Greetings Call of Duty: Mobile Community! We are nearing the end of September and that means we are surprisingly already halfway through Season 10: The Hunt. Our next major release is going to be all around our first year anniversary for CODM and the first of our community-based events for that is starting today! We are looking to see what your favorite Multiplayer modes and Multiplayer maps are.

Based on the results of this vote, we will be featuring the winners in community playlists around and during our anniversary season. We’ll have this vote going in multiple areas, including some community channels on top of our official ones, but here are a few links on where to find that:

We’ll be running these polls all the way through the week! Head on over and let us know your favorite.

Switching to another topic, but last week we shared our first player highlights video as a result of our #AreYouInCODM social media campaigns labeled and today we are back with the general Top Plays videos from those World Championship qualifiers.

We’ll have a lot more to share in the coming weeks, especially around our anniversary and next season, but there is still plenty to go over for Season 10. Let’s jump into that all below and just let us know if you have any questions or follow-ups!

Here is the full look at most events currently running or coming soon to COD Mobile:

  • 9/10 - 9/27 ~ Terminal 24/7 Playlist (MP)
  • 9/18 - 10/01 ~ Hunt for Makarov Event
  • 9/25 - 10/08 ~ Hardcore Mode Collection Playlist (MP)
  • 9/25 - 10/08 ~ Attack of the Undead Mode (MP)
  • 9/25 - 10/08 ~ Pine 24/7 Playlist (MP)
  • 9/25 ~ Two New Seasonal Challenges released
    • New Perk available through the Vigilance challenge
  • 9/25 ~ New Credit Store Update
  • 9/26 - 9/27 ~ Regional Playoffs (LATAM and Japan)

*All Dates UTC

This week is a mixture of new modes, returning modes, and plenty of new items to grab through some new updates or challenges. However, our first two main topics today are separate from all of that and focused around esports and our in-game store.

World Championships – Regional Playoffs
We’ve been talking about it for what feels like ages now, but the Call of Duty: Mobile World Championships Regional Playoffs are about to begin! Starting in Japan first at 4:30 pm (JST) on Sept. 26th followed up by both LATAM and Brazil starting at 11:30 am (CT) on Sept. 26th.

We’ll be streaming the playoffs primarily on YouTube and while we don’t want to spam you with links here are the main YouTube channels for each region.

LATAM (Spanish) YouTube: Call of Duty: Mobile Spanish Official - YouTube
Brazilian (Portuguese) YouTube: Call of Duty: Mobile Portuguese Official - YouTube
Japan YouTube: CoD Mobile Japan - YouTube

If you are interested in watching it through our in-game video streaming area then you'll also find some nice surprises and potential rewards. Check out that brand-new in-game area from the main menu and under a new icon at the top the ? Clipboard.

We’ll be posting more information about the tournament on our global and regional social media channels over the weekend, so keep an eye out for that and best of luck to everyone battling it out to make it into the finals of the World Championships!

Hardcore Mode
We are nearing the end of the September and that means Hardcore mode has finally arrived! If you’ve ever wanted to play a more precise and lethal version of COD: Mobile then Hardcore mode is just for you. If you aren’t familiar with the mode from other Call of Duty titles, Hardcore is really just all about making gunplay a little bit more realistic. All of the main changes are listed below:

If you haven’t tried this mode before it is worth checking out just to see if you like the cleaner HUD, the quicker gunfights, and just how much it rewards for quick reactions with precise firing. Just you know, don’t shoot your teammates 😉. Check that mode out in-game now and let us know what you think.

Multiplayer Map – Pine
We have now launched our second new Multiplayer map for the season – Pine. This small outdoor map from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is perfect for Gunfight mode and anything else that involves few players, precise gunplay, and a balanced environment. You can find now in the Pine 24/7 Playlist in Multiplayer! Please check it out, drop some feedback, and let us know how you feel about this new addition to COD: Mobile.

Seasonal Challenges
As of today we have seven seasonal challenges available for you to tackle through the events portion of the game! Through these you can acquire Battle Pass XP, weapon XP card, various cosmetic camos, weapon blueprints, new perks, characters, and more.

