Greetings Call of Duty: Mobile community, we are back with another community update focused on Season 8: 2nd Anniversary! However, this time around our update is primarily focused on everything launching today on October 1st (UTC), the day we brought Call of Duty: Mobile out of beta and launched it into the wide world.

Since that original launch we’ve released 22 seasons, 46 modes, 30 maps, over 70 weapons, and so much more! Today we are here to celebrate all of that by giving back to our players through in-game events, various giveaways you’ve seen across the community, the Global Weapon Exchange camo, and a fantastic music project we can’t wait to share. First, let’s have a look back at the last year of CODM:

2nd Year in Review Highlight

We crafted that video to show many highlights of various seasons, themes, operators, and more over the last year. We’ve been able to tackle so many different fantastically detailed themes and largely in part to you all supporting it. We also created something else purely out of love for our Season’s main music themes, a Lofi Remix with Ghost at the helm! We can’t possibly post all 45 minutes here, but please find it over on our Call of Duty: Mobile YouTube here:

Ghost Lofi

Our team has secretly been listening to that music all day while prepping for these new 2nd Anniversary releases, so we hope that Lofi Remix finds a way into your everyday listening. It was made with a lot of love and talent, and thank you all so much for all of the support, love, and appreciation that has already been shared in the comments of this video.

We'd also like to give a shout-out to the Discord community attached to this subreddit! They have a community giveaway going on right now for 2nd Anniversary where you snag an epic or legendary AK-47 camo just by For now, let’s head on into the full update below with all of the details about this week’s events, feedback, and bug reports. Find that here:

Alright, with that rather hefty intro section done let’s head on into the full update below with all of the details about this week’s events, feedback, and bug reports.

Here is a quick look at all of the newest events and others launching throughout the week:

  • 09/24 – 10/10 ~ Counterattack Event
  • 09/25 – 10/08 ~ Oktoberfest Draw
  • 09/27 – 10/03 ~ Capture the Flag (MP)
  • 09/27 – 10/03 ~ Rapid Fire (MP)
  • 09/28 – 10/11 ~ Nightfall Excursion Draw
  • 10/01 – 10/20 ~ Seasonal Challenge: Deadly Weaponry (M13)
  • 10/01 – 10/20 ~ Sweet Celebration
  • 10/01 – 10/20 ~ Anniversary Puzzle
  • 10/01 – 10/20 ~ Global Weapon Exchange
  • 10/01 – 10/20 ~ Fan's favorite Map
  • 10/01 – 10/21 ~ Dominion Mythic Drop

*All Dates UTC

We launched a great deal last week alongside the season, like Blackout, new challenges, new events, and the unique Counterattack themed event, but more is coming today and more is releasing later on in the season. Here is a quick glimpse at many of those events in our Season 8 roadmap!

Clan Wars
This season we have a new Clan Wars season that features new rewards, new nodes, and some changes to the Clan Wars currency. First, you can acquire the new Epic operator Farah – Jinn along with her unique backpack, chest piece, and helmet! Secondly, we’d like to announce that we are making some significant changes to the system to help improve the structure of Clan Wars.

First, currency will be reset to zero and store items will be rotated out for new rewards at the end of this season! But don't worry, we'll be making items easier to obtain in new seasons with significantly increased Clan Wars currency rewards.

We are also significantly increasing that earn rate right now, for the rest of this current season, to make sure you can try to finish collecting any rewards before they are rotated out. Make sure to use all of your currency and get ready for a new system coming alongside Season 10.

2nd Anniversary Events
Today is the 2nd Anniversary of the launch of Call of Duty: Mobile and to help celebrate this momentous event we have a wide variety of ways to grab new rewards live in-game now! All of this is accessible through the Event Collection hub space, part of the event tab and it has it own separate icon on the lobby screen, that will link out to everything going on. These events below are the same as last week (they have not magically changed since then haha), so consider this a recap for anyone that didn’t see this previously.

Anniversary Badges
One of the main things you’ll use to unlock a variety of rewards for these events are Anniversary Badges. These can be earned through a variety of events, even right now through daily login, and will be used to purchase rewards of your choosing, like the Global Weapon Design mentioned below. If you are running behind on badges to purchase a reward, you can also jump into the credit store and buy them directly (only 5 each time the credit store updates this season). With that said, let’s go through the events!

