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240s ladies and gentlemen welcome to the
243s anniversary stream world class season
246s 10. it is what three years of cod mobile
249s we've been going strong now I am joined
251s by the one and only ifberg and Hawks
254s Nest how you guys do it hey guys I'm
256s doing great how are you Hawks bro why
258s did he get one and only and then I was
260s just an extra like what what okay yeah
263s the two and the two and only the two and
264s only meant to be rough
266s it came off his one and only furry and
269s hawksness I got you I got you you know
271s I'm doing good I'm doing good how you
273s doing
273s I'm doing fantastic I am excited to be
276s playing some Call of Duty mold today
278s obviously uh I we've all been there
281s since the beginning I mean really even
283s since before the beginning it was like
284s yeah three months before the game even
285s came out and we were already playing it
287s but it is pretty crazy to think how far
290s the game has come since its introduction
292s and uh I'm excited to take a look at all
295s the stuff that we got I don't know have
297s you guys played I think the interesting
299s thing for today is it gonna be playing
301s some Battle Royale games with Customs
303s because uh I don't know if you guys saw
305s but there's now goliath in Battle Royale
308s yeah I did see that yeah but I haven't
310s played it because we were in London and
312s I've just came back so I'm excited to
314s get him okay well obviously we're gonna
316s be checking out that stuff we got the
318s M16 with the Wildfire attachment Cosmo
321s will hook this up oh yeah with the the
323s new legendary M16 and also the new
326s Mythic Specter so we'll Flex that a
328s little bit and uh you know we won't
331s spend too long on the the intro I think
333s you guys probably want to see gameplay
335s and you probably want to play uh some
337s cod mobile with us but I did want to
340s show off the Mythic Specter a little bit
342s have either of you taking a look at that
344s uh I have not I wanted to see it for the
346s first time on stream all right all right
348s all right well we got it right here and
351s this is the intro it does this intro
352s actually every time so you can hit the
354s little uh zoom in button it just
356s everything disappears off to the side
359s you can't hear the audio but the audio
362s is really cool I promise I could
364s recreate it if you want me to do
372s it that was exactly what it was like it
375s was exactly that's the way to go man
376s that was really that was really
377s impressive
381s so I need to see the features bro it's
383s got it actually has like three different
385s branches of upgrades so like you know
388s how with the the Mythic weapons you just
390s gotta do like every single upgrade to
392s get if you if the last thing's the one
394s that you want then you gotta upgrade
395s everything in the process this has like
397s three different ones so the battle tank
400s one is kind of the Battle Royale side so
402s it like starts off with a new loot box
404s variant and it moves up this is one of
406s the coolest ones the the unique Skydive
409s Trail looks really really clean so I'm a
412s big fan of that one and then yeah
418s because it already comes with the the
421s base skin comes with the Shadow Blade
423s thing anyway but you can like upgrade it
426s as well too which is pretty dope
428s um I'll show you probably my favorite
430s thing overall it's like uh it's like a
433s character skin inspect so I'll just show
434s you right here
440s yeah I like that dude that is so heat
443s and it shows you you're like kills as
445s well yeah right exactly so you can like
448s upgrade the because I think the bass
450s version still shows the kill but this
451s like upgrades it and then apparently you
454s can like fully customize the Army itself
457s as well which is lit so I like that and
459s then the other one is like for all
462s players of the game whether whether
463s you're a battle royale or multiplayer
465s guy because you can customize every
466s single part of it so I don't know if you
468s guys can see super well but you can just
470s like change you can change all the
472s different accents can you put carbon
474s fiber on it uh
479s [Music]
487s and the the gold one's definitely my
489s favorite but you got some some cool
491s green glowy ones as well so the gold
493s one's the best and and then you got you
495s have to if you do seven of those then
498s you unlock the final four which is
501s boom
503s oh I like that that's nice
507s I hadn't looked at that oh okay all
511s right so what is that what is that
512s animation I think it's uh wait
516s I'm not sure it looks like uh like an
519s emote I think it's yeah yeah I think so
521s yeah
522s because it's like final modified MVP so
525s I think it's like when you get MVP at
526s the end of the game you come in like
528s that yeah yep
530s so uh I I believe we should all have it
532s and we'll be rocking it I don't know if
534s you guys want to go multiplayer Customs
537s off the start
538s you want to go BR if you want to 1v1
541s like what are y'all feeling I'm trash so
544s I'm just trying to think about what one
546s I'm less likely to get destroyed in
557s Mr Mr bacon is going to invite us to a
561s br Lobby I'm not 100 positive on that
565s um
567s you can set up and just invite us in
571s okay there there is gonna play and they
573s will spectate off of us so
576s I'll I'll just try to open the lobby and
579s hope that randoms don't join before I
581s can invite you guys I am in the wrong
583s spot that is not how you do that
586s here we go I'm trying to upgrade all my
587s stuff real quick um
589s Hawk's Nest invited
592s noise uh are we doing uh quads
596s yes we will do quads and one
600s lucky player will get to play with all
602s of us we're gonna play fpp because uh
605s we we don't we don't believe in
607s uh well no we we love all game modes I
610s I'm just kidding we're on the Cobble
611s Channel all game modes are great
615s are you online I am yeah but I changed
618s my name it's freaking Tim W
623s or something
626s see I'll just apply okay oh yeah oh nice
631s that shot's pretty good
633s are your mods gonna stream snipe us uh
636s yeah I would assume so yeah
639s I mean nice oxnest there's how it goes
642s with the tribe frag as long as there's
643s no punching emotes in this game I think
645s we'll be okay uh yeah maybe we'll see
648s we'll see how it goes Bev
652s I don't know if you guys saw I kind of
655s want to see what it looks like on top of
656s the M16 because I do want to go ahead
659s and make like an M16 Loadout yeah
662s um but the new completionist ammo I
666s haven't gotten the grind for it yet oh
668s my gosh that looks amazing
670s I got to see this wait how do you get
673s the new completionist camo yeah for like
676s the tournament thing
677s uh-huh
691s threw it on top of the I obviously
693s haven't unlocked it yet I also was busy
696s all of last weekend so I couldn't play
698s the the tournament mode but maybe maybe
699s this weekend we'll uh we'll get some
701s games in and
703s see if maybe we can make things happen
704s uh for everybody that wants to know what
707s the room ID is three six seven four
711s seven zero zero six five four
715s I don't know if anybody can type that in
716s chat but that would be fantastic do you
718s think I'm a fire attachment
722s do we know what about the Wildfire I
724s think you know
725s yeah it's definitely good okay I would
727s recommend it that's a perk right yeah
729s yeah he is a break yes
732s uh did you guys do the event to get it
735s no you get it with your skin you get it
737s with the uh the legendary oh okay so
739s that's okay that's the thing I have to
740s back out of the lobby then and claim it
742s from my uh mailbox real quick you can
744s click okay while you're in the lobby
746s where I didn't see it
748s I looked I didn't see it
752s I got to go through these animations
756s oh I said Mythic this is legendary I
760s knew that yeah yeah yeah all right
762s yep okay well I'm sorry this person I
765s have to kick you
766s boom easy see just like that no problem
770s uh Vegas requesting to join game on our
773s team going but do I accept and he comes
775s on our team yeah he's in here he's in
776s here he's buttons of Battle Royale so I
779s don't know oh yeah okay fair enough
781s that's true
782s [Music]
784s um how do I build out an M16 for br do I
788s just go all range
791s maybe like all BSA
794s wait so is there a downside to this uh
796s wildfire
797s fire
798s uh worst multipliers and it does slow
801s down the rate of fire but it's still
803s worth it in my opinion though
807s how do you do what you change my mic in
809s this like uh vmix stuff
813s I don't what I don't know you mean oh I
815s think I think I can tell you uh okay
816s you've seen the URL there should be like
818s a little button on the left of the URL
819s like a little camera or something
822s all right I think if you CL I don't know
824s if you're what browser you're on but if
825s you click that you should be able to I'm
827s on Google Chrome
828s oh never mind that gets complicated yeah
830s it still should be out there Firefox is
832s probably gonna work better
834s he said Firefox I no I literally
837s downloaded Firefox just for this purpose
839s I didn't even have Firefox previously
841s same all right I need to build I need to
843s build
844s I'm gonna go Wildfire that's what I got
848s tactical four grip okay
851s Marksman Barrel
853s okay
855s 39 round mag
859s okay and OWC tag laser okay that's
864s pretty much exactly you could go like
866s granulated grip tape yeah that's what I
868s had
869s yeah probably gonna stick with that
871s I don't really need shave speed Tim yeah
874s okay
877s okay I like that build
881s I don't even know what's uh what's I'm
884s trying to think I think Battle Royale
885s meta is like obviously shotguns because
889s all the time but I forgot about that bro
892s yeah no you're just gonna get one tapped
896s everywhere no are these irons good for
899s range I haven't really looked at them
902s uh they're they're pretty solid it's not
905s like my favorite iron size in the game
906s but it's Gotta Be an upgrade from base
908s M16 though right yes okay okay
912s good enough for me Bev
916s okay
919s putting the the room ID in the comments
922s one more time
923s for anybody that wants to join
927s um put on that Specter skin as well
930s uh-huh
933s absolutely
935s I gotta figure out how to upgrade this
937s thing now I don't think I have the cards
939s at the moment oh wait can you play
941s escort in customs I don't think I knew
944s that escorts of the name of it yeah you
946s can yeah
947s we might have to do that next I agree
952s I'm dying for that
953s I got my classes
955s I'm ready to get absolutely destroyed
957s same
959s involver you're expecting at least 25
960s kills him dead
965s maybe in like seven months
968s in 2023 yeah yeah yeah I I have no idea
972s what you're talking about for sure yeah
973s yeah yeah yeah sometime soon bro
977s okay I'm gonna get this Lincoln fix my
981s mic
984s fix it sounds good uh from our end
987s because we're a Discord yeah oh oh yeah
991s yeah yeah
993s happy anniversary everybody everyone
996s spam happy anniversary in the chat
998s or maybe just like
1001s #three years or something that's shorter
1004s I think it's crazy that it's been three
1005s years and we've never all played
1007s together
1008s we did yeah we did well probably
1011s back to OG days did we like all three of
1013s us at the same time yeah yeah why don't
1016s we did the prop hunt thing at one point
1018s yeah
1020s I remember or maybe it was I remember
1023s like me Ferg Noah maybe it was Hitman
1027s that was playing with us
1030s yeah I think I was missing from the
1032s equation in like the OG days it's uh
1034s I'll just do my stat stuff
1036s do we have to we're gonna obviously do
1038s them like uh Mythic Specter skin for the
1039s start but at some point we gotta switch
1040s over to our skins and get like a like in
1043s the plane screenshot yeah
1048s are you guys football slash soccer fans
1053s football I'm a football fan
1056s dude I'm a real football fan you're not
1059s allowed to say that I'm canceled
1063s they will come after you I know dude
1066s I've been a victim of it before
1068s we got tweeted by people I think that's
1069s enough
1074s 75
1077s it's enough that we maybe like won't get
1081s completely obliterated by stream snipers
1083s yeah hey guys what class are you guys
1085s dude
1087s uh I use rewind uh all day every day can
1091s I everyone
1092s [Laughter]
1095s ha
1096s I I will be the quick strike I've
1099s actually never used the quick strike but
1100s I have to flex my uh sword thingy
1105s yeah I didn't get one of those
1109s uh I'm pretty sure they just spawned you
1112s do Defender you can slide in it oh wait
1115s what
1116s you can oh my God sliding is that the
1120s access one guy
1121s yeah
1123s yeah that looks insane one of them has
1126s like a Superman mechanic where you like
1129s fly in there not like not just like jump
1131s up a little bit but like
1134s I don't even know how to describe it
1135s dude that looks so crazy
1140s the movement on those are insane
1144s I said we need melee's Nerf well they
1146s actually Nerf melees like two days ago
1148s because they had a little mid-season
1149s balance patch so there you go
1151s I don't know if you guys have tried
1152s mailers but uh they added like lunge so
1155s it like
1157s teleport to it oh yeah I see yeah yeah
1160s I've seen you yeah I don't know if it
1162s happens in uh Hey Oh my God look at that
1164s that's it four yeah we need to get them
1168s so if we're on the wrong scene don't
1171s yell at me okay oh yeah scream we're
1174s just seeing like all the myth expectors
1176s uh who are we following Fergie go to the
1180s go to the place oh the place okay
1184s but okay
1188s wait what is the does the Dome do
1189s something or is it just a visual thing
1191s it's visual I think okay
1194s this is my favorite place I'm glad we
1195s landed here yeah this is so clean
1197s okay never mind I thought that thing
1199s that came up on the screen was gonna
1200s take up my whole screen the whole time
1202s but we're good
1203s there's gotta be people here right
1205s this is too much of a hot Drop
1209s maybe not I'm saying hopefully not
1211s realizing warm up Hogs yeah I really
1214s have game audio through uh through OBS
1217s don't you I just realized I don't have
1218s any I did oh you have no game audio at
1221s all nope
1223s oh there's there's Haley's coming yeah
1225s yeah yeah why does my sense feel so loud
1227s the boys are coming
1231s um AK still look kind of good right yeah
1233s I think so AKA solid I think F4 is like
1236s Meta Meta but I just need a reliable
1239s uh-huh
1242s wait oh no although my recoil control is
1245s probably pretty bad right now so an M4
1246s might not be a bad idea
1249s it's not ridiculous to say that bro
1252s cool cool
1255s there's a guy on me
1256s all right he's just camping though just
1259s shoot him
1260s hey bro
1262s this headley's just flying above us
1263s right now whenever I open it streamlabs
1267s OBS my face cam automatically goes black
1270s and white and I don't know it looks kind
1271s of nice well it looks like you're dead
1273s maybe maybe if I disable the face cam
1277s oh wait no no it's definitely still
1280s alive no there's a guy on me pushing I
1283s might die here guys I think we should
1284s stay together though guys guys okay
1293s uh someone's on fire right now too wait
1294s he's wait oh he's crying I can't see
1300s oh wait I got a smoke blamer
1304s I can't bro I'm not even worried I'm
1305s just gonna lean back and wait to be
1307s revived but my God
1309s what's happening
1312s I was mad man it was getting me right
1314s now it was nice thank you I have no
1316s audio
1318s and my face cam black and white and
1320s behind us by the way as well yeah yeah I
1322s gotta oh let me see I'm just dipping a
1325s shield that didn't that didn't even know
1326s space cam
1328s did they Nerf shotguns if I buy sitting
1330s for like 80 instead of 200. well you
1333s have to actually like hit them like
1334s accurately no he's saying I'm not
1336s accurate guys
1339s I've had that issue in the past no
1340s worries
1341s so
1343s did he rewind
1346s that guy should be super low [ __ ] yes
1347s guys I'm just not gonna be able to have
1349s game audio first quarter mid
1351s that's another that's his ad
1356s okay
1358s guys zero kills though don't mind me
1363s what am I saying that I have two I'm
1365s better than third confirmed let's go I
1367s agree all right great get the screenshot
1368s get a screenshot
1369s I I agree where where are the shots
1373s we're the goliaths they all spotted the
1376s other place where I thought you were
1377s gonna land oh
1379s oh
1382s wait you see him on the mini map
1384s sanitarian area
1387s what's the new new area uh
1391s the name of it the guy here is crash
1393s site
1394s ah
1396s there's a guy here on me though I was M4
1399s Michelle snag
1401s he's here though he's here
1403s he's on the roof I'm gonna Bop him
1406s he's up there
1408s oh my movement's insane
1412s Park quarter parkour hello where'd he go
1415s sir