We are still firm believers that these challenges are a great way to provide a wealth of items and rewards to players with a variety of difficulties associated with the challenges. Today, we have the last two seasonal challenges releasing for S10, Vagabond and Bonded By Combat.

This seven-part seasonal challenge is all about Battle Royale and completing a variety of different tasks, like using the Trickster or Trap Master classes (available in the Credit Store), getting kills with the Tank vehicle, using class skills in general, and a few other specific tasks. There are quite a few rewards to grab from that one, including a hefty amount of Battle Pass XP, but here are some of the main ones:

  • (Uncommon) Defender – Pelt
  • (Uncommon) Mechanic – Forest Felt
  • (Rare) Helicopter – Iridescent
  • (Rare) Antelope A20 – Freight Train
  • (Rare) AK-47 – Freight Train

Bonded By Combat
This four-part seasonal challenge is the opposite of Vagabond; it is only for Multiplayer and it has four straight forward tasks all about tackling ranked mode. Grab some friends, win some matches, and earn these new rewards:

  • (Uncommon) Knife – Forest Felt
  • (Uncommon) PDW-57 – Forest Felt
  • (Rare) M4LMG – Iridescent

Credit Store Update
We generally have two credit store updates a month, every other week, and with the first one for Season 10 we released an arsenal of weapons to help up your game. This time around, we have a mixture of items, like a character, the Cryo Bomb, an animated calling card, and more. Take a glance at those items below in this fancy gif and grab them in-game now in the Credit Store.

Character Highlight Videos
Every month we do a number of creative videos around showcasing various characters from the Battle Pass, lucky draws, or crates, and with the intent to spread awareness of some great variants or brand-new characters. We usually don’t share those here in these community updates unless there is something going on that is relevant to them, but this week we had to share this brand-new video highlighting Grinch – Nightfang (a Ghillie suit character) and exactly how we imagine most players will utilize that character in matches. Check it out.


Normally we aim for a few topics to go over each week in feedback, but this week there is one in particular that we need to discuss and in length. Let’s head to it.

Bundles, Crates, and The Store
Over the last week or two we’ve been seeing many conversations and discussions about bundles, crates, and our overall store. While there are many changes and improvements we plan to make, and improvements we've already made (like duplicate protection on crates), the overall discussion is reminiscent of the same discussion we all had back in April. Back then, we ran a bundles vs crates/lucky draws test and with a huge portion of our player base.

Like many people here have noted, while the online CODM communities are widespread and varied, a significant amount of our player base may not be involved in those spaces. Between Reddit, Discord, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube we are thrilled to be able to interact with millions of players, but there are still so many more outside of those platforms who may just play the game and don’t get involved in discussions in those communities. We ran that test back in April with the entire player base in mind, not just the active online community.

Based on community feedback and player behavior we arrived at an approach that offered maximum choice to users. We did this even though the bundles group just wasn’t as popular as the non-bundle group. We like more choice. That’s why nowadays bundles, crates, draws, robust credit store, they’re all there.

We'll keep reading, keep taking in feedback, and keep discussing new ways to add systems or improvements that help improve your experience with our store. Thank you all for the many discussions about this and for the passion driving the communities behind it.

Bug Reports
Since last week we’ve been going through a large number of reports about various bugs and trying to figure out what caused this to occur in the first place, since Season 10 wasn’t tied to a major in-game update like Season 9 was, and how best to fix them in a timely manner. We’ve already fixed a few smaller bugs through hotfixes and have many others still in progress.

Normally, we do not share out a list of what we are currently investigating, but we saw a lot of players concerned last week that we were not investigating bugs seriously and to give credit to our many teams work on that here is a general list of what we are looking into right now:

