Greetings Call of Duty: Mobile Community!! It seems like the 1 Year Anniversary of CODM was just yesterday but we are already here with a brand-new release - Season 12: Going Dark! We said we would be back with an entirely different and more military focused season, and here we are with Captain Price and Ghost leading us through the dark. Get a glimpse of it all in the newest trailer:

We are here with new modes all focused around night-time variations of TDM or Attack of the Undead, a new operator skill, new BR class, new seasonal challenges, two new functional weapons, and much more releasing throughout the season. We’ll have breakdowns all of that throughout this update.

Just a reminder, while this release does come with some bug fixes and changes there is still a great deal more being worked on as we detailed last week. Please refer to our last community update for more information on what we are currently investigating or already planning fixes for. For now, let’s jump in and go over everything releasing today or throughout this brand-new season.

Here is a quick look at all of the new events starting today and a few other new ones already running:

  • 11/11 – 11/22 ~ Going Dark TDM (MP)
  • 11/11 – 11/22 ~ Hardcore Collection (MP)
  • 11/11 – 11/17 ~ King + Pine 24/7 (MP)
  • 11/11 – 11/19 ~ Brought Nods
    • Event focused around Night Mode
  • 11/11 – 11/29 ~ Surviving Alcatraz (BR)
    • Event focused around Alcatraz
  • 11/13 – 11/19 ~ Best of Black Ops (MP)
  • 11/11 ~ New Set of Seasonal Challenges
  • 11/11 ~ Credit Store Update

*All Dates UTC

Before we dive into those new events or new modes, let’s take a glance at the carefully crafted Season 12 roadmap that gives you a glimpse at a variety of events, items, an more releasing today or throughout the whole season.

As you can see, while we do have a lot coming out today, there is still plenty coming out later in the season as well. Still on the way are more seasonal challenges, Attack of the Undead - Night, a new secondary weapon, a new BR class, and the featured event - Knights Divided. Most of that will be highlighted later in subsequent community updates.

Season 12 – Battle Pass
This brand-new Battle Pass is packed full of modern military weapons, operators, customization options, and much more. As per usual, there are two multiple ways to approach the Battle Pass (free or paid). Here is a brief look at some of the items you can snag this time around.

Free Battle Pass

  • AK47 – Stalwart (tier 4)
  • ORV – Hard Water (tier 8)
  • New Operator Skill – Ballistic Shield (tier 14)
  • New Weapon – AGR 556 (tier 21)
  • Locus – Stalwart (tier 31)
  • Charm – Bullet (tier 38)
  • Calling Card – Green Team (tier 46)
  • ICR-1 - Stalwart (tier 50)

Paid Battle Pass

  • Ghost - Jawbone (tier 1)
  • HBRa3 – Black Gold (tier 1)
  • Charm – I See All (tier 1)
  • Type 25 – Infiltrate (tier 10)
  • Urban Tracker – By Night (tier 12)
  • QQ9 – Black Gold (tier 20)
  • Price – Dead of Night (tier 30)
  • HG-40 – Forward Motion (tier 35)
  • KN-44 – Black Gold (tier 40)
  • Velikan – Megalith (tier 50)
  • AGR 556 – Byakko (tier 50)
  • Legendary Calling Card – Discord (tier 50)

You can find that all live in-game now and be sure to grab this epic combination of Price, Ghost, Urban Tracker, and Velikan.

Hackney Yard
If you missed it over the weekend through social media or in-game, we revealed this brand-new midsize Multiplayer map based out of London – Hackney Yard! This relatively new but popular map hailing from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019) has a three-lane setup that provides multiple avenues of attack regardless of what type of mode you are tackling. Get a glimpse of it in our new map overview.

Just like Summit and Crash, you’ll be able to experience both day and night versions of Hackney Yard. You’ll be able to try out this map first in the Going Dark TDM playlist, while later in the season you’ll find it in other playlists or modes, like a Hackney Yard 24/7 playlist releasing on 11/25 (UTC).