1418s what uh I'll be a lower floor just in
1421s case you try to make an escape I have no
1423s idea
1424s I'm so confused
1427s oh Joe's coming too we should probably
1430s uh oh wait you gotta move on noted
1437s wait vehicle spawn
1440s hover bike what haven't used that that's
1443s only
1445s drop has been delivered it doesn't fit
1447s too bro I don't think it does it it's
1449s like it fits too oh please say that I
1451s don't die
1453s okay
1457s hold on but I'm not positive oh my gosh
1459s this is so difficult to steer oh Meg
1461s died bro no that's not I shot it too
1465s well at least we didn't get clickbait to
1466s buy him
1470s I can't drive this I can't drive this
1473s this thing uh I can't do it spawn
1475s something with four seats
1477s bro did you just want a bike never mind
1479s Doug I'm about to just take this boat
1481s yeah just do what you got to do you know
1484s let me drive a boat
1487s we will survive
1488s we will survive
1493s right
1495s can I do what okay all right are you all
1497s right
1498s are we all right
1501s oh
1502s oh yeah you're just like stuck on the
1504s bridge
1506s and the Goliath have the same house
1512s is there people like red on you there's
1514s a jackal too
1517s now they're chasing me
1519s okay I'm here uh I'm gonna need a pickup
1523s on the hooks nice hey hunky Pig
1528s all right
1530s you might be able to shoot this guy wait
1532s is the Zone stopped closing or is it
1534s still closing
1535s um it's still closing yeah yeah all
1537s right I'm Gonna Keep On where'd this guy
1539s going I was like ahead of Christmas yeah
1541s this guy are a lot of goliathan plays
1544s there's one that has not been taken and
1545s I pinged it I hit one bullet
1550s bro it sounds I swear I'm on him
1553s okay
1556s I got them kind of low
1559s kinda kinda
1561s overlook
1564s I'm hopping
1566s [Music]
1568s why is it not registry
1571s well I didn't say you're super low I
1574s just said he was kind of cool no I
1575s thought he was kind of lost
1577s it a little bit Yeah clip it and ship it
1580s yeah I got no ammo right now what was
1583s that I'm just trying to stay here
1589s uh I'm gonna crash
1591s oh nice I worked out in our fever I'm
1593s scared we had to go to the blue things
1596s on the map oh wait there's a closer one
1597s go to go to Orange pings and get the
1600s Goliath
1601s hey bro this is how we win you know wait
1603s how do you know there's one there yeah
1606s well there's like fog on it you can
1608s barely see it oh my God I didn't wait no
1612s foggy area yes what does this mean yo
1615s it's a fifth soccer no it's a soccer
1617s place
1620s out of here
1623s we're big football fans here yeah
1626s um
1628s soccer field is also pretty cool
1634s um there is a Goliath not very far from
1635s us
1637s like an enemy guy you can take that one
1639s they're chasing us I'm getting shot at
1641s by him yeah there's a Goliath right yeah
1643s I'm I'm going to shoot him oh my God so
1646s wait when you deal damage to him you're
1648s dealing damage to the armor right like
1650s not yeah it doesn't do any damage to
1652s actual person I see oh he's easy step me
1654s up he's dead man
1656s oh I mean oh he's lit
1661s I can double jump
1664s is this Deadshot driving it is oh
1674s I got no ammo in my area
1679s wait okay do we want the okay we're
1682s gonna trust this driving chasing hey uh
1684s bro you just left us get
1687s get sick
1688s wait can I like stand on you and you
1691s just like fly around with me what is
1692s happening
1693s Goliath
1696s dude you're so fast actually as a glass
1698s wait wait how do I am I gonna
1701s oh my God oh my gosh there's so much
1704s stuff here oh he probably flew away yo
1708s yeah he's right there no he's still up
1710s there is he he's on top of that road
1712s yeah
1714s no he's a normal guy on top
1718s down
1719s oh yeah yeah I see him I see Amazon
1722s I I don't know how to tell this guy to
1724s drive that way
1725s hey guy drive that way dude nice chasing
1729s all right I'm gonna go into the Zone
1731s because we're not getting stream stopped
1732s right now I know it feels weird no he's
1735s taking a vehicle dude this guy's okay
1738s well I'm driving now where I think
1740s that's what he's trying to tell me to do
1741s oh
1743s can I drive I have no ammo
1747s there we are with this
1749s that would be insane if the Goliath just
1751s took up the whole car uh Bobby do you
1754s want me to pick you up should you leave
1755s this guy or do we want him down I would
1756s I would like to kill this guy and then
1758s we can go okay
1763s yeah he ran in here oh okay
1767s oh my God oh my God wait was that him or
1771s is that something no but that's so op
1772s I'm gonna change my mind I don't know
1774s where he is we can go yeah I don't know
1775s anything okay I don't like Zone oh I got
1779s Goliath on me what what do you mean I'll
1782s stand on it okay you can try all right
1786s I'm screwed or maybe you push me okay
1789s now I'll let you know
1792s uh bro Bobby really told me to come back
1794s help fight him then he took my car and
1796s left
1797s that far I'm gonna die let me jump you
1800s in this ATV I trust there's guys on me
1803s by the way by the way
1805s yeah go get harsh in the ATV he better
1808s go quick man I'm gonna die yeah you're
1810s probably about dead yeah
1812s where's my adrenaline dog oh he might
1815s get me he might get he might be able to
1817s yeah hit that three-point turn hit that
1819s three-point turn
1820s as possible as possible
1824s ow
1825s oh the guy's ahead of us
1828s bro there's like 40 images I'm too low
1830s for this I'm too low for this just gotta
1832s go this is sick Bro
1834s uh there's people on me
1836s did we just hit you yeah bro
1840s that car's hand of the week I have 20 hp
1842s Drive
1844s you got out
1845s he died wait I may have forgot myself oh
1847s you're right I just got me killed bro
1849s can I even res him in the Goliath I
1851s don't think I can bro I don't know a dog
1853s with a Zone closing too you're probably
1854s screwed what's this dude I can
1856s okay nice I made it eight HP all right
1859s okay forget yo chat nobody's seen that
1861s right
1862s okay I gotta knock but I have no ammo
1864s nice uh I gotta sit and regen for a sec
1867s I'm dead
1870s I'm pushing I'm dead I'm dead I'm dead
1874s oh I was mid play in it oh vehicle what
1879s oh we didn't expect that right okay cool
1881s uh
1884s uh yeah dude they're like they were all
1886s waiting we were talking about how we
1887s didn't get streamset it's because they
1888s sat on the edge of the map they're at
1890s the zone as we came in I outside the
1893s Zone guys unfortunately don't
1900s uh there are many explosions around me
1905s if I die in the Goliath do I die in real
1907s life I think you actually might get
1908s kicked out I think you have like extra
1909s HP
1911s you literally stop breathing oh so I
1914s gotta get on it dude these games are
1915s getting so realistic
1917s I think so I don't know just let it
1920s happen let it happen let it happen no
1922s just get out just get out
1923s oh
1927s they're they're not thirsting us so
1932s yeah but you guys still are like dead
1933s dead no I don't know I got actually
1936s killed
1937s I chose Ferg down I'm coming back bro I
1940s haven't uh he's gonna get my tag and get
1942s me back I already know
1944s so teammates are for bro
1947s yeah okay
1949s oh I gotta I gotta kill somehow okay man
1954s he's ready by the water tank he's
1956s running at you
1960s he seems
1962s see not have guns what wait how did
1964s vague come back to life and then die to
1966s the same guy
1967s he did
1969s the exact same way
1981s am I you know in hindsight I should have
1983s turned on unlimited response I forgot
1985s that was the thing you can do that in
1988s isolated yeah you can do it in every
1990s mode oh okay I need to go out of here I
1992s see these guys learning so much about BR
1994s how long until you guys get in though uh
1997s only like a minute in 15 seconds you
1998s know oh yeah
2002s this is easy
2004s give me a Goliath
2008s you're running toward two Goliath just
2010s FYI yeah but I'm running away
2016s Bros Keto
2018s wasn't wasn't there a Bertha in the
2020s middle of the road
2021s or am I tripping
2023s I don't know but I'm not here
2025s okay sounds good
2029s I don't think I've seen fpp kinetic
2031s before
2032s oh
2036s dumpster reminders
2042s I thought bag was dead doug he's died
2045s like five times he's shooting your body
2047s I know I'm watching him
2053s you know you're gonna just let him do
2055s that hurt
2056s yeah of course all right I'll just kick
2058s him from tribe
2060s I imagine
2061s right there imagine
2065s um so um I just want to let the record
2067s show that um oh wait that's free that
2069s has four kills never mind yep I have
2071s nothing to say I have nothing to say
2074s uh are we doing BR again or uh
2076s multiplayer now
2078s I would prefer you br
2080s I'm Not Afraid yeah I'm not fair either
2083s man
2086s um
2090s mv10 Russ would be pretty fun
2095s yeah
2096s no dude there's no way you nuke on Russ
2098s with 10 people you're getting shot from
2099s every angle possible
2101s [Music]
2102s I mean vague might find a way but
2105s uh I don't know if I think I would find
2107s a way
2108s I'm done for that
2111s use that
2115s uh
2122s okay
2124s weird
2127s yeah you're Frozen right now Ferg on a
2129s video
2130s yeah
2132s look at that guy might sound better now
2136s yeah that's
2141s um
2145s if you guys are down all right
2149s uh we have to make a whole new Lobby
2150s right we can't like modify yeah
2155s and V10 Dom
2159s uh there's 10v10 rust I think that'd be
2162s a fun one
2163s well yeah but you got to pick the mode
2165s well isn't it like um
2168s Dom TDM kill confirmed
2171s I didn't know it was like Icebreaker 24
2173s 7 where it's just like its own mode
2175s well I guess that would be a pub I'm
2177s having a tough time right now thinking
2178s about this
2179s not dude I'm never up this early
2183s what is it 9 40 a.m that's crazy
2186s um bro Bobby usually finishes stream
2188s like four hours before this
2190s [Laughter]
2192s now I'm waking up in three hours
2194s uh
2196s um talks
2200s all right
2202s what what do we want to go to like 300
2204s deadshots request I'm gonna let him in
2205s he clutched up a few times
2208s wait did I just leave
2209s no
2211s why is my oh my game is glitch
2213s okay I'm
2215s y'all got your uh your Rainbow loadouts
2218s oh yeah uh no I have the br1 not the
2221s multiplayer one
2228s oh yeah Shadow blood
2230s I don't have the mags that one though
2237s [Music]
2241s yeah the Shadow Blade especially on Rust
2243s I feel like I'm gonna die a million
2245s times I agree yeah it's true
2248s I'm gonna go with the annihilator
2253s noise
2256s [Laughter]
2258s are you guys building the M16
2261s um for multiplayer especially like rust
2263s Dom this has got to be like a super
2264s quick loadout
2267s uh I think I run similar but I run uh
2271s mono suppressor and light Barrel
2273s suppressor is definitely the move oh
2275s yeah yeah you can do an integral though
2276s right oh yeah you can do it integral M16
2278s can but it doesn't really do anything
2280s for your range or Mobility all that much
2283s yeah
2285s I'm gonna go with the mono that's my
2287s bird uh somebody in chat says Ferg
2290s you're a bad player do you know that
2292s yeah I'm terrible
2306s look on me
2310s cuddle disagrees from oh
2315s yeah you know even if my bank says like
2318s numbering like 10 020 I just want to beg
2320s like that
2322s that's a w bag well sure what's in it
2324s later though
2326s true oh
2329s now I want to open my butt I want to
2331s open my box now yeah I didn't I didn't
2333s put two and two together I want to open
2334s my box
2335s all right kicking vague Bobby did you
2338s get a bag
2340s hey no spoilers no spoilers I haven't
2341s opened my boxes
2343s our bags though just the bag just the
2346s bag all right do I open up the whole box
2347s then because I don't again I'm like yeah
2349s yeah like it comes like the most of the
2352s stuff comes in this bag
2353s all right let me grab my box real quick
2354s cod mobile sent us a present for the
2357s anniversary this bag is actually a
2359s doubly dude the last bag that we got I
2362s forgot what it was for uh but it was
2364s like the same kind of like gym bag I've
2365s been using it like every single day yeah
2367s every time I go to the gym yeah yeah
2369s it's been super easy I'll go get it
2371s right now
2372s oh look it's right at the top nice
2376s you're getting a box
2378s this bike bro you guys don't see any
2380s important information
2382s boom
2384s wait
2388s Jersey what does it say
2390s what does it say I can't see I think it
2393s says literally
2394s okay I feel like I know exactly
2397s yeah everything's gonna say recoil sure
2400s literally
2402s beautiful North Face Cod mobile bag it's
2406s North Face too and all these are nice it
2408s is nice I gotta find something to open
2411s the box look at this though
2413s I drank so much coffee that I got a gold
2415s coffee mug I don't want to get spoiled
2418s until I open it myself
2424s okay
2426s I feel like I should go make coffee now
2429s you you might not have all the same
2431s stuff I I legitimately don't know yeah
2433s we have no idea wait I already see
2435s something insane
2436s okay
2439s I need to see this bro hold on look at
2441s this all right first thing I see when I
2442s open this let me try to not leak stuff
2445s uh-huh
2446s I crossed out
2448s all right this is the first thing I see
2450s when I open it
2452s nice
2453s that looks like the bag let's take the
2456s bag
2457s I think there's two bags I think there's
2459s like a I think there are two bags yeah
2461s yeah
2462s I don't think they did here let me
2464s okay we also got a hat that also says
2468s literally
2469s but uh and
2472s then
2476s yo they didn't do recoil on it they did
2478s my logo which actually looks super dope
2483s okay this one's actually very big yeah
2490s Nelly All right what have we showed so
2492s far I had my headset off I want to get
2494s caught up here
2495s is that your kid's name
2497s uh-huh oh that's actually fire that is
2500s sick
2500s so baby explains got a name on the head
2503s as well I'm gonna be rocking this for
2504s the rest of the stream that's a dummy
2506s dude they went they're they're like
2508s really went off on them yeah
2510s personalized exactly yeah
2513s oh this is way too big for my head
2515s that's okay though
2517s I have a big head anyway here I'm gonna
2519s show my my thing next
2521s so did you guys all get did we get the
2523s same stuff just like with different
2524s things yeah yeah but but did you get
2526s like this as well yeah yeah yeah yeah
2528s there's something inside of it nice okay
2531s no there's nothing inside it Hawks well
2533s I I know that okay well you could use it
2536s as a pillow I guess it's just like a big
2538s yeah when I first saw it I thought it
2540s was a pillow yeah I was like oh nice
2542s they sent me a pillow
2544s this is a high quality stuff right here
2546s too it's like canvas got a nice wood
2547s button yeah
2551s all right are we going inside
2553s can't see yeah okay how do you say that
2556s oh this looks nice okay
2559s time to drop my merch line
2562s all right inside mine so we got the bag
2564s and then pull that down and we have the
2566s Cod mobile blanket this thing is so soft
2571s it is it's a really good blanket but is
2574s it a blanket or is it like a snuggie
2575s type deal because it's I'm pretty sure
2577s it's a blanket if it's a snuggy that
2579s would be even better though but yeah I'm
2581s pretty sure it's a blanket
2585s it's got like all these things
2587s connecting it to be like packaged I
2588s gotta pop them off
2590s hey yo for the next Call of Duty on
2592s mobile I'm gonna be rocking this the
2594s entire time bro I'm rocking this blanket
2596s there's the rest of the stream it's cold
2598s in here
2600s I love this guy called mobile knows I
2603s love caps
2604s yeah that's fine
2606s I like the number one being off to the
2607s side too actually yeah yeah like because
2611s you have your camera on the left too
2612s right well yeah
2614s did they do that strategically that's
2616s what I'm saying it actually seems like a
2617s strategic wait do what my headphones are
2619s off my cam is to the side and they put
2622s it on the side where my cam is like the
2624s number one so it shows like in the right
2626s spots how do you think about that I did
2628s not think about that either
2631s the vest
2633s hold on I'm still getting it
2635s so have you guys opened up the black bag
2636s yeah let's try to synchronize this a
2637s little bit like if we got inside this
2641s wait which yeah I think there's a yeah
2643s yeah yeah is there that's for the cat
2644s came from Hogs
2646s okay gotcha I gotta open this up then
2649s dude my headset wire is too small for
2651s opening stuff up right now I'm like
2652s having to keep my head right here the
2653s whole time
2655s I see the mug that Bobby got
2658s oh okay
2660s oh my God that is fire so clean
2665s then hold on I gotta swap out the head
2666s yeah
2667s I'm I'm trying I'm trying I'm trying
2671s is that like is it in a box there's the
2673s Oh no I got it it's 75.
