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I'll feed into this but after this comment I won't provide any comments. Automod removes post after a certain amount of reports (3 reports) so it can be reviewed. After looking into the post We found the post not appropriate for the subreddit and it was in the best interest of the user. Its not appropriate to tell an online community of over 148,694 members that you are thinking of taking your life away. It's also not smart to leave a post up like that because sadly there's people that feed off that stuff and will make the situation worse. On top of that it's the internet and people attend to say stuff to get attention and get the devs or publishers to unban especially when the ban is legit. I will bring up to the team to increase the report threshold but we feel removing that post is within the users best interests and our subs. *Waits for the downvotes because people won't agree with this. lol

Hey all, just jumping on to say Nathanw425 did indeed send over this ban appeal. We'll check it out as soon as we can. To their point though, it is very rare to see any ban appeals come back as a mistake or false. However, the fact the percentage of false bans isn't zero means we are always willing to check them.