Night Mode
Throughout the season we’ll have Night Mode featured in two different well-known modes, TDM and Attack of the Undead. First up, you’ll be able to check it out in TDM, which is live now in Going Dark TDM Playlist. Most of the same rules as normal TDM apply, but you’ll have to adopt some new tactics when fighting in the dark and relying on laser sights to highlight (or give away) your targets.

Attack of the Undead will be releasing later in the season and makes fighting off your former allies (now turned undead) extra terrifying due to encroaching dark of the night. New tactics will be formed, new challenges will be faced, and new experiences will be had in this once familiar mode.

Lastly, there will be several events highlighting these new modes this season and the first of which is Brought NODs. This one is pure and simple, play the new Going Dark TDM Playlist, get kills, and win matches. You can earn only a few rewards for this one, but one is the rare character Kamarov!

Seasonal Challenges
Another new season means more new seasonal challenges with great rewards to snag! All of these seasonal challenges prevent an extra way to earn BP XP, credits, items, new perks, new weapons, blueprints, and more. Each season we mix that up a bit, but you can always expect a wide variety of rewards to grind for and consistent flow of new challenges each week. Here are the first two.

Thrill of the Skill
This four-part seasonal challenge is all about using a mixture of Operator Skills to dominate your enemies in Multiplayer matches. Simple, straight-forward, and filled with your usual variety of Battle Pass XP, credits, and items. Here are a few of the main ones you can acquire:

  • (Uncommon) Backpack - Alarm
  • (Rare) Charm – The One-Four-One
  • (Rare) AK117 – Bronze Arrow

Rifle Steamroller
This eight-part seasonal challenge has you tackling a variety of tasks focused around assault rifles and smgs, like the DR-H or the AGR 556. While Thrill of the Skill was simple, Rifle Steamroller is far more challenging experience but of course that increase in challenge comes with more rewards:

  • (Uncommon) Smoke Grenade – Alarm
  • (Uncommon) DR-H – Alarm
  • (Rare) Industry Frame
  • (Rare) DR-H – Bronze Arrow
  • (Epic) Man-O-War – Dark Flame

We’ll have two more Seasonal Challenges coming next week and more releasing all the way into December. Through those you’ll be able to grab a variety of rewards, but also a new Perk, the Launcher Plus, and a new secondary weapon, the .50 GS.

New Functional Weapons
There are two brand-new weapons available to find, earn, and try this season: the AGR 556 and the .50 GS. You have one primary weapon and one secondary weapon, both complimenting different types of players and offering unique tactical approaches due to the weapon’s strength and weaknesses.

First, the AGR 556. This brand-new SMG doesn’t excel over others in damage, but it is well balanced, allows for quick movement, and is adaptable to many different situations. Additionally, like all weapons it can be further adapted through Gunsmith.

A unique attachment on the AGR 556 is the 5.56 ammo type, which is normally associated with assault rifles, and helps push the weapon beyond the short-range capabilities of most SMGs while also boosting its damage. At launch, this weapon is primarily found through the Battle Pass, the common or blueprint versions, and the common is available to grab now for everyone as long you push your way to Tier 21.

Second, we have the .50 GS. This secondary weapon is a pistol that packs a hell of a punch and can dish out some serious damage to anyone who is unfortunate enough to be hit by your well-placed shot. However, be warned that the rate of fire is slow and as a result if you miss a shot that might be all the time an enemy needs to take you down.

You’ll be able to grab this one later in the season through a Seasonal Challenge launching on November 26th (UTC) called Small Arms. Keep an eye out for more on that one later in a future update. Also, yes the Akimbo perk will be available for this bad boy 😉.

New Operator Skill – Ballistic Shield
Have you ever wanted to turtle up, deny your enemy that kill, and then pop out your own little weapon from the safety of your shield? Now you can! The Ballistic Shield is here to fulfill that desire and to provide a fantastic way to lock down objectives. Check it out in action.

This Operator Skill comes to Call of Duty: Mobile from Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and it is now available in the free side of the Battle Pass at Tier 14. That means everyone and anyone can snag it and try it out themselves as long as they make it to that tier while this BP is active. Best of luck!