2678s dude I like The Recoil brand but I'm
2680s happy that I went with like the logo
2681s instead because it looks so cool with
2682s the like
2683s that is a nice the quality that is so
2686s nice
2688s [Applause]
2692s I agree all right hey cheers boys Cheers
2694s Cheers let me go make coffee real quick
2697s okay but have you seen the water bottle
2699s though that's what I'm digging into next
2701s the Signature Collection oh the waterbot
2704s the water bottle
2706s in there what I have it open the water
2708s look at this I thought it was just a
2710s random water look at that what uh-huh
2713s don't screen it like a like a perfect
2716s gold skin that yeah dude it is
2719s oh yeah bro you know how hard it was to
2721s get this thing gold
2723s you know what I had to do to get this on
2724s the front I don't know if you can see it
2726s there you go
2727s oh oh I get the nice cinematic b-roll
2732s that
2735s isn't it
2744s I'm stacked right now
2748s from Call of Duty this week alone yeah
2750s yeah
2751s I'm getting stacked with them
2754s the jacket is fire too wait what's in
2756s your charger pack is it literally
2759s uh-huh bro where do you see what they
2760s put on my charger tag
2762s oh dude I'm wearing this right now I
2764s think
2766s probably put the katanas for my skin
2769s nice
2770s on the pack dude the detail in this is
2772s insane
2774s like it's not like just one thing and
2776s like put it on everything there's like
2778s 10 different things we've seen so far
2780s off my skin in real life but there it is
2783s bro
2784s okay one second have I did it
2788s there we are did you get a piece of
2790s velcro and like have it like stored like
2791s that on the back yeah it's a backpack
2793s with the kids honest
2794s wait so is that in a box the power bank
2798s yeah yeah oh yeah I found out about it
2800s that is actually fire I think this one
2802s is my favorite one
2803s dude it did the same thing for me too
2805s like a piece of the skin
2809s so this is a power bike
2812s oh wow I actually we made this too
2814s because I like cosplay my skin when we
2816s launched it so I have this uh bracelet
2818s upstairs I gotta go grab that and
2820s compare it
2824s that's fire oh my mom's gonna love that
2826s too this is perfect for the current
2829s temperature of my house
2831s all right so I think that's I think
2833s that's everything in the bag
2835s all right power bank the water bottles
2837s do you not get like the tops
2840s uh yeah I was just looking at those like
2841s this
2844s oh yeah oh we got different colors too
2846s yeah so yeah we did yeah the match
2848s nice
2850s oh yeah for like the color of your skin
2855s sick
2856s yeah the color of my skin
2860s adjust my hat tightness I'm on the back
2862s my hair looks crazy
2864s nice and then that's good
2872s eat absolute Heat
2875s right it's like a really nice print on
2877s this too I don't know if you guys felt
2878s it but like the texture on this yeah
2880s yeah you can tell it's like a really
2882s nice like yeah I don't know if I want to
2885s wear this I might want to keep this
2887s I know I don't think I want to wear it
2888s right now
2889s yeah because I've worked like I've wore
2891s all these uh Cod mobile tops like I have
2893s seven or eight of these black ones uh
2895s because there's only one of these I want
2897s to keep it like good
2899s yeah I know what you're saying
2902s fair enough
2903s all right it's gonna be worth thousands
2905s one day it Millions maybe oh it's it's
2908s like completely different products too I
2910s didn't even realize because you got like
2911s uh like your zipper like a quarter zip
2913s type thing right like an athletic mine
2915s was like a um
2916s there's more hoodie style yeah yeah same
2919s which is what I wear more often too
2921s I think I gotta put on this cap though
2932s wait a cab my new main hat can I get it
2936s did I get a cat
2938s oh yeah I'm a dumbass
2941s yeah I'm so dumb I'm so dumb bro oh my
2945s God
2948s that is nice
2950s clean
2953s all right we're all dripped out time to
2955s Nuke some kids
2964s all right you ready hey bro uh yeah I'm
2967s good to go I gotta clear off my desk a
2969s little bit I got blankets and mugs and
2971s everything
2973s I got a pile going right there
2976s have Cod mobile
2978s I was sick Bro what other game gets you
2981s gifts on their birthday
2985s true
2987s you know what I'm gonna pour my drink
2989s into my mug and drink it out of my mug
2993s I might go after this game I'm gonna get
2997s some water and put it into my gold yeah
2999s I'm thinking the same
3001s what are we gonna do for the Damascus
3003s water bottle
3005s gotta collect the uh
3008s the gold plate the gold Fork
3011s I think this is like so weird with the
3014s drink that's in there yeah
3016s yeah what are you sipping on there doc
3018s what is that what is that it's a little
3020s energy drink we're scared not sponsored
3024s the number one mug what the number one
3026s hat has your shifting it uh-huh that's
3029s what I'm saying like it I feel like it
3030s adds validity to like anything that like
3033s to Bobby's literally hugs his brand oh
3036s yeah
3038s they have like Call of Duty do that for
3040s you is insane bro just like how the
3042s Skins were it's like I don't know I
3044s didn't realize but look at if you like
3045s drink and then there it is oh yeah oh I
3050s didn't see that bro yeah
3052s yeah you're like sipping it on stream
3054s they thought that's through oh nice
3056s little promo right there top tier I
3059s agree
3059s I like the gold accent on it on the
3061s handle yeah that's really cool that's my
3063s favorite part for sure but you guys got
3065s gold mine silver
3066s oh it's probably the guys are the white
3069s and black yeah
3071s nice dude it's crazy out like everything
3074s started
3077s told you we're gonna get something but I
3079s thought it was gonna be like a t-shirt
3080s uh-huh you know what I mean like yeah I
3083s was like oh so they're gonna send us a
3084s t-shirt with our name on it or something
3087s we need to learn to expect more oh okay
3092s I mean they got a good team over there
3093s called mobile exactly exactly I don't
3096s know what to expect in the next year
3097s going into 2023
3102s this is definitely my favorite hat of
3104s all time
3107s football is freaking hoodie bro
3111s yeah my thing covers him I like Logan
3113s yeah that's a w hoodie move it nice let
3117s me put it here
3120s oh yeah we're on your caps yeah we are
3122s all right so Bobby's standing on that
3123s [ __ ] blanket dude
3125s give me that dude it's so cold in my
3128s room I need it it was but then I put a
3130s heater on in here now if I wear that I'm
3131s gonna sweat
3133s I'm just gonna use it hello
3135s so cozy
3140s all right so next up we're doing the uh
3142s the 10v10 Dom right with M16 sweet
3146s y'all ready up whenever oh yeah yeah
3150s uh I'm gonna use Shadow Blade just to
3151s see what it looks like
3154s are we doing random map or do you want
3156s to do Rust
3158s oh I forgot I could change the map it's
3161s probably a good idea guys here's bagaboo
3164s uh don't know okay guys yeah
3170s I thought I had it downloaded
3172s no it changes
3181s do we have it dang it three people
3186s come on guys
3188s yeah come on guys that look for us you
3190s should have had this downloaded like a
3192s long time ago people exactly yeah guys
3193s definitely yeah sure guys yeah come stay
3196s on top of it yep stay on top guys
3200s I I would never not go into a game and
3202s not have the map you know what I mean it
3204s could never be me yeah yeah I would
3205s never believable exactly yeah it's
3207s unbelievable that people would do that
3208s dude it's even dead shot too we can't
3210s kick Deadshot though I mean
3213s he's our teammate I mean we can I say we
3215s give him 20 more seconds all right
3218s dominated to be honest oh
3221s same
3224s Valley has Ali has five seconds five
3226s four three two one
3231s all right get him out of here get him
3233s out of here
3235s Deadshot uf5
3237s come on dad come on dad come on dad
3240s no
3242s all right
3243s one more
3247s fergington bro bro hold on hold on I'm
3250s here I'm here though I'm here I just
3252s need to make a gun like a gun you know
3254s what I mean yeah yeah yeah yeah I was
3256s doing MythBusters bro and all my classes
3258s had crazy stuff on them
3259s they still have crazy stuff on them
3264s but it's okay though no egg boosters oh
3267s okay
3269s there's a difference God for that
3274s okay sounds good dude a rust 10v 10 with
3278s a full lotto M16 this is not what I was
3281s expecting to do today
3283s let me see this Ironside though
3286s oh dude come around this corner
3289s oh he's up uh that guy's got a diamond
3291s Locus what what what servers are we on
3293s what the okay oh yeah my thing's not
3295s amazing
3301s though oh there's no kill cam
3304s oh I'm 16 is it's interesting yeah
3308s yeah there's literally a zero percent
3310s chance we nuke on this map say what
3312s intention speak for yourself oh I died
3315s okay okay yeah he's sniping yeah
3318s all right so
3320s I can be well what are we trying to like
3322s are we trying to try
3326s but it's just not gonna happen
3329s oh he has no faith in us though guys
3331s that's what I was saying but
3334s it's really okay can this thing three
3335s shot or does it four shot with the uh
3336s four shot four shot
3339s kid seems kind of good yeah I got
3341s snapped right off the bat always getting
3342s screenshotted I was getting
3344s screenshotted you know when they freeze
3345s right after they kill you yeah
3352s you guys definitely not gonna pick up
3353s another gun
3355s right
3357s nice all right these irons are really
3359s clean I like them really good
3360s multiplayer irons
3364s you just can't move in 10v10 you spawn
3367s and you stay there
3368s yep spawn die spawn die spawn die yeah
3373s whose idea was it to play this oh man
3375s peace
3378s okay I can actually rotate now for a
3380s second hopefully oh my God I just we're
3381s not 14 guys
3388s it's funny because we're all got the
3390s mythics get on yeah so uh Ferg how far
3392s are you from the nuke
3394s um I don't want to talk about it I'd
3395s rather we just forgot about it I think
3397s it's only like 20 kills away yeah I
3399s would say maybe 19. same on a good day
3401s away
3406s I think I have uh approximately three
3409s kills no stop shooting okay see my pain
3411s getting great right now I don't know
3412s what I think about the M16 full auto yet
3414s yeah it's like I'm engaged on this oh my
3417s gosh yeah all right I've got it oh if I
3420s killed that guy I would have loved the
3421s gun
3422s hey that Merc 5 world uh World
3424s Championship skin no kind of fire though
3426s oh I can't do anything
3429s it's fine it's fine we're fine
3433s I just gotta I just have to sit on hey
3434s glitches that's all I'm doing
3438s okay hmm
3440s I want a Shadow Blade but I can't get in
3442s their face I'm gonna try
3444s their person's kind of nice though we
3446s got the advanced I did yeah
3450s but I got hived no
3454s they even nerfed the hives that's
3455s interesting people still using it yeah
3458s like the one thing that could kill me
3459s right there too
3462s uh obj
3465s speak for yourself
3468s hahaha
3469s oh my God I didn't realize there's no
3471s such thing I'm a dumbass
3474s I always do this bro
3480s okay we never have cars to meet again
3482s here we go pop music pop a new heavy me
3485s too I got you I got you I got
3486s simultaneous thanks man
3489s I gotta go High Ground he did
3492s oh get out of my face
3498s no stop shooting at me stop it nice
3506s when I get them
3513s they're coming through here
3518s oh yeah I got B I'll put him in the
3520s spawn trap baby
3522s put him in the small trap
3526s oh there's a lot of you nice
3530s I'm gonna make a push for B
3532s do it man we're getting it we're getting
3533s it trust good luck Bros
3536s it is a war zone over here I got
3539s instantly as soon as I stepped on it
3543s oh he's got the jokes bro
3547s unfortunately Bobby
3550s I just had to do it though
3553s all right you got it okay
3559s I thought I think I've died 20 times
3561s since you got that
3564s because he said yo it's a free it's a
3567s free Fern Channel video
3569s he said
3570s touche
3574s this gun's not bad I wouldn't use this
3576s like regularly though yeah it's just
3579s really tough for me to tell right now
3580s with my pain I actually bumped the first
3581s version so oh they did uh-huh
3589s I'd like to see the M16 in The Meta
3592s in a long time coming people are using
3594s it like the uh the Garena tournament
3598s I'm not saying it's like Meta Meta the
3600s the full auto or the uh burst full auto
3603s [Music]
3607s I don't have anything you probably need
3608s one headshot to three shot though right
3610s two you can do with two chest shots oh
3616s I gotta use the deagle it's all I have
3618s left when you got the nuke are you
3620s playing High ground or low ground Frick
3621s and low grind first half but then I got
3623s 15 and then I got the last five high
3625s ground nice
3627s and I died finally okay well those guys
3629s are dead
3631s I spawned straight into neat
3635s okay brother living on the west coast is
3639s not ideal playing with someone from
3640s Europe on the East Coast
3644s it's not ridiculous
3646s what what pink are you on uh 90.
