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This is absolutely wonderful and clearly the rest of the community thinks so too.

  1. Do you have a favorite operator that you don't have, like you love Urban Tracker but don't have her newest Urbanite Draw version?
  2. ^Please share your UID or username and obviously not related to wanting to send you said operator
  3. Do you mind if we highlight this post and these great custom creations in our community update this week?

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Hey! i actually got lucky and was able to get the urbanite urban tracker in the fifth pull, she's awesome and i use her all the time. here's my UID: 6744728132109991937 and my username is Swf-T. would be great if i had alias too, i tried to pull for her but i wasnt as lucky that time. And sure! my girl would love so much and all the credit goes to her.

Thanks for the response and roger that on all aspects of that! Does she make anything anywhere? Like does she have an IG or any social media areas where she makes similarly cool/interesting custom creations that we can point to? No worries if not, just looking to see if there are extra ways to help highlight her for being amazing. Also, just an FYI that we are aiming to post in the afternoon or evening of today (4/23 PT).

Originally posted by rjsp17

it was her first time making something like that so there's not much stuff on her ig but thank you again for posting, it really means a lot to her that people appreciate her work 😁

No worries and thanks all the same! The post is up here: https://bit.ly/3eqiJB2
Also, for your UID we got "does not exist" when searching for it. Are you on the Garena or Chinese version by any chance?

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