Credit Store Update
Another credit store update is here to round out the start of this new season. This one isn’t just focused on weapons with a character, perk, and operator skill becoming available. Here are the main items in this update:

  • (Uncommon) RUS-79U – Purple Geode
  • (Rare) GKS – Bug Spray
  • (Rare) Nomad – Bug Spray
  • (Common) Perk - Amped
  • (Common) Operator Skill - Shadow Blade

Also, thanks to everyone out there who followed through with their vote for the Man-O-War – Cardinal! Unsurprisingly (because thousands of people voted for it), it was one of the most popular items ever on the credit store.

Improvements and Optimizations
If you are familiar with our releases, every other one is generally a large update jam packed with improvements, fixes, and more. Season 12 does not release alongside one of those updates, but there are still a few changes we’d like to call-out.


  • Increased Cordite ADS bullet spread accuracy
  • Increased Razorback recoil stability; lowered horizontal recoil; increased medium range damage attenuation distance
  • Increased Fennec bullet trajectory stability while continuous firing; lowered horizontal recoil; slightly increased recoil upper limit
  • Increased AK117 damage multiplier when hitting body parts above waist, increased medium range combat ability
  • Optimized BK57 bullet trajectory and increased stability
  • Decreased range and bullet density of KRM 262
  • Decreased damage range of BY15
  • Decreased damage range of Echo
  • Decreased Shadow Blade duration and increased points required to activate
  • Decreased Transform Shield duration and increased points required to activate
  • Explosives deal much more damage to Transform shield, and only one EMP is required to destroy a Transform Shield.
  • Slightly decreased duration of Concussion Grenade effect
  • Increased Razorback recoil stability; lowered horizontal recoil; increased medium range damage attenuation distance
  • Increased Fennec bullet trajectory stability while continuous firing; lowered horizontal recoil; slightly increased recoil upper limit
  • Increased AK117 damage multiplier when hitting body parts above waist, increased medium range combat ability
  • Optimized BK57 bullet trajectory and increased stability

Support Options
Lastly, we’ve mentioned multiple times how important it is to report any bugs or issues you are seeing with new updates so please make sure to reach out through any of support channels. As much as we spend time gathering reports from community areas, it is also vitally important that reports come through our Player Support channels.

Final Notes
Congrats! You made it to the end of this new community update and as a reward we have nothing for you other than to remind you that many different communities (most likely including the one you are in right now while reading this) are running giveaways to celebrate the launch of the new season! Also, to the lucky folks who won the HBRa3 – Red Shock we are still gathering information and hope to send that out this week.

Giveaways are just one of the many ways we like to celebrate the launch of these seasons and as a way to give back to the community that always does so much to share in the excitement of a release with us. For all of you that joined us over the weekend to help announce the season name (through various ways) thank you for all of the positive comments, interaction, discussions, and well-meaning responses.

Enjoy the new season and make sure to snag the long-sought after Captain Price and Ghost! They are here, they are ready to join the fight, and they are Going Dark. Until next time everyone!

- The Call of Duty: Mobile Team

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Originally posted by negan2018

Battle Royale not getting any night mode? Isolated during the day doesn’t fit the going dark theme

Heya, no we are afraid the night variations are just in MP for now. However, we are open to potentially doing that in BR in the future!

Originally posted by jagfury

This is one of the best BP ever! Thank you! And also any news about my favourite mode (zombies)?

Thank you! We are definitely loving the excitement around this one and the reactions to these iconic characters making their way to CODM (plus night mode!). No news on zombies mode though. Hopefully someday we'll finally be able to answer that with a "YES! It is coming soon", but there isn't any news to share on that front.

Originally posted by Tanmay1518

Dude they said they might be open to doing it in the future. Calm down.