3650s oh Lord
3652s yeah that's less than I do yeah
3655s that's what I'm saying except to gauge
3656s this gun right now and I'm I'd shoot him
3658s a second later the damage pops up
3661s guys we gotta win
3663s we just have a permanent freaking event
3665s stop or something I should have done a
3667s diamond armor oh my God that's my thing
3671s kinetic yeah
3679s love me some good diamond armor
3682s no
3685s dude I love I just looked up and saw my
3687s hat and I love it
3689s smoked
3691s shoot him dead oh
3695s I'll be your skin okay
3699s you guys are just better than me
3700s unfortunately I might have the Snipes in
3702s I feel like that's the move
3706s he said soon like the game's not bite
3708s down oh my gosh oh
3713s doesn't mean anything if we don't win
3715s exactly
3717s whatever you say man
3719s we got beat we got B um can we make up
3721s this lead 20. yeah yeah just maintain
3724s the two maintain the two
3728s I got a comeback medal
3733s 44 with our names on it that's funny
3735s nice
3739s that's kind of ironic he's probably
3741s killed all three of us with it that's
3742s yeah make a good video I actually
3744s haven't died all game
3746s oh sure sure sure
3748s I also nuke three times already Sam
3752s oh my gosh I can't I can't run up
3755s literally the second I try to run up I
3757s die immediately yeah as they're about to
3759s get Beto
3760s get him off wait I I missed all my shots
3767s there's two more and two more
3771s he's got the wall hang thing
3773s he's one shot got him the the new
3776s operator I'm like right on B covering
3778s are you on it Tiana oh yeah one on the
3780s left side or right side too dead
3782s we win these yeah he's easy easy easy
3786s oh that's good in the video
3790s okay
3792s at coins though bro when did they make
3794s this game so easy
3796s yeah all right like what the heck dude
3798s whatever you say right I think I went
3800s negative but we're not gonna talk about
3801s that
3805s um okay we might stick to custom modes
3808s that we can have spectators in
3810s because the uh the gameplay on the
3813s street yeah looks a little bit less than
3815s ideal I agree for sure
3818s oh 69 kills that is perfect pretty good
3821s man
3822s we like that though
3825s um excuse me I had more caps than you
3827s uh didn't ask I have more caps in you
3830s though
3831s oh
3832s [Laughter]
3836s you didn't like that
3839s okay
3841s spectated
3844s unfortunately uh
3846s all right I'm gonna go get water real
3848s quick while we set up the next by any
3849s chance
3854s uh what about normal attack I gotta
3856s clear some space real quick to record
3859s I know I got 27 gigs we're good
3862s I cannot record unfortunately
3867s why can't why can't be spectated can
3869s they expect a proper no we're gonna need
3871s streams I did properly yeah no you can't
3873s do that you guys choose I'll be right
3875s back I'm gonna top up all right
3880s okay well
3883s it's either BR or one of the primary
3885s game modes like hardpoint Dom SMD I play
3888s hardpoint all right or Dom
3893s be honest I play anything
3894s I don't really mind oh this is gonna
3896s fill up way too fast
3899s um
3902s inviting Mr bacon
3917s hey man why are you not using your
3919s personalized Avatar
3922s so that when I'm on streamer mode people
3924s don't know who I am but usually they
3926s still know who I am
3930s somebody take a screenshot of your
3931s stream with all of us in the hats on and
3933s you can see all of them nice it's gonna
3935s be playing like yeah you can see them
3937s all that's so sick
3941s Hawks is not gonna get in this Lobby oh
3943s wait they can't see the room ID I just
3945s realized we're chilling
3948s it's posted after
3952s um
3957s like Hey Man Nice hi guys
3960s accept the invite man
3962s except oh new Lobby yep uh hit it again
3965s okay
3968s oh we're going to Icebreaker I'm being
3970s told oh
3974s time for a little swimmy swim
3976s okay
3979s okay guys we're about to get smoked game
3982s audio good luck there though guys good
3984s luck I see he's in the other team
3987s who's on the other team juara
3990s well yeah I don't know who that is oh
3992s he's he's cracked nice nice
3994s oh
3995s oh where'd he go
3997s he didn't have it downloaded so I gave
3999s him the boot oh well that's convenient
4005s well that was my leaker video guys
4007s yeah he's really good at the game let's
4009s go dude 70 pink again
4014s how come we're getting my servers
4017s uh
4019s um because it's all of your mods that
4021s are in here are we still using the M16 I
4024s think it's pretty okay
4026s yeah I'm sticking with it Bobby can you
4029s ask me to press let's start a little
4030s late though because I'm trying to get
4031s back if you beat me I'll add you to my
4033s friends
4037s all right I am now recording
4040s no recording know the spawns
4042s nope
4044s or left side
4046s too much quieter with not 20 people yep
4051s I feel like the M16 Jiggles such an
4053s awkward entry point
4055s I'm in the hardpoint
4057s I'm an obj God oh this bank is tough
4064s I spray a guy and then he just turn on
4065s me and beat me dude I have a seat every
4068s time anyway but
4070s hey I have an excuse system just let me
4073s run with it the guy here he's dead
4077s and they're like targeting me on the
4084s the guy keeps coming back somebody AFK
4086s or no
4091s it's freaking weirdo dude oh my God hey
4094s this guy's got the nade thing martyrdom
4096s what are you doing
4098s who uses that
4099s everybody Hogs literally everybody I
4102s don't use it
4104s all the losers use it me you're a winner
4107s does not
4109s you guys didn't spectate that oh you did
4111s okay I don't like that I don't like this
4117s you don't have to be
4125s you're not bad it's just the pain just
4127s true
4129s he's 100 correct chat
4133s other team are you guys gonna play The
4134s Objective or well they can't even get
4137s there because we keep killing them
4138s because we're so against her I should
4140s have died
4143s coming on the right just like my comment
4145s section says nothing but luck
4147s true
4150s whoever just popped that attack five I
4152s love you
4155s give me a dubs another you have
4159s be like that though
4162s oh they're also are they spawning behind
4164s what is that yeah I'm so dead I'm so
4168s dead don't get him off the Hattie bro
4169s I'm sorry if you die it's my fault uh
4172s you got a noise
4174s Bobby got him hardpoint is ours oh I
4177s didn't have an angle
4180s hostels have captured the hardpoint
4182s where's this guy
4184s no oh I tried to swipe that
4188s bro there's no chance I'm getting that
4189s guy off a heady with an M16 in this
4191s range it just doesn't happen simply
4196s really all about your aim you know
4199s uh no Bobby remember ping oh yeah true
4201s touche
4205s uh Shadow Blade
4207s try to put this thing to something oh my
4209s God oh my God
4211s where are they now oh they're there I
4214s think I'm spawning behind them
4217s oh hello
4221s [Applause]
4225s passing Bobby
4228s he's everyone's father nice totally
4231s stole that kill thank you
4238s baby
4241s there's a guy working in angles with a
4243s sniper by the way yeah I know
4246s oh your Predator just got him he's just
4248s a big old goober he is goofing
4252s I'm too stupid
4253s yeah somebody dropped a C4 no way it is
4260s he looks so different oh I think Barrel
4262s no way
4265s dude everybody keeps popping these
4266s attack fives is Opie oh my God he killed
4271s me with that thing that gives you wall
4272s hacks brov yeah no
4276s yeah
4278s oh I should not be alive
4281s ah okay you're sworn just stole every
4284s one of my kills okay there's another one
4288s beam like four days first he did not
4290s want me to Nuke him
4292s what were you on 15. all right
4296s I'm dead I'm dead I'm dead help me thank
4299s you Ferg come on
4303s capture the objectives should have
4305s played more aggressive I guess I guess
4306s that stops people from camping the
4308s operator I should really put the the
4310s score limit to like 500 or something I
4313s agree yeah
4315s I don't know
4319s he's got diamond armor nope
4325s no that timing oh I'm still your dad
4329s oh how does he let me do that
4333s how is he letting me do
4334s I'm popping in advance
4338s oh very useful Advanced I forgot sorry
4341s stream I choke damn dude I was on the
4343s streak too I think it was like 14 there
4347s hey we have to get a triple nuke for the
4349s content
4350s I agree take it on like Midtown or
4352s something probably doesn't like that I
4354s don't know about nuke
4357s I think I I don't think it's a good rank
4360s map but I think it's a fun map yeah
4363s that's facts
4368s that's indeed be fun too not nuking but
4370s still fun
4372s get carried I'm your dad
4376s yeah
4377s and
4378s I never got one before me
4382s uh New Town it is
4385s score limit
4386s 1500. oh it only lets you go up to 300.
4390s uh it's good time limit Mike yes sir all
4394s right you're one of us need to get a
4396s nick
4397s all right what happens if someone
4398s doesn't get a new I'm letting new people
4399s in what kind of tweet are we doing
4405s for whoever doesn't nuke yeah if two
4408s people nuke and one person doesn't nuke
4410s we have to we have to do something
4416s I mean like
4419s I mean like you know here here if it is
4422s me I'll let you guys both get a tweet on
4424s my account whatever you want okay okay
4427s well I mean what's in reason within
4429s reason uh
4432s it has to be a comparable partner
4437s that way I can limit you guys
4442s like that
4444s um
4448s yeah
4449s 39 or something to the Head from pretty
4451s good range
4453s I think it does 42 to the head up close
4456s so you can three shot pretty
4457s consistently yeah okay you guys are
4460s talking like you hit headshots all the
4461s time I do oh guys you're not hitting
4464s headshots you know am I just behind on
4466s like what I'm supposed to be doing yes
4468s yeah oh oops I am for the toes huh
4474s yeah this kind of sucks
4476s matoga what can I say
4479s uh
4480s um
4486s why did I not flip
4489s he's up he's up he's up they don't like
4491s this
4493s oh let me move it
4496s don't let me just coming in the corner
4497s Bobby
4498s dude
4500s you don't need to watch me by the way
4502s there's a Ferg skin running at me
4504s is anyone sniping that's my only worry
4508s I haven't seen anyone sniping no okay
4510s oh my gosh he's not me in the face I
4514s tried to save you I'm sorry I do think
4516s they have one sniper no oh my God I'm
4518s dead
4529s what a goofball why is this guy going
4531s melee only I'm not getting weirdo
4534s oh if I didn't get that out I've been
4536s pissed
4537s are you guys rocking vulture right now
4539s or not now I should be capturing yeah
4543s oh my God this thing's beautiful
4549s oh did our kill feeds are insane right
4550s now I agree we're running right on these
4552s I have a second gun maybe you yeah
4555s there you have
4557s coming up the left side
4560s dead benefits
4564s no
4567s that's such a dumb way to die dog all
4569s right it's not looking good for him babe
4573s because this guy's got the camo yo this
4575s guy in their team has the M16 with the
4577s with the new seasonal thing
4579s oh I want to see that up yeah oh there's
4583s not bringing us again wait so he has the
4584s the legendary I'm 16 with it no it's
4586s just a normal one okay he's got the full
4588s kit yeah
4591s surprised the spawns having flu what the
4593s heck
4594s all right any of you guys playing obj at
4595s all no I'm not saying we should I'm just
4598s um
4599s eventually spawn to get a flip right
4602s enemy Advanced did I hear that right no
4605s I called them friendly
4608s cover me thank you appreciate it
4611s I almost saw that
4615s uh-oh
4618s between my eyeballs
4622s no the major assist man
4625s pain
4627s no way that's crazy
4631s skin that guy has is nice
4635s talking about the first game
4641s it's okay it's okay it's okay
4649s guys not peeking here
4653s bro you know what I could go for right
4654s now
4655s oh
4658s ouch
4661s no shots the same guy oh my God the M16
4665s born to win that is a nice Escape
4673s okay I kind of choked a bunch of shots
4677s no
4682s this guy's spawning in the corner
4685s oh my God
4686s oh you got him on this
4690s one
4691s no hardpoint lockdown
4696s enemies
4702s they come through
4704s no no shot they don't
4707s I'm not gonna win that fight oh dude if
4709s Dale got me I would have not been a
4710s happy man
4712s I'll be
4715s thank you
4718s it's not looking good I don't know what
4720s you're talking about bro I'm on a
4721s merciles oh
4727s where is mine
4730s wait Bobby are you close too I'm
4732s literally like one off I have
4735s I'm not it's not looking good bro
4740s where they at though
4743s they're not even spawning another
4746s do we stop with the Swarms and stuff
4751s not really but all right I'm gonna kill
4752s myself
4754s in the game though in the game there it
4757s is
4760s he killed me okay we got advanced
4766s all right Hawks it all comes time dude
4770s I just saved her life he was about to
4772s hit you with the shield thingy
4775s [Music]
4777s I'm trying man
4779s when they're getting nuked the swords
4781s and hell that I can't do nothing
4783s that is true
4786s I mean we got we got time though
4788s I don't got the bullets though
4796s oh my God yeah you guys are murking him
4799s before I can even get them
4801s nice guys
4804s that's just me oh
4807s [Music]
4809s guys
4812s who's clustering these guys
4814s it's making it impossible for me to uh
4817s can I pick up someone's gun okay
4818s operation don't give Hawk to Nick what
4821s are you talking about
4831s juicy man
4833s it looks freaking juicy
4836s oh my God I'm getting
4839s my M16 I'll go through walls this full
4841s auto yeah
4845s already spawning now
4850s guys there's the difference in call outs
4852s right there
4853s oh
4856s yeah
4857s so that I can get kills they're using
4860s shotguns though Hawks be careful though
4862s okay gotcha
4864s all right that sense is wrong this is
4865s gonna be tough I'm gonna die Hawks if
4868s you die we leave the lobby
4870s um
4875s I literally can't find people
4878s it's against the rules for you to die
4880s right now though
4883s okay Dale
4891s I know but nobody's even trying well
4894s maybe they're trying they are they're
4896s using krms
4898s what does that mean
