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IGN: GenX_sv1per UID : 6743051272574402561 Device: Redmi Note 8 Pro (non-rooted device) MIUI version : MIUI Global Date and Time of ban : 02/10/2020 , around 8.30 am IST

My account got banned for 10 years for no apparent reason, I didn't use VPN or any hacks. And my device is not rooted, also I didn't modify any of the game files. Playing since global release, all that time and effort just thrown away for no reason? Hackers are playing the game without any problems but many legit players are getting false bans. It's very annoying when you get ban without any reason. Thanks CODM for the 1 year anniversary reward......a 10 year ban!!!!!!!

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Heya, thanks for pinging us on this one. While we can't generally provide a lot of information back if our team confirms it is a legitimate ban, we are of course happy to check all the same and double check with the security & enforcement team. Hang tight!