  • Characters stuck in poses in pre-game lobbies or menus
  • Weapon textures not loading in certain conditions
  • The Axe having a permanent notification icon for camos (which cannot be checked off)
  • Essentials Only Backpack Not Equip able by Outrider – Amazonas
  • Gold camo in Gunsmith not covering the whole of certain weapons
  • The Type 25 - Demise and AK47 - Trial and Error do not have iron sights when no optic is equipped
  • M16 - Fubar blueprint camo is not displaying correctly when attaching a different barrel
  • ICR 1 - Retro Nuclear blueprint camo is not displaying correctly when attaching a different barrel
  • Several issues related to ADS (aim down sights) on controllers
  • Two issues with the XPR-50 – Arachnophobia related to the kill effect and attachment names
  • Exploitable map glitches on Shipment 1944
  • An issue with scorestreaks and scorestreak progression not persisting after the round ends on Search & Destroy mode
  • Audio issues occurring only on lower end devices
  • Several text/copy related issues
  • In Battle Royale the camera may suddenly move after getting a kill while using ADS
  • In Battle Royale the player may experience a falling/flying animation after leaving a vehicle
  • In Battle Royale the ADS setting is not applying correctly to LMGs
  • In Battle Royale a chopper crosshair main remain visible while using ADS
  • ADS and rewards were not working (now fixed)
  • Players were missing Survival Skills and 10 Men Regiment rewards (now fixed)

These are all issues that our teams reported up over the past week and are either being investigated by our player supports team or have already moved on to being looked into by our devs. Please keep sending in reports and through whatever channel below is the easiest for you to use.

Support Options
If you are looking to report a bug or need any assistance, please reach out through the following channels to make sure it is being reported into our support system. We do see issues in the community and report those often, but these channels below are preferable:

Another week, another community update, and another player to highlight for creating some interesting versions of Call of Duty: Mobile weapons! Reddit user Travisbork has been creating weapon variations and designs for a little over a month now, and with many unique designs.

The first one that caught our eye was this fantastic, sleek, and mechanical looking variant of the HG 40, which they are calling the HG 40 – Cardinal.

HG 40 – Cardinal by Travisbork

One other design that we found to be particularly unique and intriguing, was the HVK-30 – Heavy Duty. This isn’t a weapon that gets brought up a lot in relation to fan art or community designs, so it was great to see them take a stab it and in a way that is unique from any other designs we’ve seen with this construction style yellow mixed with machine parts.

HVK-30 - Heavy Duty by Travisbork

While they don’t have any of their designs posted elsewhere, so we can’t ask you to like and subscribe their YouTube channel 😉, they do have plenty of other designs posted through various Reddit threads. Check them out under their profile here:

One week from now is October 1st (UTC), which is technically our anniversary! We are excited to share a bit with you all then that will help celebrate 1 year of Call of Duty: Mobile existing in the world and also lead the way into our Season 11 release in mid-October. Tune in then and take care!

-The Call of Duty: Mobile Team

External link →

Originally posted by Damichia

Can you reveal 1 detail about the next update?

It is coming in October? Haha, nah that's too mean. One detail is that it will be larger than your usual update.

Originally posted by maverickbluezero

codm devs, October is the anniversary, Halloween and a big update. How will you fit all of that together? is anniversary battle pass while rest is Halloween? other way around? or different way?

Heya, yeah they are essentially all together in one update and one season. They do have different themes, to your point, so the anniversary theme will primarily except there a little mixtures of Halloween in there and then some content drops around Halloween that are 100% themed around that.

Originally posted by UsernameTakenTooBad

Thank you for addressing the store, I hope to see improvements soon! A few questions though:

Can you disclose any info on the anniversary?

Any news on zombies?

What is coming in Gunsmith 2.0?

And a more specific one, will you make all epics in a lucky draw a weapon set? I have the Type 25, SMRS, and Frag Thermonuclear, but not the Chopper, so I can’t get the frame. Newer draws have this and I am wondering if you will make this available on older draws.

Anyways, Happy 1st Anniversary and keep the amazing content and support coming!

Hey there, we are afraid that for your first three questions there isn't any news or information we can share at the moment. We are definitely working on improvements and changes to Gunsmith, but nothing we can call out at the moment. For anniversary, we'll be able to start talking about that soon, but it is still too early as well. Once we get into October we'll start having more to share about that.

Lastly, that is an interesting question in relation to set pieces and how if you missed one it is hard to fulfill that. Generally for lucky draws we are only resurfacing them through other lucky draws, like the recent Redux ones, but we'll ask the team about that situation specifically. Also, thanks for the support and for the early anniversary celebratory comment!

Originally posted by PHVNTOM34

Looking forward to the Anniversary of this wonderful game❤️

Thanks, us too! There is so coming out then that is appropriately special for our one year anniversary and we can't wait to start talking about it.