4900s it means they're sweating with one shot
4901s weapons of mass destruction man I have
4905s mass destruction
4909s I'm not standing on that hard point I am
4911s not that guy
4913s oh this guy wants me dead where this guy
4915s go okay
4926s damn it oh
4927s I got him
4928s I was never worried yeah no one died
4930s what am I saying no no I'm very far
4935s I'm simply trying to locate people right
4937s now
4939s if Dale kills me again okay
4944s we're taking Dale after this game
4953s can you guys not drop Six before I get
4955s my first place well now I kind of want
4958s to I didn't know we were gonna try again
4959s but I want another spree so oh my God
4965s I'm scared
4967s it's ping though it's ping though
4969s I'm on the okay I mean I guess
4974s and that extra 10 ping I have on you is
4976s a big difference okay yeah whatever you
4979s say bro
4981s are they spawning
4983s thank you me I'm probably dead oh
4986s what hello
4988s who is that can we clip that though
4994s Frank how does it feel to keep killing
4996s your own skin
5000s never felt better
5003s before you get one it's like come on bro
5009s it's not even like the Ping is getting
5011s me killed it's just every time I shoot
5012s people I get assists
5015s found them
5017s no
5019s no
5020s I know Dale is just that guy
5023s dang it
5025s can someone give me their gun keep
5027s talking about wanting me to Nuke and
5028s won't give me a gun
5030s I don't want you to Nuke
5033s oh well
5035s okay okay
5039s [Music]
5042s oh my God I got a spawn knife
5045s all right all right the new the nuke
5047s starts now I'm actually trying all right
5049s let's go man all right all right
5051s Jack do you guys believe type one in the
5053s chat if you believe
5056s doing the chat also means you believe
5059s just any chat interaction is a Believer
5063s you guys are all believers I love you
5065s all
5066s except freaking Bobby they're haters
5069s is that with haters we ignore them
5072s motivators dude
5075s yeah you guys motivate me
5077s where is this guy but then you pop a
5079s swarm in the nuke and stuff and you know
5082s am I using a war machine
5089s what the people with the Ferg skins keep
5091s shooting me in the back
5093s all right what does that say about your
5095s very skill issue they know how to play
5097s oh
5101s that's spotted that's why I like playing
5102s against my viewers
5104s because they have no idea what's going
5105s on exactly
5107s can you guys believe that that Hawks
5110s would call you bad
5112s unbelievable do you think anyone of this
5114s is my viewers come on it's true come on
5116s Fair Point
5119s Miami guys he's running away
5123s oh my God he almost killed me down Dale
5126s thank you
5130s tap one in the chat if you hate Dale
5135s I love hugs from come on from
5139s [Laughter]
5141s I keep running out of ammo and then I
5143s have to just try to pick up a gun and
5144s then I die it's happened three times now
5146s plus pink plus ratio plus I lagged
5155s good luck man
5158s good luck man
5162s you know they say man if you believe you
5164s can achieve Hogs
5166s not with Dale in the lobby
5169s no he's not that good he's just annoying
5172s I just see his name and I missed shots
5174s because I I'm so pissed off the
5175s intimidation Factor yeah I think it's
5178s just a short short name gets me dang it
5181s it's he's definitely smurfing too
5185s counts level 65. this I really should
5187s have nuked the sloppy ages ago
5190s um
5194s spotted
5197s oh
5203s oh about that Peak though what is this
5206s I'm dead I think we have to use Lop at
5209s next it's unfortunate oh
5211s I love you for saving my life
5214s I got you I got you
5216s it's Hellman Hawks and SW I really
5218s shouldn't have done the swarmed if we're
5220s being quite honest yeah why
5223s I don't know it doesn't even want to do
5225s news
5226s I'm actually really close though right
5228s now so I'm I'm about to get it I think
5229s why
5231s I don't have anymore as long as I don't
5232s get shot by Dale I think we're I'm out
5234s of ammo
5236s that looks hugs I'm working I'm working
5238s on all right no we're done we're done
5241s somebody left the lobby Hawks died we're
5243s done I'm calling it quiz oh I want one
5246s more though I'm gonna streak though I
5248s didn't ask though what four in one game
5252s though
5254s okay whatever you said you got to get
5256s your lapa nukes now oh yeah I forgot
5258s what now now I'm gonna get the new now
5260s that Bobby's not here okay Dale kill me
5261s I left I'm leaving
5263s backing up
5265s I'm kicking Dale for you Hogs don't
5267s worry thank you that's all I wanted
5271s Where's my water bottle I need water bro
5276s okay
5283s three four one two six zero eight eight
5287s for everybody in Chad that wants to join
5290s all right now I'm warmed up
5293s well Cod mobile took a poll and said Do
5296s you believe and uh they said yes and
5298s I'll actually let them down that's
5300s tragic they said yes
5302s I didn't know they say yes yeah that's
5306s that's truly unfortunate hey we didn't
5307s say win just like the the dance on
5310s Twitter
5311s um do you guys want to do our skins in
5313s this one
5314s oh yeah
5319s we'll see who has the best lava build we
5321s don't we don't say what our builds are
5322s until end of the game oh yeah you
5324s already got one whoever nukes first has
5326s the definitive best lava build yeah man
5328s definitely not buying it right now
5330s you don't you don't even have the battle
5332s pass
5333s uh just just rank it up right now man
5336s it should be in your mail I'm pretty
5339s sure well I bought it I bought it anyway
5341s oh okay
5345s um okay let me actually put on vulture
5346s now too
5347s oh yeah true
5350s vulture and Diamond Army we're good it's
5353s kinetic I call it diamond armor it's not
5357s Diamond it makes me feel special it
5358s looks more like gold it looks like
5359s diamond no it looks like diamond it
5360s looks like gold with diamond on it
5363s okay man you say so whatever you're
5365s saying Brave
5367s it's gonna compare the water bottle to
5369s something Diamond but I forgot I don't
5370s have money like that
5372s oh
5374s he's not nowhere guys but there's
5376s Diamond chance yeah
5379s all right oh my gosh guys quit inviting
5382s yourselves
5387s someone said the room has a password
5388s does it
5389s I think oh it doesn't I don't think so
5391s now I don't think so people are getting
5393s in
5394s yeah it's it's full what
5397s um oh do we want to do Nuketown or we
5399s want to change it up a little bit
5401s I would like to go oh my God I just
5404s realized what I did stand off I ranked
5406s up I like stand up
5408s but I didn't buy the battle pass but I
5410s ranked it up how do you how do you even
5412s do that I have no idea how I did it you
5414s ranked up the battle pass but you don't
5415s have it yeah without buying it yeah
5418s I don't know I don't want to talk about
5421s it oh my gosh
5424s at least at least I got the gun though
5426s right guys yeah yeah yeah no no for sure
5430s guys right all right vulture
5435s I'm not running hives anymore I guess
5437s I'll use the diamond armor nice nice
5443s definitely the way to go
5445s and I will use a deagle because
5447s apparently well not apparently we're
5448s definitely not shooting down uavs okay
5451s are we ready no bro I'm making my
5455s awesome gunsmith though
5457s I think my level the hot dog one
5460s what hot dog skin
5463s item isn't a hell of a big mic but
5464s there's so many attachments for this gun
5468s yeah no it's a super complicated gun to
5470s build
5471s Hallelujah
5475s boom I'm gonna say that this is gonna
5477s work we'll see though I'm using the
5479s Vandal speed reloader
5482s I don't know if that's the one that I'm
5484s using but
5486s that's a good option
5488s well this looks kind of crazy when you
5489s do it like that I probably shouldn't use
5491s the uh primary short mag
5493s if no that sounds like it would be
5495s detrimental to your uh
5498s nuking capabilities you're gonna slide
5501s out with that
5502s daughter
5505s okay I'm good
5507s I'm good
5512s I'm good yeah yeah do uh stand up oh
5514s yeah you're right you're right you're
5515s right
5516s I cannot believe that 84 of the people
5519s in chat voted that Ferg was gonna get
5521s the first nuke unbelievable now I have
5524s to do it oh I know who I'm voting for
5527s six percent
5529s [Laughter]
5531s it's more disappointing that I'm only
5533s four percent ahead of you
5535s [Laughter]
5537s like seriously guys well no you know
5540s what they're it's because chat knows
5541s you're a very slow methodical player
5543s you're gonna get the nuke but it's just
5545s gonna be a little later
5547s seconds after Ferg last game I'm trying
5549s to help you here Bobby I'm trying to
5551s rationalize
5554s okay
5555s to be fair I haven't used the lapis so I
5557s feel like the the Voting is a bit rigged
5558s but did you guys literally drop five
5560s nukes before I I did I mean I didn't
5562s even get one so I can't say before three
5564s yeah Bobby had two right no I only had
5567s one oh okay so four okay cool four not
5569s five
5571s hey yo shout out let's go eleven percent
5574s yo Aaron voted for me Aaron jewson see
5578s Chad if you vote for me you get
5580s personalized shout outs I'm just that's
5582s what I'm saying
5583s because you'll be the one person that
5584s did it
5585s all right guys
5588s just letting you know nobody's making
5590s okay like 14 times legendary
5594s that guy has the maxed out maybe not Max
5597s but like Mega upgrade mythical Specter
5600s well guys everyone good luck all right
5602s there guys right right
5604s stand up is by far my best
5610s yeah yeah you're gonna get it dude that
5612s gold is so clean
5614s I'm gonna need you to join back in this
5616s game so we get my servers please
5622s yeah we're on we're on the East Coast
5623s nice
5625s it's not West Coast but it's not Europe
5627s bro this freaking iron sight is
5630s ugly that's why we use the Red Dot yeah
5633s oh my God he doesn't have that thing
5636s maxed out what yeah I know yeah this
5638s Thanos guy is gonna
5641s obliterate us oh guys it looks like my
5644s device
5645s this is not gonna be enjoyable all right
5648s this is not gonna be fun common issue
5650s with the brand new tablets yeah and
5652s brand new Samsung covers
5654s [Music]
5665s a goat I'm your dad I'm your dad I'm
5669s your I'm your I'm your kid
5671s I'm your father
5675s when you have your kid are you gonna say
5676s that to them oh all the time
5682s literally
5684s literally you're available all the time
5688s yeah I might just play for the win
5690s because uh I'm not dropping a nuke nope
5692s nope nope nope
5695s I wish I would say I'm on a streak but I
5697s have zero kills I'm on a one these irons
5699s make it so hard to pre-aim two streets I
5701s agree
5702s oh my gosh
5704s I got him bro I got him
5708s The Avengers
5711s yeah yeah I I have to use a red dot on
5714s this I should have
5716s mistakes
5717s can we get some Vision here boys yo this
5720s guy oh my gosh he thinks he's qualifying
5722s for the Cod mobile championships right
5724s now
5726s is he not
5729s no you're Diamond nervous
5732s I'm dead I remember six
5737s when did the Mythic coming out for this
5739s or the legendary
5742s got killed by the can-44
5743s [Music]
5746s wait the lap of mythical yeah uh it's
5749s only getting a legendary
5751s or no not yet they've been dropping the
5754s legendaries for the new guns but closer
5756s to the end of the season
5761s oh my God okay killing chilling chilling
5764s oh yeah that guy's using the skin we did
5765s the km 44. yeah yeah I was just saying
5767s that
5769s okay I'm getting shredded
5777s three tap on them I'm your dad
5781s let's go Hawks
5782s pushing no he's one time he's gonna type
5785s in the corners got him get him get him
5787s Thanos down
5789s hey guys let's play for the win I agree
5792s I'm good with that because there ain't
5794s no way I'm looking this Lobby nope not
5796s happening
5798s I thought it was possible for a bit and
5799s I realized it wasn't and I'm trash
5805s I'm gonna pull a hawks and call Ping
5807s issue
5811s I'm here
5813s no
5814s dude what are you talking about
5817s I don't mind this gun hello three
5819s Captain yeah just irons aren't me yeah
5822s yeah like if I could have a you know a
5824s Mythic
5828s that's unfortunate
5832s my build definitely doesn't have the
5833s range though that I would like for
5834s playing a team like this yeah you can't
5837s really build it for range because if you
5839s do then
5840s your bullet speeds like two meters per
5842s second yeah and then doesn't work in
5844s range
5846s it's a lose-lose situation
5848s I will be the obj wait they're gonna
5851s flank us oh yeah
5854s one's the other side though I like that
5857s skin the Mythic character Skin's sick oh
5859s I really should be dead right now
5861s still should be dead
5863s I just got connected oh I can't kill you
5867s that is tragic
5869s oh my gosh we get it
5872s you have the Mythic Krieg good for you
5874s man I agree
5876s with the sentiment he's the one show
5877s behind your statements you got him
5883s yeah I mean that guy just did oops oh
5887s Trip Mine
5890s Noah's on the other team w
5892s a lot thirsty guys I'm like super close
5894s they're rotating hey man good job though
5896s no he's [ __ ] no a chance bro
5911s somebody's got ghosts on the point
5914s I wish I grinded the crib
5916s Diamond skin just like this guy on the
5917s other team looks like no
5920s uh vaulting foreign
5936s legendary SKS has killed me a bunch
5940s yeah maybe he put it away I don't know
5945s golly dude not smart or dumb
5950s martyr damn
5951s oh his kinetic's gone yeah there's an
5955s SKS I haven't seen him in a minute I
5957s hope he's not on the street
5960s identify
5965s oh my gosh okay
5969s we shoot that down Bros no
5972s okay
5977s but like any second now you know
5979s the guy in the guys okay ends dead
5982s guys
5983s there's a guy Elwell that's us guys yeah
5995s do that that was just swinging oh my God
5997s I'm slammed yeah I forgot you could
5999s block bullets with the uh
6001s you can shadow box yeah what that
6008s our UAV has been decided is it finally
6010s over oh my God it's going to 300. oh my
6014s God I'm in the hard point because I
6015s thought it was going to 150.