Anniversary Cake & Puzzle
What’s a celebration without cake? This event will allow you to build your own 2nd Anniversary cake while also tracking and collecting rewards. There will also be a puzzle that you can unlock by using Anniversary Coins/Points. Similar to the cake, while unlocking this piece of art you’ll also be collecting rewards, like Anniversary Badges, new camos, and cosmetics. Both of these events are live now in-game!

Global Weapon Exchange
Quite some time ago, you all voted on your favorite weapon and favorite weapon design from a set of options our team concepted. In the end, the PP19 Bizon and our 1st Anniversary theme! You’ll be able to collect this new weapon blueprint today on September 30th (PST) through this event and all you’ll need to do is login and participate in other events in order to collect the 30 Anniversary badges necessary to unlock it.

You can grab those badges by participating in just about any event related to 2nd Anniversary, even daily logins, so it should be relatively easy to grab as long as you are participating in season. It is meant to just be a celebratory grindable item for all of our players, especially those who participated in the vote, so start collecting those badges now and try out this fantastic design yourself!

Community Voted PP19 - Cybernetic Heartbreak

Easter Eggs
Just like last year, there are some hidden and not so hidden easter eggs to find! Best of luck finding them and thank you in advance to everyone who appreciates the extra effort that goes into making these. Our team is always excited for opportunities to add anything fun, silly, wholesome, or interesting like these letters:

Counterattack – Themed Event
For the first time in Call of Duty: Mobile, you’ll are able to interact with NPCs on the Battle Royale map! Beloved COD operators are scattered throughout the map and you are tasked with collecting them! Once you collect those operators you’ll be able to send then out on missions that will bring back event points, which is what you will use to acquire rewards.

To collect the NPCs/Operators or mercenaries on the map, you’ll need to complete the missions they’ll throw your way. You’ll want to collect as many operators as you can (especially the epic and rare ones) since different missions will have different difficulty requirements, and the more options you have the easier it will be to acquire points.

Through all of this you can collect the lovingly designed 2nd Anniversary rewards seen above, like the epic Mil-Sim - Trench Dropper operator or the MX9 - Second Round weapon blueprint alongside a 2nd Anniversary frame. Make sure to try it out and let us know what you think about the event.

New Functional Weapon – M13
We’ve had two new weapons this season, the R9-0 shotgun and the M13 assault rifle! The R9-0 shotgun released in the S8 Battle Pass and will be available to acquire through that all season, but the new M13 assault rifle is only obtainable through the new Seasonal Challenge – Deadly Weaponry or through the Dominion Mythic Drop, both of which are live now!

M13 Assault Rifle

The M13 has a high fire rate, higher than the other Assault Rifles in game and even some SMGs. But the M13 has some punch too with a strong headshot multiplier. Due to the high fire rate you’ll have to grapple with some serious recoil, but the fire rate will allow you to quickly react at close range. Here is a quick glimpse at the weapon in action:

Seasonal Challenges
We had two new seasonal challenges to cover this week, which both relates to the previous section about the M13 and also for Blackout! Here are all of those details below that explain the general tasks and primary rewards that can be obtained in each:

Deadly Weaponry
This seven-part seasonal challenge tasks you with showing your proficiency with assault rifles! Play MP matches, get kills with ARs, and use specific rifles like the AK-47 to tackle fairly straight forward challenges. For doing all of those tasks, you can earn up to 16,000 Battle Pass XP and the following:

  • (Uncommon) Knife – Bullet Metal
  • (Uncommon) LK24 – Bullet Metal
  • (Uncommon) Holger 26 – Bullet Metal
  • (Rare) Frame – Tourmaline Alloy
  • New Functional Weapon – M13

Blackout Bypass
This seven-part seasonal challenge asks you to head out into the new Battle Royale map, Blackout, and to use vehicles like the Antelope A20 while exploring the map. This event is really just focused entirely on giving you extra rewards for checking out Blackout. Speaking of rewards, if you complete all of these tasks you can earn up to 17,000 Battle Pass XP and the following rewards:

  • (Uncommon) Defender – Bullet Metal
  • (Uncommon) Backpack – Bullet Metal
  • (Uncommon) Mechanic – Bullet Metal
  • (Rare) Frag Grenade – Steel Firefly
  • (Rare) ORV – Shuttle
  • (Rare) QXR – Shuttle

There are still more Seasonal Challenges on the way so keep an eye out for that and best of luck completing these events quickly so you can snag new gear, items, and weapons!