Originally posted by Rasta_Lance

Hey devs! Just some feedback from a competitive player, i do not think scorestreaks not progressing after rounds on snd is something that should be fixed. Snd is unique in the way each round is a completely new chance to win, not dependent at all on the last round. So even if your team gets destroyed 4 rounds in a row you still have a very good chance to come back because people don’t have operators and crazy kill streaks. A round should not start with someone using a UAV saved from last round. That would be terribly unfair. I’m sure other players would agree with me

Interesting feedback and thanks for reading through it all enough to spot that. That was just being investigated as a potential bug, but we'll double check with the devs to see if that is intended to function that way for the reason you stated.

Originally posted by resperas


I have to say, that’s incredibly disappointing to read. While I took note of your points, we feel it’s IMMENSELY unfair how items are sold at the store, and it surely doesn’t feel like there’s a ton of choice. If we wanted the premium items, we have to gamble to get them, while in MW2019, they’re sold in a bundle with premium pricing. That’s literally what we want.

10 Men Shipment and Survival Skills Event:

You stated it’s fixed, however, I haven’t received the HVK skin or Weapon XP cards, just the tank skin. Are you able to offer insight to that?

Heya, for the 10 Men Shipment and Survival Skills event issue could you just share your username or UID? We can check the list of affected users to basically double check and see if there was some issue with the replacement items being sent out. As far as we are aware that should have received everyone by now.

Originally posted by Quiet_Lengthiness423

Is there a chance we get more rare skin (characters). I mean we are tiered of those , just some change of color or skin bring new free characters

Hey there, we actually have those types of characters pretty often as either monthly logins (although usually those are higher rarity), seasonal challenge rewards, or through credit store updates. There are quite a few ways to grab new characters each month through free events.

Originally posted by MarcelloJulio

Hello CODM devs!

I have some questions:

1º The Tunisia map will return to domination mode in Season 11?

2º Me and some many other users did not receive yet the HVK-30 skin from the 10 Men Regiment event but received the tank skin of the Survival Skills event. Is there a plan to solve this problem?

Greetings and success to the team!

Greetings to you as well!
1. For maps in permanent modes like Domination they can rotate out a bit each month as we add in other popular or newer maps. We aren't sure exactly when Tunisia will rotate in or out, but we'll try to see if that information is available to share. Also, we do have the map vote for a featured playlist, which could feature Tunisia, at the top of this post.

  1. As far as we are aware everyone should have received those items if they were missing them. Could you please just share your username or UID? We'll double check the list.

Thanks for the well wishes and have a great weekend!

Originally posted by maverickbluezero

" usual update" being the large updates that comes every 2 months or the small updates in between?

Either, it is our anniversary so we have a lot planned in terms of overall content.

Originally posted by Fast-Watercress6976

I still have not received my missing event rewards 😢🥺 player uid - 6746993468688039937

Is this for Survival Skills and 10 Men Regiment? Are you missing all three of them or just one specific reward?

Originally posted by tripps_a_lot

Heya, thanks for the update. You mentioned that the missing rewards for the Survival Skills and 10 Men Regiment events were fixed. Unfortunately I still haven't received the HVK Tin Stitched skin, although I got the Tank skin last week in the mail. Should I be expecting the HVK skin soon or should it already have been sent out?

Hey, thanks for reaching out about that. We are seeing a few people say similar so far in the responses here, but thanks for specifying which exact one is missing for you. Could you share your UID or username? We'll double check.

Edit - We see all of you responding and thank you so much for doing. The volume of this is a bit more than expected (seeing as to how we thought it was fixed), so just know we'll be grabbing your information and reporting it up at the start of this next week once our teams back in the office. Thank you all so much.

Originally posted by AlaaMessi

Love the constant updates and your great work. Looking forward to play in the next update. But can we get a hint about what will be the next gun? Atleast wich category.

Multiple categories 😉 . You'll see what we mean.