6018s we have time to Nuke that's all it means
6020s I did it easy which drink are you on
6022s right now I'm not on any screen uh
6030s I don't know I don't think they're
6032s shaking maybe I don't know
6034s definitely campus Brothers
6037s he's going for a Nook for sure because
6039s he's camping the bike
6040s okay 100 can't see anything but I hear
6043s him I'm dead
6046s I got him nice thank you
6053s is what away
6056s I'm gonna use that close I don't know
6058s how high explicit was but I could tell
6059s by the way his plan he was on his way
6060s gosh what got you buddy I got you
6063s online thanks man but then I died after
6065s to the same person
6066s same person that keeps killing me
6071s [Music]
6072s I I can't use the lava I don't know I'm
6075s bad
6076s I like it it just it sucks when I'm at
6078s range and the irons are useless
6080s okay I got an eyeliner
6082s and I loaded them after no worries got
6085s the Redemption
6087s what oh oh can you stop shooting it yo
6101s oh I was turned on those guys
6104s I did one but not too
6108s long saw that mag this guy was the guy
6110s that was on the street yeah
6114s I got cobalting but I still am his dad
6116s I'm dead
6118s oh I Dodger hunter killer
6122s oh man how does it feel
6124s there we go we're locking in right here
6132s quite literally oh
6136s Let Me Be In Love
6139s dude I want that gold Mythic bad it's
6141s nice I can think of so many gunskins
6143s that goes with
6146s come on
6148s come through
6150s come through
6153s it's not looking good brev what are they
6155s doing
6156s there's camping outside and hey it's
6158s really annoying Hmm
6161s unbox this kind of wasted my uh shoot
6165s them
6167s dang it
6172s we're just too good man
6174s great I'm dead kind of sometimes
6187s [Music]
6189s I didn't realize your skin there's like
6192s a skeleton
6194s you can see a skeleton under their skin
6197s two tabs
6205s I'm getting shot on the side what where
6207s was he
6211s oh bro Crossman me with the can
6217s he made
6222s rotating toward me broken oh yeah but
6225s you got him though I don't know he's got
6228s a quick fix I got him nice
6230s I died that's the guy that keeps killing
6232s me
6235s I'm your dad
6237s I'm just happy Bobby Caldo Magnus is on
6239s the street
6240s yeah I agree
6245s okay this was a terrible decision but
6248s we're gonna make it work what are you
6250s killing me there
6251s I'm gonna try the the rate of fire
6253s Barrel on the lapa because
6256s yeah feels like my current build is not
6258s it
6260s yeah
6262s nope
6265s hardpoint contested
6268s oh
6271s clapping them
6273s dude
6278s oh devil get out of my face oh it's
6281s getting so easy
6282s excuse me
6286s I'm not showing a street though dude
6291s somebody's here
6294s I'm your dad
6299s thank you oh man side popping this one
6305s friendly swarm activated oh my gosh
6308s cyber saber bullying wait there's
6311s somebody baloney
6314s there's a guy coming up
6316s did you get him nice I love Advanced
6318s uavs I agree
6321s I'm dead though thank you
6324s encounter UAV is up he's got done hey
6327s I'm dead there's like five of them there
6330s holy
6332s I'll spawned on the same spot
6335s okay yeah
6337s a little bit wonky
6348s hey how did he know
6352s Thanos just snapped me out of existence
6355s okay that's rough buddy
6360s no way
6362s I'm bad I'm actually garbage
6377s oh if he got me I'm gonna have been
6379s livid
6380s okay
6385s yeah we put some streaking right now
6387s wait
6390s heads up team enemy UAV spotted oh my
6393s God there's like five pushing me
6395s I'm an objective player guys
6398s yeah we know oh my God wait wait wait
6400s wait wait wait wait wait wait
6402s online nuke doable is that what we're
6404s thinking here yep
6407s I was about to say same and it's still
6410s possible I was joking yeah it's it's
6412s unfortunate I can't now
6415s I'm bad oh I got shot from the side
6419s that's the Press can get to me every
6421s time
6425s it's okay I'm bad yes him
6428s that's tragic
6430s that was on my second advance
6433s well I don't know where that guy is
6434s we're gonna back off that acipity sap
6438s oh
6441s hey guys one point oh my gosh
6445s are you sure though are you sure though
6447s uh no because three of them ran in let's
6450s let's go ahead and get on the point
6450s shall we yep
6453s I agree sounds good yeah maybe it
6455s wouldn't be a bad idea wait why well
6458s because 299 and that would just be
6460s disrespectful if we lost
6466s all right don't worry I'm about to win
6467s the game right here in the same Corner
6468s no you guys are worried but don't be
6470s oh you're gonna you're gonna get there
6473s let's go
6475s come back metal with the closet oh no
6477s they didn't have the the assets
6479s downloaded so it looked like we were
6481s using the Rus as the whole time foreign
6485s The Spectator client didn't ah
6489s um
6490s spectator client didn't have all the
6492s assets downloaded so it looked like we
6493s were using our Us's the whole time
6500s huh
6503s why
6505s what is taking up all my PC space it
6507s just disappeared
6509s the heck man
6513s being
6515s foreign
6534s all right what's the move wanna do uh
6536s another battle royale
6539s um
6541s okay that is true that's true we have
6544s not we have not secured the line
6548s okay
6553s our keyboard
6555s pretty dark if you're in the streaming
6557s such things you know you want to
6563s see
6571s what's your favorite thing from the drop
6575s like the physical drop that I got yeah
6577s the Care Pack uh the Hat because my hair
6581s right now is um something and I've been
6584s needing new hats
6586s I agree and this is very nice
6588s can we get a close-up real quick
6590s look at this look at this
6592s Bobby are you munching on something
6596s without a hype look at that high quality
6598s stuff chat
6599s for me so I am starving heat absolutely
6602s and the water bottle
6606s um oh also yeah I got the new tag
6612s the new town where is it I can't see it
6615s oh yeah nice yeah I like tacos kind of
6619s attacks like that I don't really like
6620s sleeves bro leaves are not they're not
6622s really vibing with them yeah I might
6624s work into that one day but right now I'm
6625s just doing like loose tats
6631s I got the uh the Trap friends one
6633s touched up too on the thigh
6634s Blossom ink when I first got it
6637s yeah but you want to share some food bro
6642s no maybe a little bit of share in action
6646s nope okay I'll just eat okay sorry I was
6649s muted hello what are some of your food
6650s Bros no it's all mine oh all right
6655s so we can Nick with the lapado
6659s um
6661s um
6663s not really shipment
6666s slums is a pretty good nuke map
6668s with the lap slungs
6671s oh we're using the laptop spawns Summit
6676s would be good yeah some would be good
6679s all right I'm going rate of fire lapid
6681s to see how it feels
6683s okay let me see my lapa
6686s I don't really know how to modify mine I
6688s think a red dot is pretty necessary
6690s Red Dot is very necessary for sure I
6693s don't know what attached with the dip on
6694s though
6696s what do you have um agency suppressor
6698s 12.4 Barrel Amos laser Vandal Speed
6701s Loader from grip tape I don't think you
6703s really need to aim assist laser yeah
6705s that's what I was thinking
6708s I think that's much more valuable
6709s valuable
6713s straight
6714s I'm screenshotting this so I can use it
6716s my top five guns of bills
6724s all right
6728s we will find out
6736s oh this is so much better
6739s makes it look like an AI
6744s although I think my Red Dot sense is not
6745s right hold on
6750s 151 dog what
6754s wait ads sensitivity and red dot sense
6756s that should be the same right like that
6758s value
6761s what was that yeah I would just have
6763s them one for one
6765s uh Red Dot sensitivity and the other
6768s sensitivity Bobby
6771s I would just have them the same yeah I
6773s have them the same okay cool
6776s give chances to all guys it's a it's
6779s different people every time
6780s they're just putting in the password or
6782s the room ID
6786s you just got to be here you got to know
6788s the the ID
6791s same ID every time that's the one you
6793s gotta copy
6795s again generally servers guys let's uh
6797s let's leave the lobby real quick so the
6799s admin can download the skin oh yeah
6802s that's far better yeah
6806s I think if you go to
6808s um
6810s if you go to the laptop
6813s and then you scroll over to it from a
6820s um
6822s I'm trying to think if you can look at
6823s the individual skins I think if you go
6824s to the prioritize the download you can
6826s download the the hot dog one
6828s by just clicking on the gun skin in the
6831s battle pass it's at level 50. yeah
6833s forces the game to download it to view
6835s uh-huh
6842s I said the recipe
6846s I had to go teach someone how to cook
6851s yeah because I'm a chef and everything
6852s you know what it is obviously Bobby
6854s doesn't know how to cook so it's
6856s unrelatable to him but maybe somebody in
6857s Chad gets it
6859s hi Bobby
6860s you do not know how to cook I'm a chef
6863s brother nobody in the country of
6868s Britain Europe Brett Britain is not a
6871s country
6874s that's like saying anyone in the country
6876s of North America bro
6879s North America is the greatest country on
6881s earth I agree and then number one
6888s all right my Mug's number one you like
6890s that Hogs yeah I was just looking at
6892s that actually
6893s um
6894s I'm ready to go when you guys are yeah
6896s bacon is with the eye sets
6900s are we prepared
6902s I'm ready
6903s hey okay kick everyone on the other team
6905s except the guy in the right
6907s oh wait why I'm just kidding I'm just
6911s kidding did we play against the Shish
6913s guy earlier yeah
6917s all right this is your chance chat
6919s there's the room ID we have room for one
6923s and the guy in our team was here first
6925s or before too
6927s oh Fergie oh Julian SC chat
6930s oh yeah you're right you're right
6933s sorry but Pro okay
6936s oh
6938s I agree it must be a Smurf
6942s or Pro yeah we don't want any Smurfs
6945s it's a sniper Smurf for sure there's
6947s that joke no deadshot's already been in
6950s peanut yep already been in
6953s all right there we go nice sorry
6957s bro ready up gotta be on top of it
6964s oh
6966s my camera uh we're backing out we're
6968s backing out
6976s let me use my portable charger
6979s I don't leave my eyes
6987s oh I'm the host die
6990s it again
6993s yes I love the room sorry
6996s I'm making a new one because it's gonna
6997s be too tough to get making Megan oh wait
6999s no there's a spot just sitting there
7003s in The Spectator spot you can invite you
7007s are we all three in here now yeah yeah
7010s nice we're not baconatters
7013s um
7015s I'll just keep kicking kick the guy at
7016s top yeah I'm spamming in both
7019s he's nice let's go
7021s w
7023s ishi money I am preparing myself to get
7026s a Nook right here respectfully
7029s I agree
7032s if it's my server I'll give you the
7034s Fergie guarantee Bev oh yeah it's
7036s guaranteed
7038s all right
7040s it's just a guarantee though isn't it
7042s unless it's South African servers which
7044s I thought have you gotten that before
7046s no but they have them
7048s oh yeah they added them recently right
7050s yeah
7052s nice oh a lot of people wanted that
7054s yeah it was a big enough Community for
7057s it I guess so they warned it
7060s was going on for so long too everyone
7062s was talking about well all the South
7063s Africans were dominant the fight time
7068s really they didn't want oh my God this
7070s is so good what
7073s you give me your bill dude
7076s oh [ __ ]
7077s I built like the bullet speed thing that
7080s you were talking about appreciate that
7081s yeah
7082s Mexico is a bit or whatever
7085s oh my I should not be alive
7088s I agree
7090s hey
7092s somebody asked that there's no way I get
7094s out of this unfortunately
7097s I like this gun gotcha if that guy way
7100s too hard for him to not be dead
7104s somebody's gonna be right here
7106s it's the Ironside for the battle pass
7107s the same as the iron size for the
7109s default yeah pretty much it might
7111s actually be slightly worse
7113s oh boy
7116s that's not even possible
7117s [Laughter]
7120s I agree with that
7123s okay spawning behind me
7127s is that guy jump down
7129s where is he somebody next to me oh my
7131s God this gun's so good
7133s there he is
7135s I don't like my position we move
7141s got a trophy system cool I'm insane I
7144s have zero IQ I went to the spawn people
7145s that they spawned there but it's the
7146s next hardpoint
7148s I gotta go hard rotation here I don't
7150s like Chad probably don't even mention it
7152s please
7157s I was kind of a wasting my diamond armor
7158s all good
7160s then I will continue saying that
7168s appreciate
7170s I should have died so many times
7172s oh that was so close
7185s all good
7187s that's painful
7188s are we back off to a better position
7190s here because we're smart and we play
7192s smart hostels whatever you saying
7197s what is that spawn
7199s I mean I'm lucky but
7200s just finish
7205s oh these sponsors melee
7210s our teammate doesn't know how to use
7211s that's all I'm gonna say
7214s smarter dumb it sucks
7218s but he did not die to your freaking
7221s now martyrdom forced me to reposition in
7223s it
7224s yeah it's tragic
7226s that's why we get back in it
7229s okay
7231s completely lost sight of this guy
7234s because of the iron side
7235s yeah that's happened to me a lot I just
7237s could not see him whatsoever
7239s nice back on the UAV nice and quick
7242s responsibility no we already had one oh
7245s this guy's one HP
7248s foreign
7250s thank you whoever saved me I just love
7253s you
7254s I think that was you that saved me no
7257s then they pushed me
7259s oh my gosh the kinetics one HP
7262s oh my gosh what did I just do
7270s uh we're playing catch up here
7273s I'm dead
7275s harder done man
7279s oh my gosh
7283s I already got it rev oh nice
7287s there you go I told you bro if we get my
7290s servers it's over the Fergie guarantee
7297s son of a mother duck
7303s pain and suffering yeah
7307s still five there's still five brothers
7308s we have loads of time I'm I'm bad I'm
7311s bad oh my gosh I'm bad
7316s online
7318s dude he used the wall heck thing
7321s oh my God he did yeah
7325s that was pain and suffering
7327s anyone else have a crackling sound in
7330s their ears
7335s I do not like my position so therefore I
7337s shall change it sorry Timmy
7340s down what did I all right bro oh I don't
7346s like that they made score streak soap
7347s like they were in season one
7350s down
7351s oh that was close
7355s um you can now get up here he's got the
7357s thing he's got to take the button down
7360s got the full charge you can't do nothing
7363s I can't believe he killed him right
7364s there
7370s I'm bad
7371s all right I'm just getting super
7372s aggressive everybody's got freaking
7374s Bartered them I know
7383s okay
7386s I died to a freaking contact maid oh my
7389s gosh as I got my advance
7394s bro whoa whoa whoa
7396s glad to be of service
7405s okay
7408s oh wait what the what the oh my gosh I
7411s should have been dead
7417s oh yeah
7419s I'm coming for you oh my gosh oh that
7423s was close don't advanced
7425s ah
7427s I'm so sick
7430s what
7431s what I'm getting killed by dumb stuff I
7434s don't have the butterlighter I need to
7436s get that
7441s I love this gun this sounds so good
7445s look at that it's like an mx-9
7447s reimagined
7451s did I just not kill him
7455s no I just didn't kill him they're coming
7458s through though
7459s oh you guys coming okay
7467s [Music]
7470s they're spawning behind us yeah oh nope
7474s oh my
7478s God I need ammo
7482s wow
7484s that's crazy
7488s [Music]
7490s somebody's right next to me one shot
7492s dead
7493s okay my laptop definitely does not work
7495s at this range
7499s it's not a great range weapons oh my God
7502s why are they they're still spawning on
7505s me oh my gosh it's not looking good for
7509s Bobby so
7512s all right good
7516s hello that was just a yonkington yeah
7520s it's already online
7521s trying to mailing me man why are you
7523s just getting bold
7525s I'm dead I oh got Molotov it's fine
7527s though
7528s like I shot his entire mag at me before
7530s he killed me the entire Squad just
7532s pushed me I just spit on my desk it's
7535s fine
7536s what it's fine
7540s um yeah can't move
7544s oh
7546s don't worry guys stop shooting at my
7549s back dudes I got us all covered
7553s oh my God
7558s uh I think I gotta drop one now
7559s definitively proves that na servers are
7562s better than EU servers no it just proves
7564s that when I'm on EU it's too easy right
7568s right let me kill myself
7571s no don't do it
7576s no not like this bro you're such a Goofy
7578s Goober
7579s okay
7581s where are they hello I I think one's
7583s trying to melee me no thank you thank
7585s you
7588s oh come on
7594s uh you remember when I asked that
7595s earlier and then you guys just didn't
7597s say a thing but we even advanced in this
7599s guy
7600s okay that's a good point someone shoot
7601s it down I'm dead I'm dead I'm dead I'm
7603s dead I'm dead
7604s oh my God he got stuck in the wall this
7606s was just the absolute biggest waste of
7608s kinetic ever bro I get cut a contact
7610s nade
7618s as he's using a shouting yeah Jack 12.
