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Heya, we aren't sure who this person is mentioned above, but we generally like to just have one representative reaching out for community areas just for the sake efficiency and we do talk to DF Founder in particular every single day. The same can be said for many of the other admins for other community areas. A lot is forwarded to us that way, or directly reported, but at the same time we are always looking through this subreddit and other community areas.

We don't expect or even necessarily ask anyone to send us any kind of reports, but we are of course very appreciative of everything so many people do, including just normal members of this community, like regularly calling out bugs, reporting cheaters, or describing feedback in great detail. We absolutely cannot get to everything though, there are just a truly amazing number of players and people in the general community (not to mention our social media channels), but we are always trying and our devs themselves are often reading through so much.