Dominion Mythic Drop

Ghost has returned with a Mythic weapon fallen from the stars. The Dominion Mythic Drop brings the dark and menacing Ghost – Azrael to Call of Duty: Mobile alongside the meteorite forged M13 – Morningstar. As per usual with a Mythic Drop, this weapon has its own upgrade path consisting of various cosmetic upgrades for attachments, kill effects, charms, and more. Have a glimpse at those:

Alongside Ghost and the M13 – Morningstar there are a variety of other items to acquire in this Mythic Drop too, like the legendary Thermite – Meteoric which has a unique special effect. Find that all in-game now and check out Ghost and his Mythic M13 in action below!

Most of the discussion this week has either been around Blackout, our events, or specifically Counterattack. We don’t have anything to share back all of those, but we greatly appreciate all of the discussions and in particular to see the love for Blackout and the unique Counterattack event. However, one topic we’d like to mention is that for all of Weapon Inspection fans there will be a Developer Diary video coming out soon referencing this. Keep an eye out!

Bug Reports
Since it is a brand-new season, and a huge one at that there have been plenty of potential issues to investigate. Thankfully many are infrequent or rarely happening to only a handful of people, and our community team has been checking through community and social media areas every day to check for new reports of any type of issue. Here is a brief summary of what’ve been looking at some launch:

  • Audio Issues, these have been reported in many different ways and we’ve been working with teams since S8 launch to identify and investigate these. Additionally, as of today we have been looking into an issue specifically around hitmarkers not being heard. Thanks for all of the reports on these and we’ll keep working with our teams to try to solve them.

  • Season 8 Event Page, we had an issue with the event page not populating and thankfully we were able to quickly fix it! Another thanks to those who reported that one and helped us become aware of it and resolve it.

  • Various Camo Texture Issues, these types are thankfully minor in relation to it is just a visual error on a weapon, vehicle camo, or item camo that causes no impact to gameplay, but we’ve been investigating a few and we appreciate the callouts on even these types of issues.

  • Several Operators Missing VO, we have a few operators who are missing their unique voices/voice overs (like Alex – Bounty Hunter) and are instead using default male or female operator VO. We want to make sure you hear the great work of the voice actors we work with, so if you see this on any new operators, any time, please let us know so we can try to get that fix in with the next hotfix or major update.

  • SMG description errors, we can confirm that SMGSs have not been magically transformed into LMGs despite what their description says in Battle Royale 😉. Looking into it!

  • Sniper reticles in BR missing, we are looking into some issues with certain sniper rifles blueprints not displaying reticles in Battle Royale.

  • QQ9 – Moonlight Issues, we are looking into an issue with this blueprint not showing a death effect or kill feed notification after the recent update.

  • Invisible Characters, right after launch we had various reports of invisible teammates or enemies (usually bots). We believed this was related to the new high resource or low resource download options, but the issue also seems to be resolved. If you are still seeing this issue regularly please report it so we can make sure to stay on top of it.

  • Winners Circle Not Displaying, this is a relatively new issue that we’ve only seen a handful of reports for, but if you are seeing an issue with the Winner Circle after a match not populating/displaying then please reach out and let us know.

Support Options
As per usual with any new season we are paying extra attention to any bugs cropping up, so if you see anything please jump into the community or into the support chat to help us investigate it! Here are the two main support options below:

  • In-game support chat
  • Player Support Website: Contact Us

Final Notes
We still have more releasing soon for 2nd Anniversary, whether it is videos (like a developer diary), new streams, or more in-game content, but next time we’ll be sharing a community update will be just before Season 9! Our community team is taking a much-needed rest next week and as a result there won’t be a community update. To give you a tease of that next update, we’ll just go ahead and confirm that very secret information that we’ll be celebrating Halloween in our next season.

Sorry, you’ll have to wait for real teasers and information next 😉. However, thank you all very much for the support, for the kind words, and for joining us for our 2nd Anniversary! It has been a honor to be part of this this community and to be able to support you all by checking into bugs, to be able laugh wit you all when you share fantastic memes, and to be able to share in a wholesome moment every time someone talks about how CODM helps them in a small or large way. We love it all and we’ll be jumping back in for more of it next time! See you then and happy 2nd Anniversary!

-The Call of Duty: Mobile Team

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