics maps

Thanks for the amazing work throughout the Seasons and looking forward to the future updates and Seasons

Heya, definitely love that idea of doing a playlist focused around classic versions like that. We haven't seen those slated for anything like that, but we'll chat with the team who manages playlists and seasonal events to see. We'll reply back later about that or drop a note about it in the next update once we hear back!

Originally posted by blueeyeswhitellama

Any news on zombies whatsoever?

not quite yet, but for once it doesn't feel far away.

Originally posted by Global_Enthusiasm934

WTF next week first teaser of S6

We just can't help ourselves

Originally posted by heni55

Heya thanks for all contents this season , can't wait for next one ! However I have 4 questions , question 1 : any future plan to fix ingame pricing issues due to players mistakenly affected to different servers ? Question 2: any plan to move north African countries ( as Tunisia ) to another server since middle East/South Asia one is unstable ? Question 3: any plan to add new helicopter like ( blackhawk or so ) as new heli for br ? Question 5 : is team aware of missing first knight divided event calling card from users inventory ? Thanks in advance!

Greetings, thanks for all of the questions and for appreciating the season! Some quick-fire answers for you:

  1. This might be something we are working on already, but we can't quite tell based on how you described it. Would you mind explaining more? Is this people who made accounts in other regions while using a VPN? If so, no there isn't any fix for that.
  2. We aren't aware of any plans to add a region select option for servers at the moment.
  3. Nothing concrete we can share about any new vehicles for BR, but there is one coming relatively soon. It isn't a helicopter though.
  4. We are not aware of that issue. Was that the main calling card reward from Knights Divided? Any idea if it was through the leaderboard rewards or something else?