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Yeahh if it doesn’t affect the game’s performance

That's a tough one to say without attempting it (it would at least increase the size of the game for the background map), but we do like the middle ground we currently have of animated backgrounds that are still visually interesting or unique without it increasing the strain on your device. We know this is more about the MP or BR loading screens compared to lobby (which is the animated screen we are referencing) and we are hoping to update those eventually here.

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Community Uptade tomorrow?

Possibly not! We did multiple in the last week so we kind of covered a lot of the content we would already go over. We'll most likely just hold off until next week.

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They can't they are the community manager nit the mod here.

Technically they are the mod here but they only communicate with us and answer some question. Ya gonna ask the other mod for the reddit spam filter tho

Thank you and very true!