7620s I'm saying Thumpers contact nades Jack
7623s 12s what is this pulling out every every
7625s stop I'm gonna forget the Hawks is
7627s stealing all my vulture bikes and move
7629s on with my day
7632s oh my gosh the amount of martyrdoms in
7635s this game is destroyed getting really
7637s sick of dying to this Ferg skin
7640s [ __ ]
7644s you're such a freaking weenie oh my God
7650s that guy was just chasing me spray it oh
7652s batter
7654s IES
7656s let's drop this
7658s they are all spawning oh my God
7661s no no oh my God
7665s contact needed yeah brother this guy
7669s stinks
7671s [Laughter]
7678s right there
7680s ish
7686s no just contact me they didn't even see
7688s you what the heck
7690s no don't contact me thank you
7694s that's what I'm saying my lap is so bad
7696s at range
7697s they're not even use it
7701s I feel like three of them are using
7702s contact hands right now at least sounds
7704s right oh my God I'm gonna talk about it
7707s probably they're trying to kill me in
7709s every way possible
7711s that's why Call of Duty works well no it
7714s melee contact nade gun every kind of
7716s mess
7719s ing guys
7723s oh I wanted that I'm convinced I can get
7726s three
7729s I think again
7730s of course the advance for you love you
7733s wouldn't call it in yet
7735s oh I already did oh I actually
7738s appreciate it captain
7739s of
7742s glad somebody appreciates what I do here
7747s oh did you yeah
7750s oh never mind the users are useless
7753s okay then I appreciate friends I don't
7756s appreciate yours okay
7757s I should not push that
7761s I'm probably dead I don't know why I
7762s hopped on the objective
7764s oh my God
7768s whoa they're still back here I thought
7770s the cluster would kill him oh my God oh
7772s my gosh I'm insane I need some Vision
7775s here guys here we go it means
7778s I knew he was gonna cheers for me I
7780s freaking knew
7787s it wasn't bad he's
7788s supposed charge hey I was flying cover
7791s man there's no shot
7794s oh I'm tired in the dumbest way as
7796s possible
7798s holy crap
7801s all right we gotta do this quick now no
7802s time
7804s push everything I see
7812s how ridiculous you say that
7815s enemy UAV spotted
7818s did they need to stop winging these
7820s contact grenades around I might be dead
7821s I know I know oh my gosh
7826s dude I'm just running at everything
7828s we're doing this
7831s nice
7836s Pioneer above I knew I could do it I
7839s should have gone four bro
7849s okay where do they spawn I have to kill
7852s myself
7854s throws a spawned on me crazy
7862s um
7865s oh I just called an advanced after you
7867s called yours in
7869s my bro
7871s come on Bobby get your crap together
7877s is this guy just like chucking these
7879s across the map and just praying
7880s hopefully his contact Nancy because yeah
7882s that's crazy that's how he killed me
7887s there we go baby oh he's too fast he's
7890s too quick
7896s thingy ballistic thing bro
7899s nice Bobby
7901s Reno
7903s all right uh
7906s I know I know I just responded yeah
7919s wavy spot
7923s those things are annoying contact me
7924s it's in the ballista when you're on a
7926s straight ground if you guys actually uh
7927s like let me get pills
7931s okay
7935s ballista and reactor core
7938s yeah
7944s okay this is doable we're close we're
7947s close enemies Advanced UAV is online
7949s enemies
7951s are using bullet speed attachment Bobby
7954s uh no I'm using a rate of fire oh
7958s I usually use bullet speed though
7964s I think I've got the attachment on it
7965s does both but I like I don't know what
7968s it's called
7969s yeah I think there is one
7973s that does bows
7975s there's one uh bullets or a rate of fire
7978s attachment that increases by like eight
7979s percent instead of three percent so
7981s that's the one I just killed the entire
7983s team just
7984s heads up enemy UAV spotted
7988s come on Hawks
7991s I'm working I'm working
7993s I got made dude it doesn't make any
7995s sense when they're across the map and
7996s I'm getting melee and it doesn't the the
7997s the range it just doesn't add because
8000s the lunge animation
8003s um
8004s oh my God they're all trying to knife me
8008s oh my gosh hello
8010s we have a lot of kinetic armor there sir
8016s yep
8019s just be done and give me the Glizzy
8021s though
8024s I'll take my three Nicks to the bank
8026s guys don't worry
8027s all right man
8030s don't worry hux I got you covered up
8033s you can have one of mine
8034s yeah oh sweet cool
8038s oh my God
8041s holy freak there's one more there he's
8043s one shot oh my gosh that was insane
8047s enemy UAV spotted
8052s why does it take so much to flip that
8055s spawn ridiculously I agree I should not
8057s be alive
8059s thank you
8061s Oh I thought I was like wait there's
8063s somebody in the UAV I love Thumpers
8071s I don't know where they're at we believe
8073s in horses and stop saying that
8077s every time you say it I died we don't
8079s believe it oh my God there we go yeah
8081s yeah
8082s tell me tell me I fell off oh I needed
8084s that
8087s you fell off no I needed that
8094s oh this guy's trying to do the freaking
8096s wall Bank yeah there it is
8098s um
8101s I shouldn't be on the point if I want to
8103s get this new account hello yep
8107s where are they spawning though
8110s here we go
8116s no nevermind
8120s hello sir goodbye you guys the latter
8124s half of this match never happened right
8125s never happened well I think this entire
8127s match never happened uh Robbie just
8129s likes me guys I'm 23 and four against
8131s him
8132s nice I'm just gonna cry myself to sleep
8138s hey I I respect the commitment to the
8140s obj for these guys I agree
8143s oh why is my iPad dying what the heck oh
8146s I'm actually dead
8149s oh I'm your father
8154s I love this thing I actually love it so
8156s much
8160s that'll be up here right guys
8164s again bro
8167s that was an easy dub though so are we
8170s like streaming until Hawks gets a nuke
8172s uh if you want to do a a 48 hour stream
8175s then maybe
8178s no we can call it we can call it
8182s I mean we can say uh maybe like one more
8184s BR though
8186s get everybody in there
8189s yep 127. I'm only got 100. we just go we
8193s go three man Goliath you know
8206s all right
8212s uh new room
8217s uh yes sir
8220s hit me up on that uh with the invite you
8222s got it
8227s so what is archon's hammer
8229s it's like the story mode Mission thing
8232s oh
8238s is that part of the map
8242s it just happens in the nuclear or
8245s whatever
8255s oh
8257s um we get bacon in here
8262s room ID is
8267s 168.
8271s 304
8273s 37.
8277s there you go guys
8280s one final BR to finish off the Stream
8283s we're winning
8284s oh 100
8287s you guys want to do TPP on this one or
8288s fvp
8291s I would prefer fpp but I don't mind
8299s and either way
8307s bro Bobby's got me hungry man that's
8310s what I'm saying oh I'm hitting I'm
8312s heading up the app I'm sick
8315s I don't know yet oh dude what do we got
8319s going on here mine's Mediterranean
8321s oh I might have to go with some of that
8324s uh subwav
8327s huh I have no idea what that is
8331s they have the nice uh soup sandwiches
8339s it's green
8343s never mind
8347s I think you're making things up
8349s sometimes so far away from where you
8351s guys live that I have no idea what food
8353s you you are a big fan of super buff I
8355s know you eat soup buff all the time
8358s what is this a reference to it's not
8361s really a reference I'm just saying like
8362s backwards probably like no it's not
8364s super sauce
8368s [Music]
8373s whatever wow
8375s what's the hot Drop in BR right now
8379s probably like the new location if I had
8382s to guess the New Vision City or the
8383s other one I mean if we just tell them
8384s when we're going we're gonna get
8385s everyone there that's what I was about
8386s so we should just pick a spot sanitarium
8389s fights are fun too I think you
8392s what
8398s we're gonna
8400s I like the Laughing more than the M16
8403s oh yeah well there was times that range
8405s where I would have preferred the M16 but
8408s hey man maybe I need to send you my
8410s Loadout though
8411s you might have the I think mine's kind
8412s of doggy doo doo
8414s I was blessed
8420s I swear bobby every time he orders rates
8423s gets it in the same Bowl
8424s these like last three years I've seen
8426s the same Bowl
8428s in plastic garden
8432s every time hey Cod gamer I replied you
8434s though
8436s chat why are you guys not joining
8439s oh they don't know people what is this
8445s I've been spamming the code oh okay
8449s click the little room ID thing in the
8451s top right corner of the custom room
8458s here
8463s I'm ready for auction has the car I mean
8464s just like in the cloud nine days exactly
8468s glad you know your place
8473s I've developed this weird twitch thing
8475s that when like I'm happy or I'm laughing
8478s I like twitch my fingers bro
8480s oh I know from the frags videos yeah
8483s like I don't know like yeah
8486s I'd always do tonight all right
8498s and stuff like little games and like the
8501s whole time I'm just like
8505s got a focus face
8510s slightly spicy
8522s all right it's 70 people the lobby
8524s begins
8527s just enter the room ID for the people
8528s that want to join
8530s this is about to be the freest BR game
8532s of my life
8542s Chad do you think they should add riot
8544s shields NVR I feel like I think BR and
8548s multiplayer I think top mobile players
8549s would love that
8550s bro we already have a ride Shield
8552s ability your operator guy hello
8554s no like a riot shield right Shield
8556s though
8557s like back in the cloud nine days
8559s remember how we had level one level two
8560s level three right yeah those are insane
8562s they were
8567s all right let's get it
8569s I'm so excited for the future of Call of
8571s Duty on mobile not stating any other
8572s titles but
8574s yeah yeah
8578s [Laughter]
8580s like Call of Duty on mobile is going to
8582s be lit this year
8585s respectfully especially Battle Royale
8588s [Music]
8588s um
8591s first person uh Call of Duty on mobile
8594s Battle Royale
8596s I also agree that I'm excited for that
8602s do the FPS when you switch
8605s from uh straight from multiplayer to BR
8607s so noticeable
8610s 120 FPS please I hope they had 120 to be
8613s our one oh dude I'm lunging right or I'm
8615s like meleeing people and seeing the
8617s lunge that is uh-huh that's crazy so
8619s they nerfed melee but they buffed that
8622s no that that's what got nerfed it used
8624s to be twice as far oh
8627s is it because the mythical or what like
8630s the animation of like swinging it is
8631s crazy
8633s it like it goes I don't know just swing
8635s your melee and look at it
8636s seems way different I don't know if
8638s that's a mythical skin thing though
8641s it might be that's my animation
8648s skirt hey chat you remember when this uh
8651s knife was like super rare and I was the
8652s only one that had it uh the good days
8654s good times
8655s spend on that
8658s what how much money did you spend on
8660s that the Halloween knife like 300 nice
8663s dude it was yeah like right when the
8665s game dropped it was like the first
8666s credit this is the first time through
8667s that looks so cool yeah oh yeah
8670s yeah spec client doesn't see an
8671s unfortune chat we're talking about the
8673s uh three inspector mythicals
8677s we're following you military research
8679s we're yeah we're following Hawks oh oh
8681s tell me what a job
8682s wherever you want crash the crash site
8686s yeah what the hell is that Elias I'm
8688s going to a Goliath
8695s spawned throughout the game as well
8697s I think but I'm not positive crash that
8700s doesn't show in the mini map that's what
8701s I see
8702s I see the text now but it wasn't on the
8704s mini Map There's A Team on me bro am I
8706s gonna 1V for them though guys yes
8709s yeah I'm not with you best of luck
8711s that's why I said one before yeah
8715s my teammates with me though are you sure
8717s oh you're with me yeah they spawned up
8718s top there is two oh okay
8720s though
8724s yeah they're still here
8726s that one
8727s oh it's p941
8731s what floor are they on uh I don't know I
8733s think one's Amino oh yeah
8741s no I got the kill you're all good oh my
8743s Jack 12 looks like a by 15. I guess I
8745s don't yeah download it
8747s can I semi out of this you can that's
8750s right
8753s foreign
8756s that's it's such a w ad
8759s I haven't tried it yet it doesn't have
8762s like enough Health to wear its op though
8764s I feel like I feel like I think if you
8767s got four man Goliath I think I'm pretty
8770s much a guaranteed win did you guys ever
8771s play against the Goliath and warzone
8774s no dude that was insane the Juggernaut
8778s yeah Juggernaut oh my
8780s that thing was nuts you can't say I have
8783s but there is a Goliath on us
8786s Jackson
8788s yeah the last blow us oh he's up
8791s where oh he's right in front of us I see
8794s him now
8799s do not worry I'm coming this is nice
8805s can I hit that I think people are
8806s landing yeah I got up top multiple fart
8808s skins up top
8810s oh it's my stream snipers yeah like five
8812s of them yeah oh I see everybody did you
8816s notice that furry it like shows you
8817s where everybody is
8819s once up I need help
8829s thank you
8831s hey that's not gonna happen but okay it
8835s might not too valuable yeah he's gonna
8836s say he's gonna say it what I just go I
8840s got a thing a car explosion killed me
8842s what the hell was that
8844s but actually though what was it
8848s scared me you got three seconds I'm your
8850s dad it's not gonna happen
8854s oh this greedy selfish player chat bro I
8857s had no armor I didn't know you didn't
8859s tell me first you should have told me
8860s before
8867s are you still Goliath bro no they
8869s shredded it yeah
8871s I just don't feel like it has enough
8873s Health to be op 750 or something right
8876s I think it's like 800 900.
8878s the HP of it yeah oh okay
8884s [Music]
8886s hi
8889s we'll see you later
8892s I think we will but I heard somebody
8893s else over here
8895s hmm
8897s I like that they added these new places
8899s more Central than New Vision City
8901s uh-huh that was such a good place but it
8904s was so far away so far from Zone man oh
8908s and there's a person this guy's just
8910s better than me
8913s okay never mind I had children
8916s it's a chopper you're jumping on us uh
8919s I'm healing up
8922s um
8924s he's down below me
8926s is there yeah I got one pumpkin
8931s kill them nice
8934s oh my gosh this stupid trap
8936s oh God I'm gonna get away I gotta get
8938s away oh no
8940s hey man have fun though he's not coming
8942s now no okay there's a lot of people
8949s he could arrest me though no I couldn't
8953s shut up
8957s oh you're dead dead
8960s uh 25 seconds
8962s Perez
8963s die
8965s or for a kill that's what we like though
8968s 19.
