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I’m not sure what they were thinking in only providing this mode to certain people in the community. Of course people are going to be upset.

Heya, just to clear this up and confirm - yes, the new Tournament Mode is only available for most players at launch (similar to Battle Pass Subscriptions). Our teams likes to perform tests like this to help gather live data and adjust those features before they open it up to all players later on.

The intent for any feature under testing is to use the data gathered to improve it and make it as best as we can before we launch it everywhere. With that said, this mode is launching to the large majority of players in Season 4. We'll be adding more over-time and we'll make sure to note once it is available everywhere.

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yeah I don't understand it as well. My friend live a cross the street and he has it but I don't. Guess we live in different neighborhoods

Heya, correction on this but our original message was wrong and it isn't restricted by regions. The small number of players who cannot access this originally are randomized and not based on regions, just accounts.