(P.s. most of the stuff you see in the game files is there for testing. If a new feature does come out, the official account will announce it)

You get it ;)

Originally posted by Xtormiken

Are you going to give voices to the unvoiced characters ? like Ghost, Richtofen, Makarov, Zero etc etc etc

Hey, we have seen this question quite a few times and we still don't have a good clear answer to give you back on this. Ideally, yes, but voice overs are a bit of a complicated one and especially so during 2020. We'll check with our VO team though and see if there is anything to share

Originally posted by 4InchPounder69


My biggest concern at this point is HUD customization, please please please give us the option to add more buttons and save preset HUD load outs!

you guys are doing great. I freaking love you guys, this season's gonna be amazing. Thank you so much for the good work

Hiya! The whole of CODM here (just kidding it is just the community team :P), but yeah we've seen that request a few time about being able to save HUD customizations and some similar requests for other types of customization loadouts.

Our next big update is coming up in December, so that would be the time for something like that, but we don't have any insight on whether or not that is part of that update.

Please keep poking us though as we get closer and we'll keep trying to get a sneak peak at that information to see if there is anything around that, and if not we'll continue to let the team know it is a general something people have been requesting.

Also, thank you for the support for both the game and the season. It is a pleasure to be able to share this all with people like you and hopefully we'll have plenty more for you to love through the rest of 2020.

Originally posted by CerealllKillerrr

There’ll always be people who complain no matter what but we truly do appreciate y’all.

Heya, that's all good as long as those complaints are in the vein of feedback and ideally constructive feedback. However, thank you for taking a moment to say this and to show your support. For every person taking the time to being kind there are dozens doing the opposite, that's just how the internet works, so we appreciate you right back.

Originally posted by sad_vibes69

lol soon some youtuber thumbnail be like ( zombie is back)

You are probably right. The thirst for zombies mode is contained within a small group of people, but fierce.

Originally posted by samyaniv12

Any changes to battle royal Cuz everything is perfect but not the BR

Not with this update, but that should be something that will be more likely in the next release since that is tied to a major update. We'll have to check in on that (we are laser focused on Season 12 right now) later on to see if there is anything we can share in advance.

Originally posted by Call_Me_OniiChan

I saw a Scout 2 skin in daily log in...Thank you for finally giving a scout 2 skin really hyped.

The mythical Scout 2 haha. You are welcome. It isn't often we see someone hyping that one up, especially when Price and Ghost have just dropped in a Battle Pass.

Originally posted by krosaky

i just wish you treat Black ops 3/4 fans the way you treat military series fans when it comes to the battle pass .. yes S11 was great but will we see more ???

Heya, sorry but what does that mean? Could you specify? We have a lot of content continually coming from Black Ops 4 in particular dropping in CODM, like Ajax's Ballistic Shield in this release or the characters Zero, Reaper, Spectre, Outrider, Seraph, Firebreak, and Ruin.

Originally posted by squ4r3

minor bug report: you can't equip/unequip your night vision goggles while using operator skills such as tempest, and the annihilator

Interesting one and thanks for reporting that. Probably not intentional, but we'll check it out ourselves and report it up to the team assuming we can easily reproduce. If not, we'll be back to ask you some questions. Thanks for reporting it.

Originally posted by Numbnessinsydeme

Please add an option to hide attachments which are not compatible with the rare camo being used. Even some epic blueprints look terrible when custom attachments are applied.

Heya, we should have something like that coming in a future update. However, it isn't finalized yet so we'll have to wait until closer to the next release before finalizing and sharing those details. However, just wanted to let you know we are currently looking at something that should help with that request.

Originally posted by Sonu_Siva

Hey CODM, thanks for the amazing content!

Will night mode be permanent?

Heya, thanks for the support! Night Mode will likely follow the usual path for any limited time mode where its frequency and permeance are wholly dependent on how often it is played and the general response to it. Some modes we specifically want to keep as limited time and rotating because having them always on would take away some of the appeal. We shall see for Night mode though! It is too early to say now.

Originally posted by thebluefury

The legendary Scout 2



haha, we did not mean rarity legendary, more like the discussion around that character has always described them as a mythical character that may or may not exist. We'll switch it to mythical though. That's more fitting.

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