Originally posted by HunchoLaFlame

Wow absolutely ridiculous that you don’t answer his first point giving feedback on the bundles vs crates/lucky draws you guys really wanna keep gambling in your game which is not the right move whatsoever listen to the majority stop ignoring stop making excuses to keep gambling we the codm community are not stupid

Yeah, it was a tough spot. We understand your frustration, but it was either try to help them with their bug or not respond at all. We don't have anything additional to add about bundles/crates at this moment so all of these questions and follow-ups we cannot answer in a one on one forum like this.

If we do have a response it will come in the form of a broad statement like the one in this community update. However, in the end we would rather try to help them and inevitably get downvoted than not respond to any part of it.

Originally posted by FlegMax

Hello, i have recieved hvk and xp cards but not the tank skin. IGN: FlegMax UID: 6745934786495840257

Thanks. We'll keep gathering all of the reports of that here over the weekend and then send it up to the team to have them check the whole batch. Appreciate the response and UID.

Originally posted by theholyboy

Atlast found the user addressing the problem. Same with me. Haven't received those rewards.

UID 6742730748694364162


Thanks for responding and for providing that info! We are going to gather these all up and send them to the team at the start of the next week.

Originally posted by Manimalai_

User name : AGEntCOulson UID : 6742797015459627010 Not yet received any reward

Heya, thanks for replying. Which rewards are you missing? Or all three (two from one challenge and one from the other)?

Originally posted by PAVELSYM

Hello, I havent received any of my rewards from these events (no tank skin, no hvk skin, no xp cards)
UID: 6743191257184993281
Username: PAVELSYM

Thanks for reaching out and for providing all of that information right off the bat. We'll send your info up along with everyone else here at the start of the next week. Appreciate it!

Originally posted by Naruto11q

I still haven't recieved the HVK... Username - AoCRöach

Thanks for the reply and for the specific info. Could you drop your username as well? The way your username is made makes us worry that it will not populate when we search it due it being case sensitive.

Originally posted by _cozzy_

Hey, I haven't received the hvk skin, the tank skin and the weapon XP cards My IGN: cozzy.コビー My UID: 6741485004889194497

Hey Cozzy, thanks for replying and for providing all of that information right up front. We'll add your info to the growing group of people reporting the same issue and send it up to the team at the beginning of next week.

Originally posted by Killer614

It hasn’t been sent to everyone. I have been saying it for days now. I haven’t got my reward either. I always do all challenges every time. And have yet to receive the bugged rewards. - in game name. KÏLLËR614

Heya, sorry to see you are running into that too. Are you missing all three too or which specifics? All three would be the HVK, tank skin, and purple XP card. Also, could you provide your UID in case we have issues searching your username due those special characters you have? Usernames are case sensitive so we are just asking being careful. Thanks!

Originally posted by Fast-Watercress6976

Mine still missing too pls help ; my uid -6746993468688039937 My username - M R X

Heya, thanks for responding as well and sorry to hear you are running into that issue still too. Are you missing all of the rewards or if not which ones exactly?

Originally posted by resperas


Username: PHX_Esperas

UID: 6753791053515980801

Thanks resperas. Sorry for not being able to answer your question, but we hope our answer above helps explain why we just focused on this bug related one.

Originally posted by ru5tysn4k3


UID: 6790138390810984449

I have only received the Tank skin and don't have the HVK and XP cards

Hey, thanks for responding and for specifying what you did or not did not get. We'll send this all up at the start of the week and get a resolution for you all. Take care!

Originally posted by DaDiamondWolfz

I’m experiencing the same issue with missing mission rewards. I got the tank, but not the XP cards or the HVK skin, though I did grind for them.

IGN: KingDaForest UID: 6745578762664411137

Heya, appreciate the response and for specifying which rewards you are missing. The info looks straight forward and we'll work on getting this all up to our teams to investigate as soon as we can.

Originally posted by Phunsuk-Wangdu

I haven't got either of the rewards (neither Tank skin nor HVK Tin stitched or XP Cards) too

IGN - Phunsuk^Wangdu

UID - 6750967345168515073

Hey as well, appreciate the response and clear information. We'll send this up along with everyone else as soon as we can. Hang tight!

Originally posted by Kelshan103

In game username is Kelshan103. I got the skin and tank, but I don’t remember getting the xp cards. Tbf I never check the events so I don’t know if I didn’t receive them the first time around.

Ignore the bundle screechers, CoDM is doing great and I can’t wait for the anniversary.