8970s wait oh I didn't know that it does that
8972s what the heck oh I forgot because that's
8974s how you slide cancel I'm sleeping
8978s I'll be on top let's go baby
8981s only one up oh God yeah just wait five
8983s seconds yeah I'm just gonna wait a
8984s second
8989s hey are we back
8991s we back in Action Bev uh give me a
8993s Defender yes please
8996s definitely not going for a glass
8998s straight off the bat guys don't worry
9000s okay sounds good
9002s remind me guys I had to crash site and
9004s Mr Institute that's my my mission
9009s I already make the Goliath go really far
9010s when you jump
9011s I feel like the uh it's like the ability
9013s thing
9015s hmm I need to get one of those things I
9017s still haven't yet is it just like a pod
9019s sitting around kind of like
9021s like in multiplayer
9023s I just obliterated that Goliath no idea
9036s okay I'm slowly making my way towards
9038s you guys
9042s okay I'm really far away go oh
9045s that's the easiest kill of my life
9047s I wonder if I jump on top of the Jackal
9048s will it pulled What the freaking life
9051s let me move oh my God it won't let me
9054s me down
9056s why is the movement up here so awkward
9058s what the heck dude
9061s can't get out is the creek any good and
9064s BR I don't think that it is but I'm not
9066s positive wait I should have picked up
9067s this guy's Tags I'm sorry teammate
9069s I'm a bad teammate
9074s apologies all right I'm heading your way
9079s okay I'm getting snipe dad
9084s you can slide in this and stand
9093s I might have to just fight these guys in
9094s the car getting pushed
9103s go fill team on me I have a full team on
9105s me
9107s that was so dumb of me
9110s try to 1v3 these guys in the car
9113s um
9114s so that's nice
9118s forgot about the shotgun meta
9121s me up
9122s that's right you better run bro
9130s you better run broskay
9135s I have The High Ground Anakin
9139s two on me
9148s I don't even know what Messi says
9151s [Music]
9153s wait it's another guy
9155s you guys are so annoying
9157s I don't even know what this class does
9159s I'm too terrified to try it in game
9163s I wish I could regen oh my
9166s oh he's got one
9168s second one get shots off
9170s I'll get some damage out the shotgun
9172s shot comes out a cheater actually
9175s I I should have killed them both right
9177s there I just didn't weapon swap in time
9180s oh dude I spectate you frig and it's
9182s like a third person view of the xs1 yeah
9185s sliding all over the place wait do you
9187s also see third person no okay
9192s I was about to say that'd be insane
9196s you know what this reminds me of Iron
9199s Man one oh
9202s yeah
9204s but he's walking around yeah the first
9205s boss yeah when he leaves the place in
9208s this first suit yeah
9211s her teammate is not making an attempt to
9212s get my tags
9217s you're already coming back wait who's
9219s getting me in
9221s I'll be probably
9224s um no oh our teammate mustard then W
9227s teammate
9232s I think I'm gonna land on one of these
9234s things I gotta try this out
9241s all right bro there's gotta be a way I
9243s can regen itself there there's no Wham
9245s style like this the whole game right
9248s all right where is uh
9251s is there any on the map I can get
9253s oh yeah maybe you could get my tags
9256s Maybe
9259s take fall damage
9263s all right I'll get your tag
9265s bro 300 health Goliath is not it bro I
9268s have the same one Health as everyone
9269s else
9270s I know a big fat Target on my bike
9273s juicy Target though yeah I guess I
9275s forget that in VR you have like 250 HP
9278s yeah
9281s oh no I think teammates got you
9283s yeah he does oh I gotta get the this is
9286s probably good
9297s oh my God this thing's amazing
9303s see you later bro okay
9306s don't flip thank you okay nobody's seen
9310s that can you get in a car in a glass and
9312s no no I wish okay
9315s just sit on it yeah
9319s oh
9321s people are saying you can regenerate
9323s chip terminals what uh-huh
9328s that makes sense guys are walking W
9330s right now
9333s are there any other goliathan blade we
9335s can just finish with four guys
9338s um no I think I got the last one up
9340s right now
9341s did they randomly just drop in
9344s I have no idea
9347s yeah I don't know
9348s I'm not see
9356s I'm not gonna be able to make that work
9362s unfortunate ratio
9374s okay they're gonna block us
9379s are you guys in a fight over there oh my
9381s God yeah I absolutely name someone and
9383s they stole my kill what a loser it was a
9385s Magnus too uh huh
9390s airdrop has been delivered I'll just get
9393s my M16 load out then
9396s oh my God bro
9405s here we go
9407s yup
9419s all right man
9421s yeah
9428s nice it's so good
9432s there's still 27 people alive how is
9434s that possible
9435s I forget about the people alive I need a
9437s chip terminal
9441s I'm sorry can you shoot your teammates
9444s Goliath hopefully not I'm not trying to
9446s get you to blow me up
9450s that's my big clean players
9454s foreign
9458s there's a vehicle on me that was not
9460s right
9462s chip terminal is almost ready
9466s to make it this guy oh you did
9469s nice
9475s took so long to start shooting what the
9477s heck
9482s give me some things
9485s airdrop incoming
9487s where's the ammo
9493s there's no ammo here all right I have
9495s made it this far buddy do not don't even
9499s running low
9501s I've been I've been at 200 or below for
9503s like the last 10 minutes have you tried
9505s the uh chip yet
9508s I've been trying to get to this thing's
9510s mad slow
9512s bro you can freaking fly dude yeah but
9515s it takes River to regen oh my God
9519s guys
9523s oh there's a vehicle on me I went for a
9525s load I drop instead of a chip terminal I
9527s don't want to talk about it can I loot
9528s guns and then also oh nice yeah
9533s is that you shooting
9537s oh this kind of hurts nope
9539s I see you
9541s oh no oh no
9544s that didn't do anything
9549s I really don't get the ultimate ability
9550s thing I just kind of like float for a
9553s second and then fall okay no you need to
9555s aim it you need to aim it oh I don't
9557s mean I don't have an AR
9561s I'm so dead
9562s there's a lot of people
9570s jeez man I don't want me don't give me
9573s soon
9577s um
9579s what the you guys oh wow yeah if you
9582s break your Goliath you stay alive
9585s nice
9588s good to know I'm dead though like either
9591s way is that guy
9593s oh my gosh trying to trying to spray in
9595s no attachment
9597s it makes nine is not the vibe
9603s gonna lead your shots with this oh shoot
9604s I'm 90 HP
9606s don't jump out and try to shoot me all
9608s right I'm gonna full rotation or chip
9610s terminal
9611s it's like never mind on zombie from fhj
9613s all right all right so alive
9617s is war machine good in BR anymore
9621s I have no idea
9623s we will we will see
9626s um
9627s so I'm 30 HP in this Goliath if it
9629s breaks I just pop out yeah yeah I'll
9631s keep you alive
9636s try to keep it as long as I can though
9638s yep
9639s oh that's teammate
9642s where are they
9647s I'm coming
9655s there's a couple here too I don't know
9656s somebody just flew next to me
9658s where
9661s oh yeah
9666s behind you yeah
9669s I only hit him for 18 bro
9671s everyone
9679s yes sir
9682s foreign
9685s [Music]
9703s to the game
9710s and there's like a full Squad I'm your
9712s dad I just launched up
9718s rotating to the hill on the left
9722s um somebody on you Ferg I'm dead I was
9725s ready
9727s give me the glisenberg
9732s hey guys we've been here I hope you win
9733s though hi guys pretty jocked
9737s no it's not chocolate I'm trying to
9739s fight this guy with a pistol
9742s no shot yeah I can't believe I didn't
9744s pick up a gun really there's no ammo uh
9747s there's one knocked on me um he's trying
9749s to get a rez I think yeah I just got
9750s plates oh nice
9754s oh yeah you got him up all right yeah
9755s there's three sweats right there
9758s that's what you say
9760s sounds like lightword
9764s okay right there how many nades I do not
9767s where's that sniper
9769s good luck bro
9773s where's the freaking sniper dude
9777s okay
9778s 1v1 I think yeah you've seen him on the
9781s held here right yeah yeah he's yeah he's
9784s over there yeah okay wow that there was
9786s a lot of damage very fast
9788s one Zone's coming too oh the pressure no
9791s it's not good
9796s freaking
9800s prone yeah
9804s you win this
9805s guy oh he's a sweat I know that guy dang
9810s did you say
9813s touche third place we'll take it
9816s oh I'm not taking it
9820s okay you're 16. bro I'm telling you I
9824s was grinding in the Goliath yeah
9827s [Music]
9829s all right we have time for one more MP
9831s game what are we doing
9834s um
9838s are you sure hold on um
9843s why don't we won't use this season yet
9847s The icr Knockout come out this season
9851s yep
9852s I'll use it
9854s all right
9857s The icr Knockout
9859s invade scent
9864s waiting on bacon
9871s uh we're doing nice here yes sir Bradley
9874s the brand new skin came out this season
9877s The Knockout
9878s oh yeah I got that
9880s sure
9882s all right how do I build this in
9885s foreign switch teams
9891s all right
9893s then
9895s room ID is guys we're not playing s and
9899s d That's Indian custom rooms is just not
9901s the move
9904s I see eye to eye with Bobby on this
9908s is not good Bev
9911s show us the Specter hard drive data
9914s sent me I have no idea what just came
9917s out of his mouth
9919s um
9922s oh you guys want like the recordings and
9923s stuff
9926s oh wait those are just like voice lines
9928s I think
9929s oh you want like the whole Dusty thing
9932s excuse me
9934s bro there's so many layers to this skin
9937s there are truly
9941s I need to get my cards
9944s I hope the iron side's good on this I
9946s ain't gonna be extremely disappointed
9949s it's pretty solid iron sights I would
9952s say maybe it's ready to go when you are
9954s just good oh the guy who killed you'll
9957s be good
9957s how do you get mythical coins
9962s Oh you mean to think the upgrade your
9964s music yeah yeah
9966s you have to buy them
9969s yeah so we can't get them right now
9971s because the game didn't register that we
9973s obtained it so there's so much for us
9976s gotcha
9979s Doug
9984s Bobby
9986s leaving what the people in from last
9988s game nah we'll kick people
9991s there you go guys don't worry chat he's
9993s gonna do it though
9997s so we're kicking
9999s who's played with us the guy who killed
10002s you oh yeah
10003s oh I can't keep people from BR because
10005s they probably all played br
10009s ah but he is also kind of sweaty so
10013s slap us straight into our team huh
10017s that's the guy that wanted me to add him
10018s that one time
10022s um okay
10023s I'm good we'll uh we'll do firing range
10025s that's a better oh yeah we haven't
10027s played it icr
10029s I agree
10031s okay
10032s let's go
10036s get Hawks and new yes sir
10039s with the icr
10041s oh yeah living breathe let's go bro good
10044s luck
10045s looking at you yeah yeah
10049s it reminds me of that thing the Donkey
10051s Kong not funny didn't laugh one you
10053s remember that yeah the one that got me
10054s blocked by Ninja yeah yeah
10058s oh my ads is way too slow oh no this was
10061s a mistake I actually kind of like my
10062s build
10063s mine's really slow too oh that 120 FPS
10068s so nice buddy beams though oh I don't
10071s have the right I have like Damo expert
10073s and freaking overclock on why why
10076s because for MythBusters on this class
10078s hey yo we didn't see that one oh we did
10081s well three shots
10086s it's only one game I've got five percent
10088s worth of battery left
10090s yeah you think that
10092s I do this happens to me all the time an
10095s expert in dying no the crossfire I don't
10099s love my build actually this is gonna be
10101s tough
10102s [Music]
10103s you just say you loved your build uh no
10106s I think that's right
10107s what note
10111s because I said no I'm getting framed no
10114s that's crazy that's crazy
10116s no that was such a nice feed too dang
10119s Batman is just a brief hiring me
10122s wow I just say it like that I don't know
10129s I'm gonna kill someone with this contact
10130s Nate just to get the
10132s satisfaction
10134s dude every time
10135s yeah get a lot of kills but when you do
10139s you'll see okay come up on your screen
10142s just letting you know man in case
10145s I think I might get one maybe we'll see
10147s oh maybe two maybe three if you know big
10151s numbers
10153s juicy
10165s popping this are we pushing mid
10169s something 42 headshots
10171s KO
10172s he's my father
10175s hear the sound effects on this are so
10176s cool I agree
10182s I'm still going bro
10189s yum
10190s no dude your swarm is taking my kills uh
10194s yeah get into your own medicine buddy
10196s okay buddy
10199s Mr swarming
10204s I have no idea what you're referencing
10207s um I would never do something like that
10209s hard point is ours
10215s oh I'm both of your fathers I think
10218s somebody's trying to use the wall bang
10220s thing
10221s yup nice
10225s Advanced UAV is online
10228s there you go just like I said
10231s all right good for you man
10233s put this one my guy
10235s oh are you talking about me taking kills
10238s with a swarm yeah
10240s oh oh no he's taking my kills anyway
10244s that's true what
10246s oh man deserve death Mega pinch that's
10250s unfortunate oh that was just the
10252s luckiest spray congratulations Merry
10254s Christmas and a Happy New Year
10257s well I'm allowing them to push in
10263s matter
10275s C4 that's the first time I've died for
10277s since they added it
10279s I don't think I ever have
10281s okay have you played the game yeah man
10291s okay hey how do you think I'm getting
10294s all these snakes bro chilly
10297s on any server too
10304s that was just a theme where are they at
10306s though
10307s Advanced
10309s thank you appreciate it
10313s a bull charged got a Madman in the
10315s middle going crazy
10317s dude oh my gosh just these random sprays
10321s where they don't miss a bullet bro whoa
10324s okay
10327s spotted oh one already left dude what
10331s kind of sportsmanship is that
10333s oh God Nook and dip
10336s all right
10342s oh my God hey guys what are you most
10344s excited for this video for Call of Duty
10347s on mobile
10348s guys oh man you set me up for failure
10351s [Laughter]
10354s I'm excited for a new BR map guys I
10358s agree
10359s whoa that thing has their range I really
10362s think you can change the game for Call
10363s of Duty on mobile
10365s I don't know man I don't think they
10366s would come out with a new VR map oh I
10369s revisioned old VR man oh my God yeah I
10371s could see that happening that's
10373s definitely a possibility
10376s out in advance guys thanks man
10379s I did
10381s probably you know
10383s oh who you ain't that hey someone just
10385s joined my filter
10388s decisions
10395s it's not a good choice broski
10400s I love this gun's eye animations and
10403s stuff though yeah I agree so sick
10406s Vibes are most definitely there labs are
10409s present with this I agree
10414s thank you I love you no no
10417s no no bro how does that guy get around
10419s that
10421s okay well now I gotta get moving
10424s okay big chilling gotta get moving if we
10427s want to be nuking
10429s I agree oh wait no I didn't realize
10433s [Music]
10435s you are bro live in the skin
10440s okay I love this noise I feel like it's
10443s so toxic for them to like hear this I
10445s know
10447s especially if there's three of us system
10450s again
10452s thank you AFK I love you
10456s whoa he's a spawned right there really
10458s that's weird
10463s guys
10467s okay I did all right you know what all
10470s right
10472s oh he's trying to snipe don't like that
10474s I agree I'm not a fan of that
10482s is there any kills for me though
10485s no guys
10486s that guy's sniping
10494s okay okay somebody's sniping don't love
10497s the sound of that
10499s thank you
10505s we'll get back upstairs
10507s somebody oh gosh I don't like this at
10510s all
10511s I'm just gonna pop this to be safe not a
10513s fan of my current position
10522s much appreciated
10524s oh my gosh bro why many of these what
10527s are we gonna get dude
10529s come on we're chilling
10534s you got yours I'm pretty close
10538s you guys lay off let me get some kills
10539s we got this I got my second breakfast
10541s coming in straight after his
10545s there it is
10549s I see our best stick in the game you
10551s won't believe the Number One logo
10552s special
10555s bro okay I gotta go
10557s all caps
10560s I'm close as hell oh they're all over
10564s here
10564s you coming through though
10571s I guess one HP if you want to finish it
10574s I'm sure
10578s all right these 13 seconds
10585s all right let's get some Vision going
10587s here all right bro I got you with an
10589s event nice nice brewsky
10593s oh there's two oh never mind I killed
10595s him no okay
10598s hardpoint lost guys did you get it no
10602s because I keep getting no kills
10606s wow I'm at the ruthless
10610s I thought brisky said he was close like
10612s five minutes ago well and then I got
10613s zero kills
10617s all right you're acting like someone I
10618s know but I'm not saying his name
10628s whoa he wanted the C4 kill so sorry not
10632s today yeah
10634s oh wait no I didn't die to reset no
10640s rip me boost oh my God
10645s it's FYI teammate is playing objective
10647s so your limited time I'm like one off
10650s now I think they're spawning lower
10653s okay no a little bit so I swear if you
10655s die I don't know bro I would love Vision
10658s I would love Vision advanced advanced I
10660s have no yeah
10662s I died like three times in a row for a
10664s while
10665s called the Swarm not me you're the only
10668s one that's using it in our team no
10670s somebody else has it
10672s [Music]
10673s I literally my my swarm is unused right
10676s now guys
10679s oh my God
10686s [Music]
10691s [Laughter]
10694s dude I can't wait to take a nap
10698s yeah you're gonna need one after that
10700s bro absolutely that's just a tragedy
10704s that was literally one
10711s I believe I used to team with this guy
10713s chat
10715s perfect timing my device died oh geez
10719s guys right guys though
10723s oh geez oh man I'm gonna get
10731s I blame your mods
10734s [Laughter]
10736s oh but for some reason they weren't in I
10738s guess they never got in so they were
10739s using my POV the whole time
10741s that's tough
10744s oh okay okay well Gigi's
10751s um fighting this game
10752s okay go ahead and Win It broski
10756s have one duties
10763s maybe next time man maybe next time
10766s we'll have to run it back see I did this
10767s on purpose so we can run it back oh
10770s exactly dude on the upcoming Call of
10773s Duty on mobile
10775s yes yes yeah I'll be nuking in that one
10779s consistently for sure oh yeah yeah for
10781s sure dude yep say amazing
10783s I'm excited
10786s any final words happy anniversary Call
10789s of Duty mobile thank you for the care
10790s packages yeah no for real that's I'm
10793s super hyped about that all right right
10795s all the content in inside
10799s matching and everything did and one one
10802s last chair is to close it oh yeah cheers
10804s with the cups just uh but I got let me
10806s put some water in it real quick
10809s I said water
10812s I have one sip of water that I can put
10814s in here yeah that's it's backwash at
10816s this point
10818s all right
10820s hope you guys enjoyed thank you for
10822s watching
10829s and that's fine
10830s respectfully
10832s thanks for watching everybody make sure
10835s to hit the Subscribe button for more Cod
10836s mobile content see you guys in the next
10838s one
10839s bye bye
10841s [Music]
10853s [Music]
10860s [Music]
10874s [Music]
10883s thank you
10889s [Music]
10896s [Music]
10903s foreign
10914s [Music]
10925s [Music]
10938s foreign
10942s [Music]
10953s [Music]
10970s [Music]
10976s [Applause]
10982s foreign
10993s [Music]
11017s foreign
11038s [Applause]
11050s foreign
11055s [Music]
11078s foreign
11080s [Music]