Heya Kelshan, thanks for the response and for the support. We don't want to ignore anyone on any topic, but we hope that the discussion around that won't affect the excitement and uniqueness of everything surrounding anniversary.

Anyways, in relation to that bug we'll report your information up with everyone else as soon as can (at the beginning of this next week). Thanks for taking the time.

Originally posted by zakazombie

I'm missing both

Username: Zakazombie UID: 9053903870418989781

Heya Zakazombie, when you say both do you mean all three rewards? The tank skin, the HVK camo, and the purple XP card? Any specific there would help. Also, thanks for the information and for responding!

Originally posted by THEFIRSTONE1093

IGN: Ozone_Riot

UID: 6785240268272041985

Did not receive tank skin and HVK, you can find Merc 5 blood in the water as a proof for receiving tank skin

Heya, thanks for all of that information. We would strongly recommend removing your Open ID and Player ID, those are supposed to be private to your account. Your IGN and UID are all we need. We'll get back to you all in one way or another (hopefully with the rewards landing in your inbox) as soon as we can.

Originally posted by bbraz96

I never received the HVK either.

IGN: Braz96

UID: 6754901873188864001


Heya, thanks for the information and for the specifics on what you are missing. We'll send that up as soon as we can along with everyone else here reporting the same issue. Have a great weekend and hang tight.

Originally posted by Shackel9

I’m having the same issue with missing rewards, specifically the tank and hvk. I did receive the xp cards tho.

Name: Shacktrocity
UID: 6742695388933259265

Hey Shackel, thanks for reaching out with that information and for letting us know exactly which rewards. That should help. We'll send up your info along with the rest as soon as we can, which should be early this next week.

Originally posted by MilchbubiLP

Hey! You probably won’t see this! But. I think it would be awesome if you could add all game modes into private lobbies (esp. gunfight and ffa) if you see this. That’d be awesome. But I totally understand if you don’t. Thanks for making the best and most enjoyable mobile game I’ve ever played - a call of duty mobile enthusiast :)

Heya, we probably might see it ;). That is a bit tricky with private lobbies because a lot of modes, unless they are permanent, basically get activated for a set period of time while for those private lobbies it essentially requires something more like a patch.

We know, vague answer haha, but that is odd that FFA isn't option since that is permanent. We'll share that one up. Also, glad to hear you are loving and appreciate the uniqueness of CODM. We hope you love everything coming up next month for anniversary! It should be a great time for all types of players.

Originally posted by ElCataMMT

hey r/CallOfDutyMobile Nice what you're doing with the game,keep up the good job
There is one thing i want to know : about Pistols,theres just the same MW11 and The J358
Anything about more secondaries?
Its boring to have the same two all the time

Hey there! First off, thanks for the kind words and yeah we've seen some similar comments a few times about a desire to have more pistols in particular (or knives). However, we tend to focus exclusively on primaries because of how most players use those exclusively. We do still want to add more secondaries, but it is just going to far less common than adding new functional primary weapons.

Originally posted by _R3b0rN

Yep I was noticing that too. Responded to feedback that praises them but can't answer anything related to bundles or bug reports that haven't been solved or acknowledged etc.

What a joke. An advertising sign spinner on the street could literally do this person's job.

Heya, more than happy to take a stab at any bug reports, but we cannot reply further on bundles at this moment beyond what we said in the community post. We respond to a lot in general, especially with these community updates, but some discussions can only be addressed in broad ways instead of 1 to 1 like this.

Anyways, please do tag us and throw us at any bug reports we may have missed. We've gone through about 30 replies related to bugs in the last hour, so hopefully we have found most of them in this post.

Originally posted by HideYourAuntiesLoL

Hey devs I am the guy that was telling you guys that I don’t see the intros for lucky draws and the battle pass. You told me to show a screenshot but I don’t know how to post it on Reddit under a community post, just wonder if I could tag you guys on Twitter and you could tell me the problem over there. Thanks in advance!

Heya, yeah are you still running into that same problem? We sent up your report last time and the team was hoping that after a recent hotfix it would have essentially reset that for you. Also, sure tag us on Twitter with our account. Easy place to throw screenshots and info at us. Thanks for reaching back out!

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